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< Chapter 10. I’ve come too far (5) >

The sword that was holding powerlessly in Eila’s hand fell.

Blood dripped from the deep cut and dripped down on it.

After a while, Eila, who opened her mouth, barely heard a voice like salt, cracked by the scorching sun.


How did she know the name, and how did she get to know the new dealership.

How did she already climb the sword path?

It was a question mixed with many questions, and a light of the same meaning appeared in his eyes, but Calian had no intention of saying a single word.

Immediately, Callian took a step forward and looked into Eila’s eyes. Then she reached out and grabbed Eila’s chin tightly. Eila let out a scream without realizing it.


It was an action to take out the poison that the three kings always carried, but no poison could be found anywhere in Eila’s mouth. It wasn’t that she had already swallowed her poison. Ann Kalian laughed at the fact that she had been poisoning herself.


Eila shrugged her shoulders as Kallian called again. Callian said in a low voice.

“Tell me. Evidence.”

Should I lie to say that there was no such thing in the first place?

Shall I say that I will hand it over to you if you send it here?

A number of thoughts flashed through Eila’s mind, and then she disappeared again and again. She alluded to Eila, who was looking for a way out of this place, because she knew she would die that way if caught like this.

“If I tell you, will you release me?”

“Come now?”

Callian asked with an expressionless face.

She spends her life attacking all the time, and now she is saying that she wants to live. So what more opportunities can you give? Callian spoke again.

“Everyone says that the Sekritians are poisonous, but I guess you’re not.”

And he added in a sarcastic tone.

“I don’t know if it’s not or not.”

It was difficult for Eila to understand exactly what she meant. However, looking at Callian’s face, it seemed that he had no intention of saving his life.

Soon, Eila stood with her back straight toward Kalian. And she pointed to the fragments of the sword scattered on the floor. I’m not going to let her live, so I’m trying to find a way to live.

“The sword of the Sword Master was broken at once. He was carrying a sword that was worse than that of an escort who was not a knight. Why?”

When he saw Kyrie’s sword, Eila was referring to his sword. Callian stared at Eila without answering. Eila, who interpreted it to mean saying the next word, opened her mouth again.

“The people around you don’t know. Are you hiding your skills?”

Eila, who was observing Callian with such sneaky luck, looked into the eyes of those who occupied a superior position. Because he saw Callian lightly clenched his fist. Eila said without stopping.

“You’d better just let me go, or I’ll tell the knights out there right away what I just saw.”

Callian certainly gave him a chance.

I’ll close everyone’s eyes, so just leave the evidence behind.

He gave me a chance, trying to save me somehow.

A small laugh finally came out of Callian’s mouth, who had stood silently.

– Wrath!

Suddenly, Callian grabbed Eila by the neck and pulled her forward. And he looked closely into Eila’s face, and he clenched his teeth and said ferociously.

“If you wanted to live, if you were going to ask for your life while doing this, you shouldn’t have done anything to die in front of me!”

Callian’s life exploded like an explosion, and pressed Eila down. His red eyes flashed as if it was going to swallow Eila at any moment.

The instinctive horror on her Eila’s face was young.

“Don’t expect it. You’ve come too far for that.”

No one will know what Kallian is feeling now. I would not dare to empathize or even imagine. Callian stared at the ceiling for a moment before turning his head to look at the pouring rain.

After a while, life slowly scatters.

Callian, who returned with his usual face and voice, said looking at Eila.

“It’s not a big secret that would cost your life. So tell me the evidence. Then I’ll make sure you don’t get any other interrogation.”

An assassination attempt on the royal family. Of course it’s beheading. Whether it is known as a trilogy or as an assassin, there will be torture to spit out everything that is hidden. It was meant to avoid it.

Eila chuckled.

It was because she had never thought that she would be caught and killed like this. Because of this, she never said where her evidence was, and she decided to relieve her injustice by dying.

As if reading his mind, Callian opened his mouth again.

“If there’s an interrogation, we don’t. Because I’m going to call someone.”

Eila looked at Kalian with her frown once more. Callian finished her words with her dry face.

“The white eagle. He will interrogate him.”

The words were sincere.

Since he betrayed both Kairis and Sekritia, the right to punish must be shared.

At that moment, a deep-rooted fear filled Eila’s eyes.

It was as if she had dealt with the life of Kalian.

The cruelty of the white eagle toward the traitor was well known to Callian. When Chase saw the body of the traitor who had been tracked down by the white eagle, Chase had been unable to deliver food for over three days.

Eila didn’t seem to know that she was the one who showed the bottom of her life to those who turned her back on her.

“The building next to the pub. The third row of stairs leading down to the basement.”

Because she said this right away.

* * *

Eila was captured and taken to the dungeon.

Yu-ran and his knights began direct surveillance. Calian’s strict command was to not escape until the Royal Knights arrived and transported to Kyirissis.

And Carlyan instructed all the knights, except for the two men who went with Kyrie to Hanson’s village, and the six men who would watch over Eila and Norton, to search the place Eila said and her bar.

Callian went to the dungeon alone while the castle’s servants moved Calian’s few belongings to another VIP room in the castle. It was on the way to find Norton, not Eila, whom he no longer wanted to face.

After a moment’s bite, Callian held out a small piece of paper wrapped in paper to Norton. Taking it, Norton asked bluntly.

“What is this?”

Callian replied with a smile.

“Eat tomorrow morning.”

Having said that, Callian got up and left without further words or explanations. He unfolded it and found it was a piece of sugar he had been hiding. Norton didn’t know what it was, but he just felt like he couldn’t do anything now, so he took it well and hid it in his arms.

After returning to the room, Callian picked up a blank piece of paper and wrote down his something. It was a letter asking for generous forgiveness for Malcolm Chetish, who had been very helpful in catching the felon of Kairis. After sealing it, handed it to Jan, Calian said.

“You can tell the butler.”

Jan replied that he would be happy to do so.

* * *

Meanwhile that time.

Heil Latran was walking around the room with an anxious expression. He was chewing on his fingernails, which had already been all bitten off.

The circumstances of the case were not satisfactory. An assassin entered Kallian’s room. The whole castle shook and fought until a hole was punched in the wall. However, Callian neither explained nor questioned him.

Besides, Malcolm is gone.

He said he had to make a sound when he came back because he couldn’t see him from a certain moment, but he didn’t come until the night was over.

“How the hell did this happen!”

Frustrated and biting his nails again, a servant brought a small rolled up letter to Hale and returned. It was the news that came from Jeonseo-gu.

“Is it possible that the royal family searched the house?”

It was possible, but the work of the house was not much of a concern.

Anyway, Hale left no evidence for him. In addition, Hale had sent Jeon Seo-gu in the morning to inform Lennon Bryssen of the situation and ask for help. Isn’t it that you have put so much effort into this kind of thing so far to be your strength?

Hale, who thought he had prepared well in advance, opened the letter.

and opened his eyes.

It wasn’t from his house.

– You’ll need someone to defend you. So I’ve explained to you, Queen Silike, what you’ve been selling for a little bit of help. So put your mind at ease. <Alan Manasil>

A letter fell from Hale’s hand.

He seemed to have to check how far Kallian the replacement knew. Is it true that the word ‘something’ written in Alan Manasil’s letter means something sick?

Hale hurried out of the room. Then he changed his mind and came back.

“No. That bastard wizard must have already known everything and sent a letter like that. I’m tired of crouching and shouting at a commoner’s child, the prince. Let’s hide it for now.”

Hale locked the room door. At any rate, there was something that had to be hidden in case this secret space was revealed during a search by those sent from the royal family. What the Marquis of Silicena Brissen should never know.

new thing!

It was to bring out the new things that he had purchased from Blue Pintail, but had not yet passed on to the top of the Brissen.

– Druck!

When I turned the clock on the fireplace in the bedroom, the bookcase next to the bedroom moved with a small sound.

And many valuables piled up inside were visible. Hale didn’t pay attention to them, but with a hasty pace, he pulled out a box in the far corner.

Then he opened the lid for a moment and checked what was inside.

There were quite a few gods gathered. This would have been enough for a fortune, but when I set it aside to negotiate with Lennon Bryssen a little more, this problem arose.

Hale, who had lost his appetite, quickly closed the lid of the box and got up.

“thank you.”

And, he heard this.

Hale raised his head in surprise. A man’s head was floating in front of his eyes. Then, little by little, his head, neck, shoulders, and upper body appeared as if drawing a picture in the air.

Hale, who was faced with an unexpected situation, took a deep breath and sat down on the spot.

“Who, who are you?”

It was something familiar.

The wizard who looked for Callian while wet in the rain the night before…


Soon his whole body was shown, he looked at Hale and introduced himself belatedly. It was a serious face that could not be found with a smile.

“Wizard. This is Arsene Hertz.”

The reason that no one could open the magically locked door because Eila and Callian were fighting was because there was only one wizard hiding in Hale’s room who could open it.

The reason, of course, was to find a new object, a proof that Malcolm, the butler, did not know where he was hiding.

Callian said that the more evidence, the better.

Transaction records on paper are important, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to have something that stands out like this?

Because of this, Arsene Hertz, who had been hiding in Hale’s room for several hours while maintaining the invisibility magic of the 4th circle, spoke in a very polite tone.

“I will write it well as much as you worked hard to find it.”

Arsene took the box from Hale’s lost hands. Then he said with a face as if he had something on his mind.

“And…….. The Count passed it on without any resistance, and I will definitely deliver it to the young wizard and the prince who is the child of a commoner.”

Hale’s face turned white.

A choking sound of breathing slipped out of his lips.

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