MTL – 48+49

< Chapter 10. I’ve come too far (3) >

Seeing Hale’s expression, Callian furrowed his eyebrows as well.

“The Count’s expression is not good.”

Hale, who was worried that it might be known that he had sold the information to the blue seabird, quickly opened his eyes. And he quickly began to roll his head.

‘no. Isn’t he a Sekritian known for being poisonous even if he catches one at a time? The moment I get caught, I will kill myself.’

Hale found a place to rest and smeared honey on his mouth again.

“No. My anger towards those who attacked the prince is deep. So, from today on, I will take the lead in catching the culprit of this Hale as well. Didn’t it happen in my estate?”

Callian showed a face for a moment that he didn’t like something. Hale, who was convinced that Callian had something to hide from that expression, laughed at Callian for a moment.

‘He was trying to make me think. Anyway, the cheeky ones.’

Whether he knew the thought or not, Kalian slowly nodded his head.

“all right.”

After giving a short answer, Callian continued eating without saying anything else. Then, Yu-ran, who quietly came to the restaurant, said something to Yan and went back. Then, Yan approached Callian, bowed his head, and told what Yu-ran had just said. Hearing the story, one of Kalian’s eyebrows was raised.

Soon, Callian’s eyes turned to Hale. Hale had already been concentrating on Callian from the moment Yu-ran entered, so Callian spoke straight away without needing to call Hale.

“That man named Norton. He has something to say to me directly.”

After telling the story, Callian immediately removed the napkin and stood up. Because of that, Hale, who hadn’t eaten properly yet, had to stand up. As soon as Hale stood up, Callian asked.

“I’d like to go. Do you want to go together?”

“Are you saying that the prince will go to prison himself?”

At that, Callian looked at Hale for a while. And he asked in a quiet voice.

“That’s right.”

“Isn’t that where the prisoners are?”

“Are you asking something obvious? It’s a prison, so there must be a prisoner.”

“No, that’s not what I mean…”

How did he say that he would take him to that filthy place where the prisoners were? If you want to go, you will go alone!

Hale squeezed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

“Why don’t you bring a man named Norton and meet him?”

“You can bring it and meet me, or I can go and meet you. Is there anything I can’t do according to my will?”

“No, Prince.”

In the end, he followed Calian with a face similar to that of a prisoner going to jail.

The dungeon was once visited by Hale as a child out of curiosity. Then he saw the swarms of prisoners full of blood and pus and the swarm of centipedes swarming under the straw on the floor.

Hale, who had returned to such a place after a long time, wrapped his arms around his nose. It was because of the unpleasant smell that had thickened due to the unusually heavy rain. Hale was glad he hadn’t had much breakfast, and he walked to Norton’s front.

Norton sat down with the same expression he had shown to Callian the day before. When he saw Callian and Hale coming in, but did not respond, the butler Malcolm stepped forward.

“What are you doing without getting up and showing manners?”

Norton said, glaring at Malcolm.

“Because of my damn status, I’m in a position to count the days I’ll die in one day, so do I have to be ready by now?”

This would not have happened if it had been a commoner, not a prince, who faced him with a sword. Hale wanted to slap this rude man on the head right now. But he was the one who had to be kept alive in order to catch the culprit of a bigger mistake. Norton knew it too, so he’d have the guts to act like that.

An angry Hale looked at Callian for a moment, but Calian was not particularly displeased. So how could Hale be more angry in front of him? All I can do is put up with the heat rising, promising that he will never die gracefully when everything is over.

After such a trivial thing for a while, Norton said to Callian.

“I’ve got something to remember, so I told you to come.”

Callian replied with a light nod of his head.

“Say it.”

Norton looked at Hale and Malcolm for a moment. Behind him, he looked briefly at the knights, and the prison walls and fist-sized windows. He looked around for a moment and then slowly opened his mouth.

“The one called the Blue Pintail. He is the son of Sekritia.”

There was thunder outside.

Lightning flashed in Hale’s head.

Of all the many birds, why is that bird coming out of that mouth!

Norton looked at Callian and Hale alternately. Then he lowered his voice, as if telling a very big secret, and opened his mouth again.

“You said you’re going to sell something to someone here. He’s been a kite for a long time.”

Norton grinned.

Looking at Hale’s face, it was a spectacle. Norton continued to speak without stopping, thinking that if not today or someday he would drive the counts to a corner.

“But isn’t that a bit strange? I’ve been in a relationship with Sejak for a long time. What can I do with a relationship with Sejak?”

So far.

Norton skillfully did what Callian had asked him to do the night before.

– A few more confessions. As I say.

– Are you telling me to lie?

– No lie. I’m just borrowing your mouth.

– You can’t take your mouth from someone who stole your arm. I see.

Callian, recalling the conversation he had with Norton the night before, said as he looked at Hale with a blatant gaze.

“It’s nothing but trifle. There’s no way.”

Then he asked with a curious face about Hale’s reaction.

“Isn’t that right, Count Latran?”

Hale nodded, wondering if he could hear a squeak. Callian asked Norton.

“Have you never heard of that person’s name?”

“I think I heard. I can’t remember at all.”

“You’ll be escorted to Kyiris soon. Make sure you come up with the name until you arrive. It won’t hurt you either.”

“I see.”

Hale, realizing that Callian wasn’t the only place he wanted to hang out, looked around her involuntarily. The smell, that unpleasant odor, stirred in my head at will. A swarm of centipedes under the straw seems to be crawling all over the body. She felt blood pus hanging from her limbs. In this prison, she imagined herself imprisoned endlessly.

Even though it was a commoner’s testimony, I was worried that if I was unlucky, LeMaine, who believed in that testimony, might cut Hale’s head in pieces.

Hale said he had a sudden headache and hurried back to his room. He had to turn to the Marquis of Brissen for help. right now!

Seeing Hale’s back like that, Callian muttered quietly.

“Come on, hurry up.”

So, I ask you to provide some real evidence.

* * *

After coming out of the prison and stopping by for a while, Calian entered his room and there were two guests in a place where no one should be. It was Shia and Hina.

Shia looked at Callian with a blank look, and Hina was surprised and bowed her back. Seeing what she was doing, it seemed that she was doing birdwatching rather than cleaning.

She said, “She came to clean Hina. She came with me. She has a bird here. She said Hina she shouldn’t come.”

Callian had a strange look on her face, she said. Of course, Shia’s answer came first.

“I know. She said don’t get mad at Hina.”

She said, “She never thought she would ask why she came.”

Arsene, the Conversation Officer, was needed, but it wasn’t there.

It wasn’t enough to go around hunting birds, so it must have been a while since she slept to stay by Sia’s side all night.

The blue seabird said that she would get rid of Sia, but Callian could not drive her out that way. Therefore, it was implicitly concluded that she would accompany her to the vicinity of Hiriska Forest, if not in front.

Will I be able to get used to this conversation by the time I break up with Sia? Callian laughed. I thought maybe it wouldn’t.

Then Calian, who remembered the word ‘forest road’ among the words Blue Pintail had been talking about, looked at Sia. She clearly said she couldn’t follow the elves who ran away into the woods.

As far as ‘forest’ was taken her luck, Sia answered by herself.

“That’s right. The forest road, I know a little bit. It’s faster than the human road.”

A red color flashed across Calian’s face. It was with the intention of using that road to get to Siegfried’s estate quickly. But Sia spoke first.

“The mother tree doesn’t open the forest to humans. That’s why humans can’t go.”

behave shamefully.

Callian struggled to erase his desire to suggest to LeMaine that the elves should not use the royal road.

Then, Hina looked at Shia next to her. Thanks to her very strange and mysterious abilities, Shia answered Hina’s words without even looking at her sign language.


Then she looked at Callian and said.

“I’m sorry. I’ll go out. I’ll come back to clean up later when the boss isn’t around.”

He translated Hina’s words.

After saying those words, Shia, who was no longer interested in Callian’s room, went out first.

And Hina hurriedly grabbed her cleaning tools. In the meantime, my eyes kept falling on the cage. A smile appeared on Callian’s face when he saw it. The feeling of being too damp from being in the basement of the castle a while ago is drying up.

Of course, she was Hina and she was older than Callian, but it was a moment when she resonated a hundred times with Yan’s words that if she had a younger sister like that, she would do well.

Soon, Callian said to Hina.

“Bird, I have to let you go tonight.”

Hina nodded her head instead of giving her a disappointed look. Callian spoke again.

“When I return to the palace, I will buy you another bird.”

Her Hina’s eyes widened and she immediately shook her head. A cage in her maid’s room. She will be uncomfortable with Merlin staying with her.

Callian stared out the window for a moment.

It rained a lot, so I couldn’t tell what time it was just from the color of the sky. Callian, who had stood silently for a while, pointed to the window and said.

“When I go to dinner, open the cage door. The window.”

Hina nodded her head as if she understood.

* * *

LeMaine seems to have welcomed his visit for the first time, Alan thought. After delivering the news of Callian last night, he said that he would tell a proper story later today.

Wouldn’t it be better to deliver the news as quickly as you waited?

That’s why Alan brought it out of the box again this time.

“Which one is more guilty, the one who sells chiris information to other countries or the one who is entangled with the group that attacked the prince?”

LeMaine nodded her head without saying a word.

Before even figuring out what the answer meant, LeMaine called the knight commander of Kaera.

“Are you going to send the Knights Templar to Latran, and also Kaera?”


Allen hastily dissuaded LeMaine for acting inappropriately emotionally.

“If the Royal Guard’s feet are so light, it’s not good for the prince. Don’t you know. Kaera are the ones who need to be by His Majesty’s side, so call other knights.”

Lemaine’s eyes twitched.

What Allen describes is a felony among felonies that the royal family must come forward and condemn. So it was not at all strange to send the royal knights. Besides, there was a clear reason for trying to send Kaera.

“Are you saying that you should send even Bryssen’s sword to the child in the place where the traitors are gathered?”

It was said from the thought that the Knights of Bryssen would not be able to properly help Callian who was alone there. Hearing LeMaine’s words, Alan answered leisurely.

“One of those traitors has betrayed Brissen too, so there’s nothing wrong with this.”

Alan, who said so, told me what kind of people they should be caught now and what crimes they committed. Then Lemaine took a deep breath and answered.

“I knew that Count Ratran was good at talking, but I didn’t know that he was that good. Besides, he’s the third son of Sekritia.

“Somehow he said he was like that.”

Alan replied with a blank face.

There was nothing to explain, as it was the truth rather than a smirk. Le Main clasped hands and opened his mouth.

“I’ll send the Knights Templar Karen.”

“That’s fine. And can you send someone to Count Ratran’s mansion?”

The possibility was very small, but at least there was evidence of this happening in the Kairisis mansion.

Le Main, who had already thought of doing so, nodded his head.

“I will do that.”

“thank you.”

Having said that, Alan looked at the lemon tea on the table. Even on a hot summer day, Le Main enjoyed a cup of hot tea, and Alan shook his head as he saw the car steaming. Then he tapped the cup with the tip of his finger.

The steam that had been rising faded away, forming thin ice.

The state of forgetting the cold and heat has already passed, but wouldn’t it be appropriate to drink something cool in summer?

Alan said, drinking cold lemon tea with a satisfied face.

“One more thing, please. I have a place I need to go today.”

Lemaine looked at Alan.

Alan’s expression changed very softly.

“Even if my steps are a little noisy, you’re welcome.”

Le Main nodded his head. Somehow there was a smile on his face.

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