MTL – 44+45

< Chapter 10. I’ve come too far (1) >

The first one was Sia.

She helped what was being chased.

After that, she arrested the man who attacked Kalian while trying to capture Sia. Then, from the man’s mouth, the name of the blue seabird came out. And the blue nine seabird came up with another name.

Hey Latran.

Callian, who remembered the man who had become the culmination of all that had happened, ran through the rain.

His thoughts were a little organized as he was hit by the cold rain. As a result, it was not difficult to infer the reason for buying new things. Callian, who glanced at the ring that still radiated magical power, spoke his words.

– This is Randel. He brought the sacred object to the Tensil and kept the bond with Randel. I was on Franz’s side, so of course, buying and collecting the new things had to be done in secret. So, I paid such a high price and purchased the new thing through Sekria’s trilogy.

At Calian’s words, I could feel Alan laughing out loud.

– Leaving the tie with Randel, put your feet on the side of Plantz and send me a present from the back. Even Kyris information was being sold to Sekritia Sejak.

– That’s a great writer.

– First of all, I think we need to go back to the castle quickly.

Anyone who stands on Randel’s side can be an enemy to Callian. Because of that, I felt anxious.

– When I slept at dinner, I keep thinking that I might not have been drunk.

Wasn’t he a person who had a lot to hide?

Just in case he pretended to be drunk in an attempt to talk about how Callian was treating him, or in other schemes.

– Did you leave a healthy person to sleep?

– If you weren’t drunk, that’s what you did.

Callian chased his horse, which was already running.

– I don’t know why the horse is so slow. If it was Raven, he would have already arrived!

– Run slowly. Then you break your neck.

Ten thousand pretended to listen to Allen’s carefree and caring words, and Callian continued to increase the speed of his words.

Meanwhile, Alan arrived at his mansion and entered his house past the singing statue. And he started making a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

As he was slowly savoring the aroma of black coffee dripping drop by drop, Calian’s words came again.

– By the way, what is the name of the priest here?

– Malcolm Chetish. LeMaine said it would be the butler.

Callian frowned, wiping away the dripping rain from his hair.

If it’s the owner of the house, isn’t he the same person next to him who didn’t know what to do when he asked about the priest?

– I thought Count Ratran was rude and so restless. No, it was probably because Count Ratran was lying.

Alan, who had nothing to say about him, posed another question.

– Did you do a good job cracking down on the trio?

Callian answered with a nod, invisible to Alan.

– Yes. If it is known among the three kings that you have come all the way to Latran and secretly met Prince Kairis, it will never be good, so you will close your mouth.

Callian, who had spoken up to that point, slowed down the running horse. It is because the permanence is beginning to show.

Hot steam blew out of the horse’s body as it ran through the rain.

As he waited for the knights to take his horse, his heart was rushed. Because of this, Callian handed over the reins to Kyrie and Yu-ran who followed. And he returned to the room, even more careful that there were no eyes around him.

* * *

“The prince said he was on a walk. Isn’t he too persistent?”

After returning to his room, he used clean magic to clean up the rain and dirt and the mud marks on the window sills and exterior walls, and then he heard someone yelling outside the door.

It was Jan’s voice that had become as sharp as it was.

“The Count wants to apologize for his disrespect at dinner, so he wants to see the prince before the night is over. So, just when he arrives…”

And these words followed. It was the butler Malcolm.

‘That person was a priest.’

As Calian went out for a walk, Malcolm was persistently clinging to Jan as he turned around. Perhaps Hae Latran sent Malcolm at this time to apologize to Callian.

“Isn’t it an attitude to cover up your impoliteness? Since when did the count’s butler start to question the prince’s steps?”

Yan’s voice, rebuking the butler, had changed to a very cold tone.

Callian, who had to send the butler back first, quickly took off his robe and hid it behind the door. Then he unbuttoned one of his shirt and left his hair moderately disheveled.

After that, he made an angry expression on his face and then slammed the door open and let out an annoyed voice.

“······· No way.”

Malcolm’s face was very startled when someone said no one came out, and Callian continued.

“I can’t rest.”

For some reason, I had an unpleasant feeling as if I was following Plantz, but there was nothing like chasing an uninvited guest.

“Prince. It’s not that….”

Malcolm fidgeted and lowered his head.

He pretended not to hear it. Callian said as if reproaching Jan.

“You. You gave a reasonable excuse to give it a bite, but you couldn’t do one of them.”

“I’m sorry, Prince.”

Calian, who was full of Yan, apologizing quickly, tightly closed the door.

– Bang!

I heard Malcolm apologize and step back. And after a while, Jan came in.

“Apart from the butler, did anyone come to visit or anything suspicious?”

“They are all the butlers that the prince just kicked out. Other than that, there was a prince who came in through the window after going out of the window.”

Yan, who picked up the robe behind the door, said as if waiting.

He must have been quite startled by the way he jumped out the window, and his voice was full of thorns. Callian patted Jan on the shoulder and smiled.

“You came earlier than expected.”

“That’s it. Anyway, why were you so angry? You didn’t do that in the palace.”

“There is no one in the royal palace that crosses the line like that.”

After answering this, Yan began to tell me what had just happened.

“At first, I told the prince what he said before he left. He said he was in a bad mood, so he went for a walk. But the butler was very rude. He kept asking when and where he went.

When one thing was suspected, it felt as if there was something suspicious about all of the hundred actions. So, again, what Yan said is strange. Callian asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“You keep asking when I’m coming?”

“Yes. I wanted to know more about when he was coming. I wanted to apologize for Seok-chan’s work.”

“If you were intent on digging after me, I don’t understand why you’re more curious about when you’re coming, even as far as asking when and where you’re going.”

Callian just nodded his head, shutting his mouth without saying any more. After speaking, Jan thought that Kalian must have been soaked in the rain, he said.

“Then I’ll prepare the bath water.”

“Ok, thanks.”

Soon, Callian sat down and tapped the table like a habit. Alan, still unbroken, waited silently, even though he might not have heard it.

Callian, who had been sitting like that for a while, leaned his back on the chair and called Alan.

– Master.

– Yes. tell me

Alan’s reply came right back.

– It seems to be true that Count Ratran never got drunk. If you put him to sleep with magic like that, there’s no way you’d wake up already. And when the butler came, I knew when I would come.

kept asking. So Count Ratran didn’t cut me in the back. On the contrary, it seems that I am on the verge of chasing after it.

There was only one reason why the Count wanted to pretend to be drunk and walk away. Callian continued.

– The Blue Pintail was in the tavern to wait for Count Ratran, not me. The new trading date was today. So the Count pretended to be drunk and tried to flee. But when I woke up, I had already gone out, so I was wondering if I had noticed something.

He said that he was waiting for Callian to come, and that it was an honor to serve him, and he put honey on his mouth like that. From that time on, he must have been thinking about how to get out of the dinner table.

Either way, it wasn’t something to be overlooked. If Blue Pintail is right, he makes money by selling Kairis’s information to Se-jak, and with the money he earns, he is doing good for Tensil.

After thinking that far, Callian spoke to Alan.

– It’s going to rain tomorrow, and I’m tied up. I’m going to catch some bats selling Kairis information to Sejak.

Allen asked right away.

– Can I help you?

– Do you have plans for tomorrow?

And Callian immediately asked this question.

As always, it was Allen who, in Calian’s words, would cancel everything even if there was a schedule. So Alan replied as if he had been waiting.

– We were supposed to meet Lemain, but we can put it off.

Now, who is delaying an appointment with whom because of whom? Callian spoke with a worried expression on his face.

– Master, then you might really be exiled to Libern.

This time Alan laughed.

Callian shook his head as if he couldn’t dry it, and said.

– It won’t take long, so please see your majesty first and go somewhere.

– all right. What should I do?

– Send someone to Count Ratran’s house.

He was referring to Hale’s house in Kyrissis.

Since there was no one but Hale in this castle, the rest of the family must have been staying in Kyrissis. He meant sending someone to the house to see if there was any evidence.

– And please go to the top of Brissen.

Alan said with a lot of fun at that.

– Count Ratran owned a copper mine, so can he go to the top of Bryssen and pretend to ask for the price of copper and come back?

He said that if Alan had any hints that he was investigating something in the capital, there would be some movement on the part of Hale, so let’s aim for it.

Callian answered Alan, who understood the meaning of the words well.

– Yes. Yes. please do that And now, just send me one Jeonseo-gu with the content I’m talking about. To Latran Castle.

– Yes. tell me

Soon after, Callian gave Alan the contents of the letter. Alan laughed very loudly when he heard a name in the letter.

* * *

That night was really long.

near midnight.

After talking with Alan, Callian postponed the bath and once again found the man who was being held in prison. And he finally knew the man’s name.

“Norton. This is Norton Ramirez.”

Norton, who said so, had a much more relaxed face than in the afternoon, although one of his arms had disappeared. He seemed to have accepted the fact that the rapidly necrotic arm could not be revived.

It was unknown to Callian whether it was because he had been working as a guard in a mine where serious injuries occur every other day or because he had become a death row prisoner.

Anyway, Norton was looking at Callian this time with a face that looked like something was going on. Didn’t he already tell you everything he knew?

Then he hurriedly opened his mouth, noticing what anxious thoughts came to mind from Callian’s expressionless face.

“Maybe. What happened to my wife… cow?”

It was Norton who, until a little while ago, had been talking half-and-half, this time asking this because of his anxiety about his wife.

Callian shook his head.

Those who would have made such unreasonable threats to Norton had already lost their heads. The Blue Pintail probably didn’t even care about Norton’s wife in the first place. Maybe he didn’t even know where his house was. Norton’s wife had nothing to do with the Blue Pintail.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Then what happened…?”

Callian looked at Norton and said.

“If you stay like this, you will be executed in a few days.”

Callian broke his shoulder the first time he saw him, the second time he took his arm, and the third time he came to see you, you were going to die soon.

So Norton’s expression couldn’t be better.

Before Norton opened his mouth to say something in anger, Callian intercepted him.

“Help me.”

Norton’s face frowned.

Callian continued speaking with a still expressionless face.

“I’ll give you a cure if you do that.”

It was similar to what Callian said in the afternoon.

However, what Kalian said this time was not meant to heal his arm. It was said that he would remove his label as a death row inmate who did not need treatment.

Norton didn’t immediately understand and looked at his arm. Callian said again without getting frustrated.

“You brought me that arm in exchange for pulling out the sword, so you’re going to release me. I can help you live in another territory, and you can also provide me with a suitable house and land for farming.”

“What the hell is it that you have such a generous condition?”

“Because it can be dangerous.”

Norton replied with a smile.

“Shake it. What can I do?”

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