MTL – 50+51

< Chapter 10. I’ve come too far (4) >

After Hina left, Callian sent Kyrie and two knights to the village of Hanson. He feared that Hale Latran would take Norton’s wife and threaten him. Of course, there was a good chance Hale would try to harm Norton, so I made sure to keep her prison guarded as well.

And after meeting Le Main and contacting Alan, who had just left the palace, he said:

– Master. I don’t think you should go to the top of Bryssen.

Then I felt Alan questioning.

Wasn’t he trying to find the top of Bryssen to hint that Hale had turned his back on Bryssen?

He doesn’t know how to greet him in Bryceen, so his steps will be noisy. He hasn’t told Le Main in advance. But it would be strange not to go there.

– Have you checked anything else?

– Yes. All other things can be done as it is, the top one.

After a moment’s pause, Callian recalled what had happened after he had just come out of the dungeon.

After Callian came out of prison.

It was Malcolm, the butler, whom he had met before returning to his room. Even though he was Tensil’s priest, it was strange for him to be too low-key on Hale, so he went to see him secretly.

Until then, Callian had only expected that Hale would have Malcolm’s weakness. So he wondered if Malcolm would help him find something Hale had hidden, such as a ledger to prove the transaction, if he could solve it.

“Save me, Prince!”

Having said that, Malcolm, who saw Callian who was in the room, said this and fell down at his feet, and was a little embarrassed.

In conclusion, Malcolm had some weaknesses. It wasn’t a big deal, and it was a fairly common money problem. He said he owed Hale a lot of money and was held captive for it.

So Calian said that now that the Tensil has brought the priests back, debt is no longer an issue. Hearing this, Malcolm replied:

“I know, but that’s not my problem.”

He said that he asked to be saved for another reason.

“If the Count is really punished for this, and it turns out that I am involved in buying and selling sick things, I will die as soon as I go to the Tensil.”

The fact that he had brought up various stories to pressure Hale seemed to have made Malcolm more frightened. At Malcolm’s unexpected words, Callian’s expression turned complicated.

“I understand that you bought a new thing. You sold it. Are you saying that you didn’t buy a new thing and bring it to Tensil to win Tensil’s favor?”

Haven’t you ever thought about it that way?

Hale said he sent the new stuff he bought from Blue Pintail to Tensil. That’s how he connected his ties with Randel.

“It wasn’t sent to Tensil.”

To his surprise, Malcolm shook his head. Interesting stories flowed one after another as to whether he thought that Calian was the only lifeline that could save his life.

“The Count is completely hated, and there is no way to directly approach Tensil. But this time, Prince Franz seems to have moved away from the Crown Prince, so he’s been looking around for a way to reconnect the broken cord.”

After Hale once turned away from Tensil, Plantz’s future was very dark, and Callian was also uneasy about Hale’s reaction.

Because of this, he tried to form a bond with Randel again, but it was said that Randel or Tensil did not meet Hale.

Of course, this is an interesting, but not surprising, story. Malcolm looked at Callian’s face for a moment, who wasn’t too surprised, and then brought up the next story as if he had made up his mind.

“The blue pine needles are completely bought by the Count. I use the information I get from Kyrissis to search for new things and sell them to the Count, but the amount is quite large. So I tried to hide that I was a priest from the prince in case the incident was found out. Anyways. The Count bought it and reselled it at a cheap price elsewhere. I made a deal that he would give it to me if I gave it to Tensil.”

“Where did you sell it?”

Callian said to Alan, recalling how he felt when he heard the words that followed.

– It seems that the Marquis of Brissen did the wrong thing in educating his children.

“This is Viscount Lennon Brissen, the older brother of Queen Silike, the top lord of the Brissen. He is presenting a new item to the Tensil.”

Lennon Brissen.

He lined the tensil.

He betrayed Plantz and sided with Randel!

It soon sounded like Lennon had turned his back on his father, the Marquis of Brissen, and his brother Silike. A groan came out of Calian’s mouth involuntarily.

After meeting an elf kid, I just got tied up in the rain.

Callian, who found the wind path that brought the second typhoon to Kairis, asked quietly.

– What?

The wise wizard, Alan Manasil, was unable to answer the student’s brief question and pressed his temples together.

Alan turned the wagon.

I had to tell Le Main right away that his youngest son seemed to have caught a bear with a trap set for a fox.

* * *

While Alan and LeMaine had a very long discussion about how to use the frozen bear, Callian, who became the source of the problem, returned to his room after dinner.

Lennon is also Lennon, but the priority is to catch Hale first, so Calian decided to proceed with the work as planned.

It was Callian who had asked Hina to open the cage at this time through Hina I met in the morning. So, if the bird had found its owner right away, there would have been a very welcome guest there by now.

Because of this, Callian summoned Jan, who was about to open the door.

“I’ll just bring you a cup of tea.”

“Yes. I’ll bring it to you right away.”

Yan nodded his head without any doubt, and Kallian slowly opened the door and went inside.

As expected, there was.

I saw an open cage and an open window. And instead of the white dove, a blue pine bird was sitting on the chair. Callian, who had locked the door by magic, said with a smile, in case anyone could come in.

“You came very quickly.”

The blue seabird was not as leisurely as before. Even though there were no two swordsmen to help Callian, his expression hardened.

The reason was simple.

It’s because she read the letter from Callian brought by her Jeon Seo-gu. The blue seabird rose from her seat, she said to Callian.

“The content of the letter is so impressive.”

If you don’t want the fact that you’ve helped Kairisin establish a solid foothold in Naerancha, come see me. Callian wrote her letter and sent it.

“I thought so.”

She would have been forced to come to her as Callian called. The moment the white eagle finds out about this, she’ll be chasing her for the rest of her life, how can she ignore it? She asked the blue pine bird, who faced the unexpected, frowned at her.

“What are you threatening me with?”

“Evidence that Hae Latran traded new things. And evidence that they sold information. Because they needed them.”

“What should I check with the Count, why not me?”

According to Malcolm, Hale left no evidence of the transaction. I thought I was afraid that I would be caught and strangled. Of course, she didn’t fully believe Malcolm’s words, so she would search, but most likely not.

So she called the blue seabird again.

She didn’t have to tell the Blue Pintail that she had no evidence for Hale, so Carlian just smiled back.

“From yours first.”

Callian said so, and she pointed to her vows, which the blue seabird had placed on her seat. She carried the seal of the oath, the same one she used when dealing with Sylike.

“If you hand over the evidence, I’ll keep your secret.”

A blue seabird tapped the floor with her tiptoe. He is debating whether to hand over the information and return or kill Kalian to shut her mouth.

The blue seabird’s feet paused for a moment.

She turned with him to her suffocating life Kalian. Callian asked in a calm tone instead of being crushed by life.

“Is this the answer?”

“Because it’s a troublesome relationship.”

Callian’s eyes narrowed.

“If I knew what I was involved in because of you, I wouldn’t be able to say that.”

The blue seabird smiled brightly.

With him, a small click was heard, and three marbles flew towards Kalian.

It was a magic bullet made by condensing the power of a fireball.

If even one was authentic, it had enough firepower to collect the corpse one by one using tongs.

It was a sudden attack, but Callian quickly spread his shield and flew to the side.

– Bang! bang! Quang!

The magic bullet hit the wall and exploded, and three explosions sounded.

The building shook. A thick layer of dust obstructed the vision of Callian and the Blue Pintail. Callian put her face on her face and opened her mouth.

“Did you come here with the intention of killing me?”

It’s a pretty expensive item, but looking at what he’s prepared like this, it must be said that he had no intention of accepting Calian’s deal from the beginning.

I was prepared for an attack, but I didn’t expect a magic bullet.

‘Originally, I used a sword, but why am I using magic bullets!’

She handled her sword very well. She didn’t fight to shoot things like magic bullets like this.

Even in her rush, she could understand why.

It was none other than Bern who advised the Blue Pintail that she could become strong enough with only her sword.

Damn it!

Soon, there was another click, and her magic bullets flew towards the place where the shadow of Kali-an could be seen. Callian evaded again and the explosion sounded again.

– Aww!

In the end, the wall that was hit directly by four magic bullets collapsed.

The panoramic view of the city of La Tran could be seen through the large hole. Looking at the wall of the VIP room that no longer needed a window, Callian laughed.

“I will kill them all.”

I could hear Jan and the knights approaching outside the door.

The room was not large enough for multiple fights, and the explosion range was quite wide. So Callian said, locking her door once more.

“Don’t come in.”

As the dust lifted, she saw another magic bullet in her hand. Callian was stunned and wrapped around her shield, and her magic bullets flew at the same speed as memorizing.

– Awesome!

Callian, who drew her sword, did not dodge her magical bullets that were flying this time. This castle was different from the Kairis Palace. So, I thought that if the magic bullet hit the wall again, the building might really collapse.

Callian swung her sword while wearing her shield, striking her magic bullets. A huge explosion sound resounded from the magic bullet that flew out of the cracked wall.

The blue seabird took one step closer to Callian.

Callian let out an annoyed sound.

“Are you there again?”

The blue seabird said as she drew her sword.

“do not have.”

At the same time, the blue seabird’s body moved rapidly. Her sword flew out and rushed towards the neck of her Kalyan. Callian raised her sword to block her attack.

– Kaang!

The sound of two swords hitting each other was disturbing.

She was an ordinary iron sword that had been subjected to multiple strains while practicing with Kyrie. It was clear that it would be difficult to withstand a proper Auror.

Therefore, instead of her sword, Callian put an auror around her body. And after twisting her sword to let the blue seabird’s attack flow, she slashed it straight down. The blue seabird swung her sword again, deflecting the sword in her Kalian.

And that moment.

Callian disappeared from the sight of the blue pine bird.

The blue seabird hurriedly retrieved her sword and turned her body. Calian’s sword was flying behind her before she knew it. It was so fast that the tip of the sword could not be seen. Sensing her danger, the blue seabird instinctively turned to her, but could not prevent her arm from being cut long.

Callian raised her sword again.

Then the blue seabird took something of her from her bosom and flew it again. A click was heard.


The distance was too close.

There wasn’t enough space to poke.

Callian’s sword, who made a decision at the same time as a momentary moment, shone brightly.

– Whoa!

A clear sound was heard with a slight tremor. A blue aura covered the sword and shone coldly.

Kallian raised the sword that contained the power of the Auror and slashed the magic bullet that had already come close to her.

– Scream!

The magic bullet, which was overflowing with red energy, could not overcome the Auror’s power and was cut in half and fell to the ground. The blue afterimage remained in the air for a while and then slowly disappeared.

There was no explosion.

Instead, a sharp popping sound was heard, and Kallian’s sword shattered. couldn’t stand it.

Callian rolled her eyes down.

“What should I do? I, you.”

Callian, who had briefly become her Bern’s eyes and looked at her blue pine needles, returned to her original form. And called her with her cold voice.


The Blue Pintail didn’t even realize that now her Callian had called her own name. She looked only at the broken sword in Kali. Her eyes were full of astonishment.

The sixth swordmaster was now standing before her eyes.

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