MTL – 56+57

< Chapter 11. I didn’t mean it (1) >

Chirissis, located to the north of Kyris, has short summers and long winters. Therefore, as soon as September began, a cool morning wind blew.

Even so, it was not cool enough to have the windows closed already, so the windows were still open in the place where the two princes of Chermil were eating.

A cool breeze blew through the open window and shook the petals of the vase that adorned the table. Then, the eyes of the two princes, who were silent, reached the flower equally.

In the end, the eyes of the two, who had not seen each other for several days, eventually turned to each other.

Randel said, looking at the second sitting in place of the youngest who gave her a word every morning.

“I heard you haven’t been drinking since Kallian left.”

At first glance, it was a compliment. It could have been a good thing.

He drank so much at such a young age, so it was a word that could be considered as a good thing that he had corrected his bad habit even now.

If it had been a normal brother, it would have made sense.

“Are you sorry?”

But Franz, knowing that it doesn’t mean that, replied:

Randel looked into Plantz’s eyes for a moment without answering. It was the kind of gaze that looked into a person’s heart to the very end, which Calian had once felt.

It is unknown what he found inside, but Randel looked back to the plate in front of him. And he spoke in a tone that seemed to convey passing news or news.

“Renishita leaves were spread in the square today.”

Renissita leaves are similar to leaves in appearance, so everyone calls them leaves, but in fact, they are broad thorns of a cactus named Renishita. It has a strong ability to absorb the surrounding water.

Occasionally, the Kairis Royal Family would spread this Renishita leaf on the floor of Hatsara Square. It was to prevent blood from dripping onto the white floor of the square by installing a guillotine on the Renishita leaf.

Therefore, now Randel was talking about the execution of the criminal who was arrested for attacking Calian. It wasn’t a very good topic to put on the breakfast table.

Hearing Randel’s words, the corners of his lips twisted. It was because Randel, who was not usually speaking, noticed why he had to open his mouth in the first place.

“You seem to have a deep misunderstanding.”

So Franz answered Randel, who was asking if Silike had touched Calian again.

In fact, Randel had also expected to some extent that this had nothing to do with Silike. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what Silikee was in now. So Randel nodded his head and said, without questioning what Plantz was saying.

“Would you like to be a little quieter?”

It was meant to end the relationship.

It was said that one day they would become daggers to each other, but it was not yet the time.

Randel got up after saying those words and went outside, and Plantz sat there for a while.

Whether it was Randel or Callian who stood at the end. Franz tried to gauge it, but he gave up soon after. Instead, he recalled the last time he had seen Callian in the banquet hall, precisely what he had hidden. Franz muttered as he looked at Randel’s empty chair.

“How can you be quieter than this?”

* * *

Callian frowned and said.

“It’s all because of the rain.”

The reason that this situation happened now is purely because of the rain.

When departing from Latran, Calian had clearly made up his mind to take Sia only to the vicinity of Hiriska Forest.

However, due to the unusual rain that had recently fallen, a lot of earth and sand ran down the mountain and blocked the royal road, the only way through the mountain.

The situation was not enough to be resolved by Arsene and Callian’s magic, so the party had no choice but to go back the way they came. Then I went back to the house of Viscount Hamptych, where I had said goodbye in the morning, and stayed for another day.

The very rain that caused Callian’s emotions to suffer, eventually caused her body to suffer.

“When I return to Kyrissis, I’ll have to make a space movement device.”

Jan was very fond of Calian’s words, and Arsene pretended not to hear.

If it was Callian, he would definitely find the right person and leave it to him to supervise him, and among the connections he had right now, Arsene was the only one who had the most leisure and ability.

Anyway, since they couldn’t even dream of moving in space right now, Callian and his party turned to a different path that turned a little. And as I continued down the new road, I arrived at the front of the Hirisuka Forest.

As I was about to leave Sia in front of the forest and say goodbye, there was no suitable place to spend the night. It was because he was traveling on an unplanned road.

“Let’s go to the village together. There is Luka. There is also an elder. Captain, go to bed tomorrow.”

However, Sia invited the party like this.

It was the wisest thing Shia had said so far, so Calian replied that he would. He also had the thought that he didn’t want to be homeless, but he was even more curious to see the elven village. Of course, it was not only Callian who had such a feeling, so the party who heard Callian’s answer showed a very fond face.

The village of the elves went unnoticed by humans.

I don’t know what kind of trick he uses, but he had to follow a path only elves could find to enter the village.

As I followed Shia and meandering into the forest, to my surprise, at one point, the village was clearly visible. If you take one step back, a lush forest spreads out, and if you take another step forward, you will see a large valley and an intact village with several stone houses.

After disappearing somewhere to explain the situation to Elder Shiaga, who had guided the party to the village, an elf came up to the party and said,

“Who is the king of men?”

At those words, Callian looked at Jan. I was confused for a while, not knowing what to say. But Yan was looking at Callian.

When Kallian looked around, the eyes of everyone in the party were turned to Kallian. When the elf saw it and approached Calian, Calian quickly explained.

“There is no other great man like the king of men here.”

“Is that so? The Elder wants to meet the King of Humans.”

“I’ll never see you again.”

Apparently, the elves also sent congratulatory messages during LeMaine’s birthday celebration, but unlike them, the elves here did not seem to know the human system well. In any case, Carlian said he didn’t think it was necessary to elaborate on that at this point.

“I’m not the king of humans, but it’s true that I’m the representative of this party.”

Then the elf nodded his head and said to Kalian.

“Okay. Follow me.”

Callian followed the elf and came face to face with the elder in the town’s largest house. A fairly handsome elder with silver hair like Hina, as soon as he met Callian, he said:

“The elder of the village of Hiriska is called Zer. Shia is my son.”

At those words, Callian was a little surprised to himself. Rather than being surprised because Shia was the elder’s son, it was because of the fact that the elder’s son went to sell sculptures or things. If you were an elder in a village, wouldn’t it be equivalent to a lord in human terms?

Anyway, I was greeted and the opponent was not even a human, so Kalian nodded his head briefly and gave a muffled name.

“Kalian. Callian Lane Kyris.”

At those words, Zer’s pointed ears moved once. Jer looked at Kallian and said.

“Nice to meet you.”

“You said you wanted to see me.”

I asked him if he would get a thank you for taking Sia in moderation. However, Jer’s words were very different from what Calian had envisioned.

“That’s right. I wanted to ask you a favor, so I said I’d see you.”

Callian’s eyes widened. I couldn’t say thank you to the benefactor who saved my son even while I first saw him today. What would you like to ask?

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s hard for me to understand why I have to accept the elves’ requests as I just arrived here.”

The elf elder Zer responded to Calian’s words, which were half-fatigue and irritability.

“Because you are the king of the human clan.”

“Not a clan, not a Kairis. Not a king, but a prince.”

“That or that.”

Callian smiled wildly and said to Zer, who was making a sound of flying in the throat if someone heard the wrong thing.

“A little, a lot, because it means something else.”

While these stories were coming and going, Yan, who was watching this without saying a word, felt like he wanted to rip off all of my hair.

“Anyway, if you can help us, he does.”

Jer, who had said something more common than he had imagined, continued to speak without asking Kalian’s opinion.

“Luka, who had recently returned, took the other two elves out of town this time.”

“No, wait a minute.”

“They haven’t returned for more than ten days after that, so two more people went out to visit them three days ago, but they don’t come back.”

I was about to ask what this had to do with me, but Jer couldn’t stop talking. There is absolutely no gap in the middle.

“Even though I said that the human world isn’t so easy, it crawled out and disappeared. So I hope you can help me find them. The elves here don’t know the human world very well. “

“You mean you want me to find the missing five elves here? Why me?”

“Because you are the king of the human clan.”

There is no separate dodol ticket.

The elves disappeared from the human village, and they didn’t know much about the outside world, so they needed the help of Callian who came just in time to find them.

However, the reason why Callian had to deal with it was sloppy and his attitude toward asking for help was not very good.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Eventually, Callian stood up.

It was already dark outside, but Kalian made his way out of the elven village. Instead of spending an uncomfortable day in a place like this, I was thinking of just staying home.

Then Zer opened his mouth again and grabbed Calian.

“I’m not saying I’m just asking for help. I’ll pay for it. Of course, I’ll pay for saving Sia as well.”

Callian had heard a story from Jan at first glance. Since elves cannot live without debt, they say that if they get any help, they will pay it back by paying a price that meets their standards.

Callian’s eyes turned to Kyrie for a moment. It was the same with Kyrie, who was half-elf blood.

He said as the elder looked at Kalian who was standing up.

“I heard it’s the road to Siegfried’s land. Is that correct?”


Then the elder nodded his head and answered.

“The human path is too slow, but if you use the forest path, you can reduce the number of days to one in four.”

Way to go over two months. It was meant to reduce that distance by one-fourth.

‘Can you go two months away in a full moon?’

Callian’s shoulders twitched.

Callian quickly turned around and sat back down.

Five elves disappeared!

Of course you should help.

Let me know what you think!

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