MTL – 6

< Chapter 2. didn’t grow that much (3) >

We had to move to another building for dinner.

Therefore, Kallian got ready early and got on one of the two wagons parked in front of the Chermil Palace. Of course, the one remaining is for the prince who hasn’t departed yet, either Randel or Plantz. So, it seems that one has already started.

He said, ‘It’s so wide, I wondered how to get to other buildings. There must even be a carriage for moving inside the palace.’

Callian shook his head as he recalled the memories that Hatsara had built a royal palace of such an unbelievable scale at the words of the Sispanians who said they couldn’t live in a small place.

The carriage passed the long corridor surrounding the Chermil Palace and passed through the fountain garden that bordered the living and working spaces. After that, it ran a little more and stopped after passing the Arpia Palace, which was prepared for the king’s affairs, and the Narsil Pavilion, which is the office space for nobles who work with the royal family.

It was in front of the Senyu Pavilion, which was used for small events with nobles, and the setting sun was shining on the white marble building decorated with gilded columns, creating a very beautiful appearance.

“Prince. It has arrived.”

Jan, who placed a small staircase at the entrance of the carriage, helped Callian not step on the hem of his clothes when he got off the carriage, and the attendant of the Senyu Pavilion guided him to the meeting place and dinner.

A garden built behind the Senyu Pavilion.

A magic lamp was prepared in case it was getting dark.

Callian, who had crossed the garden, sat down on a chair that the servant had pulled out. Randel had already been there, and after Callian had arrived, Plantz walked over and sat down. And the silence as always passed for a while.

Then, all of a sudden, I felt a strong scent of perfume.

It was the scent of the Renieri flower, said to have a special value because it blooms only one day a year and then dies. Even if it is not indoors, the scent that lingers on your fingertips.


Callian had never seen silicate or smelled Renieri. But the moment she sensed the scent, she knew immediately that she had arrived.

Callian turned her head to look at Queen Silike, who was walking with Viscount Lennon Brissen. Her Sylike’s gaze also turned to Kallian. And soon they looked away from each other as if they had promised. Randel, who looked at him for a moment, shifted his gaze.

Silike sat down as if nothing had happened in the seat that had been reserved for her. She was seated next to Plants. Seeing the two of them, Plantz sat there without showing any special examples.

When she saw it, she frowned slightly, but she didn’t say anything because she was there, being conscious of Callian and Randel.

“Long time no see, three princes.”

Lennon gave a simple greeting.

She then looked at Callian’s face, which she had turned somewhat strange. Lennon said she had a look on her face, as if she had seen Callian before, as if she had seen it before. Her silicee’s hand moved as he opened her mouth towards her Callian.

– Tsar!

A fan made of purple silk unfolded and made a rather loud noise.


Lennon, noticing Silike’s discomfort, bit her mouth with an awkward cough.

Dinner was soon followed by appetizers. Slicke’s gaze turned to Callian, as Lennon spoke her words intermittently and Silikee briefly responded.

“You’ve grown a lot.”

Kalian, noticing immediately that it was her question directed at her own self, looked at Sylike. At a time like this, I don’t think he really meant ‘tall’.

“It hasn’t grown that much.”

After a few moments passed, Callian, who replied calmly, added her words with a relaxed smile.

“It will grow more in the future.”

Silica’s eyes changed.

The old Callian never laughed like that. I didn’t like it at all.

At that moment, Lennon, the indifferent Lennon, intervened between them.

“That’s right, Prince. You’re still growing up, so you have to be taller…!”

– Whoops!

Lennon’s mouth was closed once more, not understanding the meaning of her words.

‘It’s true. It’s amazing because it’s just as rumored.’

There are many skills required to operate the top.

Among them, judgment is the basic of the basics. You should at least have an eye for it. With a word just before, Lennon has clearly proved that she certainly doesn’t have those two.

‘The manager at the top is going to have a hard time.’

Silike said, looking at Lennon with a bitter look in her eyes.

“The chef seems to have paid special attention. Please enjoy it, brother.”

It is an explicit expression to shut up and eat.

Did he understand the words now, or was he afraid of his eyes? This time, Lennon, who properly understood the meaning of silike, closed her mouth and devoured her steak. Plants, who was watching it from the side, let out a laugh without hiding it.

Silike’s eyes turned to Franz.

After all, the conversation with Callian was cut off in the middle, so she opened her mouth this time she turned towards Plantz.

“I heard that your words did not follow you.”

Randel looked at Calian slightly.

Calian, who was immersed in the thought of whether he was referring to Raven, the horse he got from Plantz, or Callian himself, did not feel Randel’s gaze.

‘but. He’s not the kind of person who cares about a horse’s ferocious temper.’

So, the ‘horse’ mentioned by Sylike would not be Raven, but Callian. It must mean that the attitude of Callian toward Plantz has changed.

“It would have been nice if you had informed me in advance.”

Franz shook his head crookedly.

It was followed by a twisted voice from Franz, who looked into the light-green eyes of the silikee, identical to his own.


She wasn’t asking what she should have said.

The dust that will quietly disappear after living with my mother’s breath has changed dramatically. So, to Sylike, what is thorny like a thorn in her neck. Franz understood this as well.

“I should have told you everything already.”

He only knew that Plantz’s attendants reported every move he made to Silike. Therefore, it was asking what should be said ‘more’ about Callian.

Of course, Silike wasn’t unaware that Kallian had changed. The very day he had his hair cut, rumors had already spread throughout the palace. Not only that, but he knew every detail of the situation, including the accident at the restaurant and the work of the riding class.

Silike spoke in a tone of disappointment at Franz’s reaction.

“Didn’t you tell me that it’s completely out of your hands?”

There was no longer any fear in the red eyes facing the Silica. He should have informed Silike that it wasn’t just his appearance that Kallian had changed, and that he would no longer be able to hold on to Franz.

But Franz didn’t.

“You know what you’re going to do.”

“It’s already….”

A smirk appeared on Franz’s mouth.

“I would have told you.”

“I can’t remember.”

Franz leaned back in his chair as if he was too lazy to talk. Seeing his son like that, Silike smiled quietly.

Soon, Silike’s smile changed a little differently.

She had a bright smile like a child. It looked exactly like what Franz had seen just before throwing the knife at Jan.

“Planz. You always have been. But don’t worry too much. There’s nothing to miss or get back.”

A slight smile crept across Calian’s lips.

‘If I die and disappear, there will be no escape.’

Callian pretended to be okay, took her glass of water, took a sip, and put it down. And she continued eating. Then Sylike opened her mouth again and spoke to her.

“It won’t take long.”

Franz turned his head as if to do as he pleases and closed his eyes. Kali-an’s eyes, who were naturally moving her knife, changed little by little.

How ridiculous would it be to say something like that in front of you?

Randel quietly turned her head to look at Plantz and then at Callian. Then, to her surprise, she spoke her words to Callian.

“You look tired. Go and rest first.”

At Randel’s unexpected words, even Plantz looked at him in amazement. But Randel didn’t say anything else.

I was so glad that one word helped me get out of this terrible table.

Callian immediately nodded his head and stood up. Silike’s brow narrowed, but she didn’t say anything else about Randel’s behavior.

“The meal was enjoyable.”

Callian, speaking to Lennon, turned her head and looked straight at Sylike.

Callian grinned as she stared at her silikeh with those eyes that perfectly resembled a dead woman. By all means, I sincerely hope that this figure also resembles the dead Freya.

“See you next time.”

After frowning on her for a moment, Sylike returned to her innocent face and tried to answer her sarcastically, but Callian swung her body and left the place. Power entered Sylike’s hand holding her fan.

Randel rolled her eyes and took her dessert to her mouth. She was a sorbet with renieri flowers, made because silikee liked it.

The scent of the Renieri flower lingered in Randel’s mouth, then melted and disappeared.

* * *

Three more weeks passed.

Ahead of the King’s birthday celebration, the entire city of Kairis, the capital of Kairis, was in a state of excitement. The nobles who stayed in their own estate gathered one by one to Kairissis’s house. Envoys from all over the world came to unwind in the rubia coffin prepared for the royal guests. There was a commotion for a while with the crowd trying to watch the elves who entered Kyrissis two days ago.

Some welcome guests, some prepare banquets. And for someone else, everyone was so busy that they didn’t even open their eyes. Everyone could not erase their excited expression ahead of the grand festival.

However, Yan’s complexion deteriorated noticeably.

Not only Jan, but also the six maids who help Callian’s look were not good. Even the costumer Shatin, who came back to Callian after a month, had her hardened face.

“Prince. How did you get thinner?”

“That’s it.”

Callian smiled modestly as he looked at Shatin’s worried face.

She answered with a carefree face and tone of voice, but Callian also realized the problem. Every time he tried to use his magical powers, his heart ached and his body continued to deteriorate, so it seemed obvious that the mana in his body was having a bad effect on his heart.

Yan looked at Kallian like that and said that he would call a healer every day. In the end, Kallian explained the fact that only Yan could use magic and the fact that he had to hide the circle, and he also talked about why he had to wait until the King’s birthday celebration.

She couldn’t say of course that she knew Alan was coming, so she kept that part moderately hidden.

‘I’m sure famous wizards will also come to His Majesty’s birthday celebration. I’ll find someone you can trust and check the problem, so wait until then.’

If he had mastered magic, the healing power of the healer could have had a negative effect, so Yan nodded his head at that moment.

Callian was thinking about the events of that time when he heard Shatin’s voice.

“I think we need to mend our robes.”

At first, I put pins here and there on my clothes, trying to distinguish where it should be shortened and where it could be left as it is. But, realizing that it wasn’t going to solve the problem, he pulled out the tape measure again.

“I’ll measure you again, Prince.”

It looked like he was going to cut all his clothes and cut them down and then put them back together.

Callian felt a bit sorry for her, and she obeyed. She re-measured her for a while, she said, as if she didn’t have a problem with her shatine.

“I’m glad I still have time. I’ll fix it by tomorrow morning and come back.”

“The two suits will be worn on the second and third days anyway, so if you don’t have time, it’s okay to bring them a little later.”

“Yes, Prince. I see.”

Soon, Callian called out the wagon to pick up Shatin. That was the only thing that could help Shatin.

And so, the birthday of King Lemain came.

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