MTL – 5

< Chapter 2. Didn’t Grow That Much (2) >

I woke up with the scent of tea, ate breakfast after perfect preparation, and went to various classes for a week without hesitation.

In the meantime, he had three more fights with Franz.

After he almost killed Freyja by saying it was a mistake during the swordsmanship class, he calmed down a bit.

What really surprised me was the sword skills of Plantz.

Of course, Callian’s strength was poor, but Plantz was also quite good at blocking the attack.

‘I guess the name of the knights’ family was not in vain.’

Anyway, after that, Plantz still had a smirking look at Callian every time he looked at him, but the number of times he opened his mouth was significantly reduced. With that alone, Callian was satisfied for once.

As I was sitting in front of the mirror to go to breakfast and staring blankly at the maids combing their hair, Yan approached me and told me about my schedule for the day.

“······· Lastly, there is the Queen, Viscount Brissen, and Suk Chan.”


Viscount Lennon Brissen.

He was the older brother of Queen Silike and the second son of the Marquis of Brissen. He was born into a family of venerable knights, but with no aptitude, he gave up his sword early and was leading the brissen upper, the largest upper in Kairis.

He said, ‘I didn’t have the lumber to run the top, so I almost left the whole power to the top manager who paid a lot of money for it. After all, the ability to have the money is also the ability.’

“Are you only attending the Viscount Brissen without any other nobles?”

“Yes. We were going to prepare a celebration performance on the last day of His Majesty’s birthday celebration, but due to circumstances, it was decided to take place elsewhere. He seems to be going to the royal palace to apologize to His Majesty, and then go to see the princes.”

“If that’s the case, you could just go to Plantz.”

Yan’s face stiffened slightly at the sight of mentioning Plantz’s name directly. From Jan’s point of view, it must have been difficult to find an answer, so Calian spoke again immediately.

“Anyway, okay.”

Then Yan opened his mouth again.

Apparently, there were other stories left besides the schedule for today.

“And I have something to tell you.”

Callian nodded his head slightly, and Jan said hesitating for a moment.

“I have to open the safe for a while, but shall I do it again this time?”

‘safe? Did I have something like that?’

I thought he was a prince without anything, but it seems he had money.

Callian quickly searched her memory. And I found out that the silver, ornate piece of furniture in the corner of the bedroom was the safe.

“Why the safe?”

“That is······.”

For some reason, Yan hesitated.

In that case, there is only one reason. It had to do with Freya. Jan carefully opened his mouth.

“The manager of Whitlin’s estate has sent the proceeds.”

‘My mother’s name was Freya Whitlin. Then he must be Freya’s estate.’

Perhaps, Le Main, who put Freyja on her concubine, bestowed the estate. It seemed that it did not pass over to her other nobles after her death, but was inherited as the property of Kalian. He said Kalin, who saw an unexpected income.

“See you later. I wonder how many people have gathered.”

“Yes, I see. And,”

Callian nodded again, ready to go to breakfast at the nuance that he had something else to say.

“You know, when the prince turns 15, can’t you have two more servants?”

didn’t know

“This year, the prince will be 15 years old after the prince’s birthday, so the internal affairs officer asked how he would save the two servants. Even if it’s not exactly the birthday, you can bring them two or three months earlier. He even said that he could assign them directly.”

Yan continued his words while arranging what he was going to answer about him.

“How about using an escort like the two princes?”

It reminded me of the servants who always stood behind Randel and Plantz. Callian, who had only thought of them as servants because they didn’t have a sword, responded with an expression of understanding at that moment.

“It was an escort. Somehow, they said they were good.”

Kairis did not attach personal escort articles to non-crowned princes. An interesting fact is that blood battles between life and death were more often fought between princes rather than princes.

For this reason, the princes personally hired escort knights, which was also not permitted in Kairis, which was illegal. So, it was customary to accompany the escorts disguised as servants. Of course, those who used memorization were mainly employed to avoid conspicuous possession of the sword.

This was a fact that Calian knew as well.

He just didn’t know he had to be 15 to have three servants.

‘Then did the original Callian also have an escort?’

If Jan spoke like this first and had the money to hire an escort, he would most likely have hired him.

‘He knew how to use magic and had an escort… and yet he was assassinated. If it is, is it that he was an assassin with the skills to subdue the wizards of at least 3 circles?’

Carlian, who had been thinking about this, unknowingly swept the area around his heart with his hand.

‘No. If he had disguised himself as a suicide, the surroundings would have been clean. If he had been a wizard, he would have left traces of attack or defense. So, it is highly probable that the old Kallian suffered in a state where he could not use magic like me.’

In any case, Callian died two or three months before his birthday, and the escort is said to be available two or three months before his birthday. There is a part where it fits perfectly.

‘Either the escort failed or did not stop the assassin. Or the escort was an assassin.’

Several possibilities came to mind.

Whatever the correct answer, there was no benefit to Callian.

“I think it would be better not to hire him. There are people who think about it.”

Yan gave him a look of disbelief. Because you obviously know Calian’s relationship. But Callian did not explain further about him.

Of course, the person Calian had in mind was the child he had previously thought he would bring. But there was one problem.

“I’m not sure, but it’s probably a commoner. Are you okay?”

Yan was also an absolute nobleman. So, Calian’s words were to ask if Yan, a nobleman, could work on an equal footing with commoners.

Yan’s face turned into a question of why the hell you’re asking such a thing.

As always, Yan was the type that showed everything on his face.

“The important thing right now is not the identity of the person who will come as an escort, but the fact that there is a person who will escort you. Would your identity matter if you run and escort him right away?”


Hearing Yan’s words, Callian smiled and nodded her head.

“It’s okay if the prince’s escort is okay with the prince. It’s not necessarily that only nobles can serve as the prince’s attendant. And, if you are a necessary knight, you can first put him in the rank of a servant, see the opportunity, and grant the knighthood directly. “

“I’d be fine with that.”

No matter how royal Kalian was, he was not able to grant titles at will. Unless he has a special ball, he cannot raise his status arbitrarily. Therefore, in this case, it was common to take him as a servant and give him a title at the appropriate time.

“It’s not something I can bring right away, so tell the person in charge of internal affairs that I’ll take care of it.”

It wasn’t a problem to get them right away, but I had to find out where they were. It’s unclear whether he’s even here in Kairisis, the capital of Kairis.

“Okay. I’ll tell you that.”

“Then it’s over?”

“No. There is one more thing.”

Callian’s head moved up and down again.

Perhaps most importantly, Jan swallowed his dry saliva and opened his mouth.

“Exercise, Prince. Do you need to continue the physical training you’ve been doing for a week?”

“It’s hard to even call it training. It’s about running three or four laps around the artificial lake in front of the palace.”

“Aren’t you overwhelmed with strength just by that right now? I’m saying this because you seem to be having a hard time.”

Perhaps because he hadn’t exercised too much, he felt more energetic than before, and lost more weight, so Yan’s worries were not over.

“I’m going to keep doing it. If you keep doing it, you’ll be fine.”

Yan let out a low sigh, as if he had expected such an answer to come.

“I talked to the chef and made him pay special attention to his diet. Even if you have no choice but to eat breakfast, you should eat all of it, leaving no lunch or dinner left.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

Now, a little bit accustomed to saying thank you from Callian, Yan smiled a little. Then he reached out a hand and politely pointed to the exit door. It was a gesture to go to breakfast.

ugh I don’t want to go.

* * *

After finishing the meal in silence that he was still not used to, Callian went out in a light outfit after being surprised by the huge amount of money he had accumulated over the past 14 years without spending a single penny.

He thought he would exercise in the morning before class started.

I’ve been working out like this for the past week. Of course, he wasn’t alone, and mostly Jan was with him.

However, sometimes when Jan was away for meetings with his attendants, a maid named Merlin followed Callian in his place. It was the same maid who brought Callian’s mirror and called the hairdresser. Surprisingly, Merlyn ran about three or four laps around the lake without holding her breath.

To this day she was still following in the footsteps of Merlin and Kallian.

Recalling that it was Merlin who had ordered her ‘lots of frills’, Callian quickly took her stance and started running.

No matter how far she ran, when she looked behind her, she saw Merlyn running at the same distance. Callian wept.


It is later revealed that she was the second daughter of the Knights Templar commander, Merlin, who guarded the outer fortress of the Kyrissis. Although she never learned a sword, she said that from a young age she ran daily along Mount Tarun on the outskirts of Kyirissis with her captain. So that’s about it.

In the end, after three and a half laps, Calian was completely exhausted and sat down. She was sweating profusely and her lips were burning. Her Merlin’s eyebrows furrowed slightly when she saw it. Of course, it wasn’t because she hated seeing her sweat.

When Kalian started her first workout, she ran four and a half laps, and on the third day, she did four and a half laps. And now three and a half laps. There seemed to be a problem.



Ordinary servants and maids could not speak directly to the prince, but had to go through a higher-ranking servant or a higher-ranking maid. Therefore, if there was anything to be said to Merlindo Kalian, she was supposed to pass it on through Jan. However, Kallian’s maids would talk to each other from time to time after talking to her once in the process of fitting her previous robes. It’s Callian, of course, she didn’t offend or take issue with it, she said she liked it, saying she had more people to talk to.

“Why don’t you call a healer?”


A priest from Tensil, whom Jan was about to call when Callian injured his hand. Of course, Callian knew why he had to call such a healer. It’s probably because of the problem of gradually declining stamina.

But she had no reason to find a healer.

‘The circle will come out right away.’

Among all the frustrating and stupid things that old Callian had done, there was one thing he thought was the only thing he did well. She was hiding that she was a wizard. It was a secret that even Jan didn’t know.

I thought it would have been better to let Jan know, but he didn’t even have enough room to trust anyone, so it was understandable.

If it were known that Kallian could use magic, he would have died before Bern could even enter Kallian’s body. He would have tried to get rid of her before he developed her power to the point where he couldn’t deal with it.

For the same reason, today’s Callian also had to hide his circle right away. It was a situation where mana could not be operated, so I had to do it even more.

Callian, who had organized her thoughts, gave a slightly delayed answer.

“no, that’s fine.”

Merlyn gave her a disapproving expression, but she didn’t say anything else.

Callian stood up.

Then she sprinted one more lap and went back to her room.

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