MTL – 54+55

< Chapter 10. I’ve come too far (6) >

After finishing a lot of work, Callian sat down and quietly closed his eyes.

And he circulated the mana in his body and slowly drew and refined the mana from the outside.

Soon, I felt a warm energy gathering in my body. Callian began to carefully move the gathered mana toward his heart.

He is trying to create a fourth circle.

At first, I could feel the mana forming a band and going straight to my heart. He has always been successful up to this stage since he mastered the 3rd circle, but it was Callian who couldn’t get past this next. Because of this, Callian concentrated more and carefully moved the mana belt to his heart.

Suddenly, the nature of the mana band, which was moving smoothly, began to change rapidly. The warm warmth of mana is transformed into a strong yet sharp anticipation.

Mana, whose nature changed, quickly flowed into Danjeon. As the tail of the mana band went into the dandan and disappeared, the mana band that was going to the heart also moved backwards and was absorbed as if it was sucked into the dandan. Mana that was supposed to form a circle was changed to the source of the aura, and it was accumulated in the danjeon instead of the heart.

Callian, who could not create a circle again this time, spit out a short word.

“In addition.”

It was the same today too.

Callian took a deep breath. Alan smiled in her mind. Allen did not have to erase the humorous feeling and conveyed his words.

– Congrats on getting a stronger auror.

How could that be a compliment? Don’t be sarcastic like that, I thought it would be cool to say that I’m not even a dog poop.

– No matter how short-lived the habit of wielding a sword, it is not easy to bite. All you need to know is that you understand, you won’t be able to set foot in chiresis until you succeed.

Callian laughed awkwardly at Alan’s cheering threat.

The principle of operating Auror and magic itself was no different. Thanks to the power of the blessing, Kallian had well enough mana to use both Auror and Magic. Therefore, there was no great difficulty in expressing the already accumulated power.

The problem was that if he tried to make a circle with the mana he had saved, all of his mana would go to the dandan. You will unconsciously go through the process of accumulating an auror. He couldn’t make a 4th circle, so he couldn’t ask him to teach him magic, no matter how much Arsene was next to him.

It was for this reason that Allen told LeMaine that the Cispanian would cry. All of the overflowing mana was turning into an auror, so Alan who saw it was going to burst.

Even so, the time at which mana is absorbed by Danjeon is being delayed, so no matter how late, he will be able to succeed until he arrives at Siegfried’s estate. Alan and Callian were both looking forward to it.

– Anyway, I see. And because of what the prince’s father had done, I was forced to stay in the palace for a full full moon. It may be difficult to respond to the conversation, so don’t worry if I don’t answer.

At Alan’s words, Callian tilted his head.

If it’s been done so far, it’s because Carlian or Allen did it, but LeMaine never did it. Callian asked strangely.

– What have you done?

Alan didn’t answer for a moment. Because he was a little surprised.

When talking to Allen, he used to call Lemaine’s name, Callian, but the name of Callian who called Lemain had changed. I thought that maybe it was the change that occurred while catching the blue pine needle this time, but he did not mention it and only answered.

– No big deal. It’s just my business.

Hearing the moderately sarcastic remarks, Callian let out a laugh involuntarily. Because it was not a sound that could come out of a wizard’s mouth at all. Anyway, if it was something important enough for Callian to know, Alan had no reason to hide it, so Calian just wondered what else was going on with the two of them.

Instead, I asked what I had been curious about.

– So, have you decided what to do with Lennon Brissen’s work?

Allen did not answer Calian’s question for a while.

In the course of interrogation of Hale Latran, it would become known that Hale had sold the new stuff to the top of Bryssen. What it meant was so clear it was obvious that if it were revealed, at that moment everyone, including the Marquis Bryssen, would know that Lennon had changed his mind.

So Le Main had to decide whether to hide it or reveal it to his advantage. And Callian was asking the result of that trouble.

The words were conveyed from Alan with a feeling of drowsiness.

– I haven’t decided yet. He seems to be judging how the fire will spread, so watch it first.

If it was simply a fight between the rich, it didn’t matter if they changed their minds or not. However, the problem was that the body of a family called Brycen, where the fight was taking place, was too large.

Aside from the fact that the fight between the two could escalate into a civil war, this is because it could have escalated into a power struggle between the first and second princes.

– Her Majesty, who is already worried about the battles of the princes, must be very worried.

When Callian, who had brought the start of the matter, said so, Alan laughed.

– LeMaine wasn’t the firstborn either, so why don’t you know? You don’t have to worry too much. You can walk in front of the prince or walk well.

Respecting LeMaine, who would have been pondering over the number of cases Lennon’s betrayal would lead to, Callian replied that he would know rather than disagree.

He said that soon he had to go to the palace, so he thought he would end the story as is, but Alan spoke again.

– Her handmaiden child named Merlin came to visit. She said she sent the proceeds from Whitlin’s estate and the Prince is away and asked what to do about it. How can I deal with it?

– Ah. The time has come.

It was a story about having to open Calian’s safe. Callian asked Allen to manage the safe for a while and explained the location of the safe and how to unlock the magic emblem. And with those words, he cut off the magic that had been blowing into his ring.

* * *

Alan held a large luggage bag in his hand.

He was obviously Allen, who had a magic bag that would not increase in size and weight no matter what he puts in. Nevertheless, he was carrying a luggage bag that was as big as his own body, without having to ask anyone else to do it or using any magic.

LeMaine, who readily noticed the intention, asked in a low-pitched tone.

“Are you saying I’m sorry?”

“I’m glad you found out anyway.”

Alan nodded his head and answered, carrying the bag he had brought along to the side of Le Main’s desk and putting it down. Then, he said, spreading his palm, which had the dark traces of the handle of the bag, in front of Le Main.

“Your Majesty’s love for your son is too much for a moment, and the old man is suffering so much. What will you do with this?”

LeMaine answered, moving her eyes to the document she was looking at.

“You should be able to trust those who aren’t my sword.”

“Anyway, what if I really send Kaera?”

Alan’s eyes rose.

He was obviously Le Main, who was supposed to send the Knights Templar Karen. However, knowing that Bryceen was deeply entangled in this matter, he immediately dispatched Kaera. And that was in the interim between Alan’s visit to the Royal Jeon Seo-gu office to do what Callian had asked him to do. There really was no such thing as flying out.

Thanks to this, Allen had to pack up and come to the palace. As if he had a point of trust, he took the escort of Le Main on behalf of the knights of Caera, who had only ten left.

“If Your Majesty gives special treatment only to Prince Callian like this, there is nothing good for the prince right now. It means that Prince Callian’s lifeline is cut off every moment he thinks he has favoritism. did you?”

Le Main nodded his head as if not to worry. He said he had already thought about it.

“So we decided to have lunch with the two princes tomorrow.”

“Are you saying you’re only going to have one meal of rice and one kaera at the same weight?”

“To see the relationship between the two children.”

He was trying to see if there were any signs of a power struggle between the princes.

“There’s nothing to see. It’s strange that the wind doesn’t blow right now.”

Having said that, Alan walked over to the sofa and sat down. Lemaine, who was looking at Alan like that, asked while fixing his glasses.

“Are you on such a bad relationship when you see the wonders?”

One corner of Alan’s lips curled up as he was acting as a escort that he had not even been able to sell to LeMaine, who had reached the level of looking at each one, but did not have the spirit to put all three at once. Le Main, who saw it, quickly stopped him from speaking.

“No. Don’t tell me. I got it.”

Alan, who was about to tell him that even the dogs of the pit bulls would get along better than the princes, nodded his head and grinned.

What the hell was Callian thinking when he picked up a guy like that?

LeMaine, who was closest to Alan, looked at Latran for a moment.

* * *

before going to sleep.

Arsene came to Callian, who was sitting opposite Yan and drinking cold mint tea. Arsene put down the gods he had stolen from Hale and said to Callian, who said he had a hard time.

“As I was watching, Count Ratran’s words and actions were not good. If I dare to speak my mind, I think he should be punished.”

Callian asked with a look of anticipation.

“What did you say?”

At that, Arsene asked with a puzzled face.

“Would it be okay if I passed on the disrespectful information to the prince?”

In general, wizards have good memorization skills. This is because there is not one or two things to memorize, such as complex spell formulas, magic circle composition, mana arrangement, etc.

Arsene, who was chosen as the only wizard to escort Calian, was among the wizards and had very good memorization skills. Therefore, it would not have been too difficult for Arsene to memorize Hale’s short words perfectly into the intonation.

Callian, who had overlooked it, nodded his head without thinking.

And he was insulted.

So, after Calian quickly reflected on his harsh attitude toward Arsene, he sent Hale, who was about to be detained in the room, to the prison next to the torture chamber.

It was the wettest and darkest place in the dungeon. It was a treatment with the meaning of learning with your whole body what would live under the straw grass in such a place. Because contempt of the royal family was a crime that could be punished enough even with the authority of a prince.

After that, Callian talked with Arsene about magic, exchanged swords with Kyrie and told them what to fix, or chatted with Yan and waited for the knights to come from Kyiris.

and after some time.

“It looks like Kaera…”

Callian opened his mouth as he watched the knights of Kaera, who were dignified and dignified, entered Rat Ran. It didn’t take a blink of an eye to understand why Alan had to be at the palace, and why he said it was Alan’s business.

After arriving in Latran, Kaera took only one day off.

Then, with the exception of Norton, who ‘died’ from a sudden heart attack, he took two prisoners, Eila and Hale, and set off straight to Kyrissis.

Of course, Norton, waking up well after being sent out of the castle after his death, was headed for the Whitlin estate with his wife. His new identity document was to be delivered to the estate through a sender by Allen.

“I hope it will be a smooth journey. Thank you very much.”

So Calian left Latran, thanking Malcolm, who had assumed the position of managing agent of the estate until a new lord arrived.

Time has passed again.

Hale was removed from the title and spent the rest of his life in prison.

And news broke that Eila’s sentence had been executed.

Hearing Allen’s words while looking at the Hiriska Forest, which had just begun to catch his eye, Callian only nodded his head.

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