MTL – 58+59

< Chapter 11. I didn’t mean it (2) >

Elder Zer grinned as Kalian changed her mind. Seeing this, Callian felt a little embarrassed. Until then, he continued to be stiff, and then changed his attitude when he heard that it was a forest road.

In the first place, he sat down as soon as Zer had finished speaking, so he didn’t know how to wrap it. Because of this, Callian looked at Jer and spoke frankly.

“Yeah. I’m doing this because of the forest road, so keep your promises.”

“The king of the human clan has no secrets. Don’t worry. Elves are a race that values ​​promises.”

Callian frowned.

It wasn’t because he said he would keep his promise, it was because the name he kept talking about was very offensive.

“I told you my name, so please don’t call me any more.”

Zer smiled and nodded his head without saying a word.

Callian asked such a Zer.

“The missing elves. Is there anything I can refer to?”

“They are all male elves in their early to mid 20s.”

“Are they those who know how to fight?”

“Your knights may not be able to compete, but to a certain extent.”

Callian, who had heard the story up to that point, had a face that seemed a little incomprehensible. This is because the elves who know how to fight did not come to look for Shia, who had disappeared for a longer time while looking for it.

“Then why didn’t you find Sia?”

“Luca said she saw you protecting.”

“Isn’t that too much trust in people? Still, he said he was a son.”

Jer answered, pointing his finger to his face.

“Since Sia’s face wasn’t frightened, he believed it.”

I remember for a moment the face of Shia, who was terrified when we first met, and Zer continued.

“And every little elf in this town is my son and daughter.”

After hearing those words, Kallian realized that there was a misunderstanding and made a sound of ah. The word “son” did not mean that Shia was his real son. Callian, who understood it as ‘my young young Jimin’, nodded his head.

“Then what did that elf named Luca do?”

Zer suddenly shook his head and let out a deep sigh.

“I must have gone out to earn money. Once I went to a human village, and then I was enchanted, I’ve already tried several times to run away from the village to make money. Still, I’ve never not come back like this.”

After learning the reason for selling the sculpture and stealing the expensive-looking thing, Callian laughed. Come to think of it, isn’t Luca the real culprit that entangled Callian in the Ratran case? With a little bit of resentment, Callian told Zer the truth.

“Did you know that the elf named Luca stole things from humans?”

Then Jer’s face changed very seriously.

It deserves it. When he first found out that the elves had stolen things, Calian was also quite surprised.

“When you come to me, give me proper training. Because the elf stole the stuff and made me quite upset.”

“I see.”

“Anyway, elves selling sculptures aren’t common. We’ll look for them right away from tomorrow.”

Then Zer raised his fingers and showed them to the right and to the left, respectively.

“First of all, there are two cities on either side of the forest. It’s a city named Nerika and Sting.

Callian, who remembered the names of the two places, nodded. After saying thank you for the help, Zer ordered another elf to prepare a place for the party to stay and dinner.

* * *

The dinner the elves gave me was surprisingly good.

I was worried that it would only eat raw grass, but it was not at all. While I was eating black bread with orange jam on black bread, which has the characteristic sour and bitter taste of rye, I suddenly felt a strange feeling.

It was because of the topic of conversation that began to be heard around Callian.

Among the knights, recent events in Latran were on the topic. It was something he didn’t want to repeat, but he couldn’t stop the words coming out, so Calian just listened to the story in silence.

But the words went in a slightly strange direction.

‘How can I shatter the sword?’

 The discussion about this began as if to listen to Callian.

“You must have blocked the magic bullet.”

“There were no scorch marks on the sword. Besides, the magic bullet didn’t explode. You’ve seen it cut neatly.”

The voice is getting louder. He seemed to want Callian to explain it himself, after hearing that. Callian pretended not to hear and ate the bread.

After looking at Callian, there was no sign of an answer, so the knights looked at Arsene this time.

“What would you do?”

Callian’s hand paused for a moment.

In fact, Calian was also curious. In the past, the sword, which had not been broken no matter how many Aurors were used, was not shattered at once with Arsene’s gestures.

Arsene, who was asked the question, focused his magic power on the knife in his hand instead of his answer. Then, the knife immediately turned white with frost and froze. Arsene, who was looking at it silently, said quietly.

“Of course, since the method of smelting these knives and swords is different, it cannot be frozen and broken so quickly.

It seems he hasn’t figured out how to do it yet.

At that, one of the knights burst into laughter and said:

“Breaking swords. If you want, I’ll catch the Sword Master too.”

okay. caught

While Calian was memorizing the name of the guy he just spoke to, the eyes of the other knights all fell on him.


Slayman’s knights. Since the word Sword Master has even come up, how can it be reminiscent of Kallian’s Broken Iron Sword?

Because of this, Callian smiled naturally and ate the bread once more.

After all, meeting Sleyman will immediately spot him writing an auror, whether he finds out a few days sooner or not. what kind of feeling was that

* * *

Fortunately, the knights followed Callian persistently after that, and there was no question about the facts or no request for a match. This is because Callian sent them all out of the forest to investigate on his behalf.

For this reason, the knights wore plain clothes without even seeing Callian’s face, and first looked to see if there were any cities with suspicious circumstances. The reason why Callian didn’t come forward was because he needed to look carefully first.

As soon as he first heard Zer, what Calian thought of was the elf slave trade. He was a young and strong elf, and from Zer’s words, he knew how to fight, but it didn’t seem like he was good enough, so he thought it was worthy of a target.

If it was known that the prince himself was going to investigate the slave trafficking situation, it was clear that he would hide or run away, so he only sent knights outside.

“I don’t think there’s any particular smuggling of slaves in this area. There were a few people who looked like mercenaries, but it was difficult to see them as being related to crime.”

After completing the investigation, Yu-ran returned to the forest and said:

So the next day, Callian went out himself. He was accompanied only by Kyrie, who had not yet participated in the investigation. The knights who had already searched the village did not go with them because they could recognize their faces.

“Which way would you like to go first?”

After leaving the elf village, Kyrie asked: It was a question of whether to go first, Sting or Nerika, who are located opposite each other with the forest in the middle.

Callian, who was asked the question, remembered what Yan had explained. It was said that the two cities were similar in size and that the lords of the two cities were their own children of the same age, so there was a lot of competition. As a result, it was difficult to choose which of the two to go first.

“Let’s go to a place with a short name first.”

There wasn’t much to worry about.

If you start from the nearest and shortest place and spread your feet, something will come out. This was the idea.

After quietly riding through the forest for about two hours, we arrived at Sting.

Callian immediately put on his robe and pulled his hood over.

Sting was not a very big city. Even from a distance, it was quite different from Latran.

However, it was well organized and there were more people coming and going than expected. Judging from the appearances, it didn’t seem like it was going to be very difficult financially.

As Yu-ran said, there was no apparent problem on the surface, so Calian decided to solve the problem with a hungry stomach first. Callian looked at Kyrie and spoke briefly.

“Meat. Do you want to eat meat?”

Kyrie smiled more clearly than usual. The first thing you say when you come here with such serious consideration is meat. Callian, who pretended not to see it, continued.

“Eat meat, go to the weapon shop and buy a useful sword. Then let’s look around a bit more.”

“Why don’t you get a better sword?”

“Do you need a better sword?”

“A normal Black Prince can’t use it for a long time. Because it can’t contain Aurors.”

Kyrie was in a position to learn the sword from Callian.

Because of this, Kallian had to explain to Kyrie how he could handle Aurors, and Kallian, who was not good at hiding, eventually revealed some of her secrets to Kyrie. Of course, it did not tell us when and for what reason Bern and Kyrie died.

“If you go back to the palace, you won’t be able to use it anyway.”

After doing so, Kalian raised his finger and pointed to the sky.

“I think good ingredients will fall out of there soon.”

Kyrie’s gaze turned to the sky, but it was difficult to understand with only those enigmatic words. Callian moved Raven without saying any more. It was because he was not very reluctant to say something like a prophecy that a proper meteorite would fall at the beginning of the next year.

Anyway, after finding a restaurant and having a meaty meal, the two went out to the weapon shop and had to look at each other’s faces and tilt their heads at what the shop owner said.

“I don’t have a sword.”

“I don’t have a sword. Does that mean they’re all sold out?”

“Are you a mercenary? You look like you’re still young.”

Instead of answering, the owner, who glanced at Kallian, asked:

Callian nodded his head slightly, then pointed at Kyrie and himself in order, and answered roughly.

“This is a swordsman and I’m a wizard. Anyway, I need a sword, is it difficult to find?”

Then the owner crossed his arms and started thinking about something. It was clear that the figure was in a dilemma of whether to speak or not. At this time, Kalian, who knew very well what to do, took two silver coins from his pocket and handed them to the owner.

The owner who received it hesitated a little more, and after receiving one more silver coin, he looked around and said quietly.

“It seemed that the mercenaries were secretly gathering for a while.”

“In secret? Without notice?”

The owner nodded. Then, in a quieter voice, he opened his mouth.

“Then, two soldiers came today and told me to put them all in because I’m going to bring their weapons tonight.”

Callian frowned slightly.

The owner’s words continued as he slowly filled with a feeling of some kind of bad feeling.

“So, if you’re a mercenary, go over there.”

Having said that, the owner gestured his chin and pointed somewhere outside the store. The place where his eyes were focused was the Yeongjuseong Fortress.

Callian’s eyes gleamed little by little.

Two small towns of similar size were nearby, secretly gathering mercenaries, and collecting weapons within the castle meant only one thing.

“… it’s going to war.”

After eating a meal that Yu-ran had not been able to figure out for three days, Callian found out, bowed his head and scratched his cheek.

“It’s true.”

He seemed to know where the elves who wanted to make money and were fighting in moderation were. He seemed to know better that he had been immersed in another strange thing.

The Hiriska Forest Elven Village was between the two cities. If the two of them fight, of course, damage to the elf village will occur.

So I could see why Zer had to ask for help from Calian.

‘The prince of Kairis, who came to the elf village, asked me to stop the fight between the two cities.’

Callian’s brow, which was hidden under the hood, frowned a lot.

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