MTL – 60+61

< Chapter 11. I didn’t mean it (3) >

After seeing the signs of a fight, Callian immediately sent Kyrie to the lord’s castle.

Kyrie, who pretended to be a mercenary and went to the castle, handed a few silver coins to the soldier who looked the most comfortable. And I heard about the fact that five immature elves were huddled together in his temporary dormitory and the cause of this war.

“Brissen top is the cause.”

Brissen top.

“It’s Lennon Brissen again.”

Callian smirked.

This is because now I have a heart to provide a cause to the fight between the realms.

“There is only Bryssen coming in around here, but because of the affairs of the Latran estate, Bryssen said that she would cut off her foot in this area.”

Kyrie’s words continued like this.

In both estates, wheat and rye were purchased from the top of Brissen because wheat farming was impossible. In the meantime, the top of Brissen broke the deal at will. Fortunately, there was wheat stored in the Nerika estate, so Sting asked me to sell some wheat, and Nerica charged an exorbitant amount. The strife that ensued led to preparations for war.

Hearing about the situation, Callian made a face that there was nothing to worry about as soon as the words ‘wheat and rye’ came out.

“It won’t last long because it’s a fight in a situation where food is scarce.”

It is natural.

How can they continue fighting for a long time without wheat and rye in a field that employs not only soldiers but also mercenaries?

Kallian, who had a rough idea of ​​what was going on, returned to the elf village without taking any further action.

“Have you been well?”

When I got to the room and opened the door, Yan, who was sitting in the chair, got up happily. Callian, who nodded at that greeting, took out the prince’s seal and said.

“Bring me some stationery.”

“Yes. Prince.”

Jan, who went out with an answer, immediately returned with some stationery, pens and wax. Callian wrote two identical letters in front of Jan.

The content was, ‘I will be visiting soon, so please prepare so that I can stay without any inconvenience.’

Seeing this, Jan’s face turned a little bewildered.

Because I’m not the kind of person who writes a letter asking to be treated like that openly, even with his own seal. However, since Callian’s expression wasn’t very good, Yan first stood quietly next to him and waited.

Callian folded the finished letter, put it in an envelope, and sealed it.

“It’s like Sting and Nerika are going to war in a day or two. The Elder asked me to stop it, so I guess he asked me to find five elves.”

“Are you saying you deceived the prince?”

“Yeah. I was deceived.”

After understanding the situation, Yan acted like a duke’s son for a while.

Startled, Callian covered Yan’s mouth and stopped his swearing, and then quickly spoke another word.

“The two lords think I’ve already passed this place, and they seem to be preparing for a fight, so I’ll stop when I tell them to visit. Everyone knows that the Knights Templar Kaera has arrived in Latran, so they know that there’s nothing good about stimulating me. “

Jan asked, who understood what Callian was thinking when he wrote such a snobbish letter.

“Then what about after that? Even if the war is put on hold for a while after receiving the letter, if the prince doesn’t visit after a while, we’ll start fighting again.”

“The five elves will return.”

Callian looked at Jan and smiled.

“The condition of the deal was to find elves rather than prevent war. Whether it’s a fight or not.”

Having said this, Callian walked to Jer’s house, carrying the two letters he had just written.

* * *

Callian held out two letters, and Zer looked at them and asked.

“What is this?”

“It’s a letter.”

Callian answered, sitting in a comfortable position across from Jer.

“Send one to Sting and one to Nerica. Then the war will be delayed for about a month. Elves who left home will definitely come back.

After answering that, Callian tapped Jer’s desk and continued.

“If you stay here.”

“Then war is…!”

Zer bit his mouth, and Kalian smiled when he saw it.

“Still, he’s an elf. That’s why I didn’t expect it. I deceived the two lords knowing that they were going to fight.”

Callian shook his head sternly.

There was a shrill voice that seemed to fit that figure.


I learned firsthand that elves can’t lie, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hide the truth and don’t tell them. After a while, Jer’s mouth, who had properly informed him of it, opened.

“Are you saying you want to leave like this?”

“You want to find five elves? So you found them.”

Whether it was angry or embarrassed, Zer’s long ears burned red. Ger licked his mouth a few times, but couldn’t speak.

Callian stood up without further delay.

Then he pointed his finger at his letter on his desk and said,

“That’s the price we ate and slept in the meantime. We’ll be leaving right away tomorrow morning. We don’t need a forest road or something.”

Zer’s ears turned a little red as he looked at Callian as he turned and walked away. When Callian arrived at the door, Zer’s voice came out.

“Are you saying it’s okay for war in your country?”

“I’ll fight for a reason. I’ll say that and that.”

Having said that, Callian raised his finger and pointed to the floor.

“If this is so important, you protect yourself. Don’t be fooled.”

After that, Callian opened the door and walked out.

Jer looked at the door through which Kalian had left, with a face that had forgotten his words for a while. It was because it was so different from what he expected.

* * *


Callian returned to the room and sat still. The expression on his face didn’t look so refreshing, so Yan, who was standing next to him, gave a worried face.

“Have you ever had anything else that bothered you?”

“Lennon Bryssen. I don’t like the monopoly on the food trade in Bryssen, but he’s being selfish in this way.”

“Because of breaking the wheat trade?”

“Yeah. When something like that happens, it’s not the lord who starves.”

This area was rich in mines, but not fertile enough for large-scale farming. So, it was clear that food had unconditionally depended on trade.

“You mustn’t act recklessly with food.”

Callian was muttering like this when he heard a knock on the door. It was clear without looking at who was coming, so Calian gestured for Jan to open the door.

As expected, it was Zer who entered Calian’s room. To be more precise, it was Zel whose expression had changed to be truly remarkable.

‘I wouldn’t have thought that a person who is strong enough to be a prince would just leave the war going on in front of him.’

Jer looked at Kallian like that and hesitated for a moment.

After waiting for a long time, no words came out of Zer, Calian furrowed his eyebrows.

“Are you here to see my face?”

Jer bowed his head.

“I’m sorry. I’ll explain. Just listen.”

“Make it short.”

Jerry’s mouth opened.

It was a very cautious voice, which was completely different from when we first met or when we had seen him in Jer’s room a while ago.

Jer spoke about the work of Bryssen, which Kallian had already heard of. Then he lowered his head once more and said.

“I knew that you were involved in Latran’s affairs because of Luka. However, since the beginning of this war was in Latran, I was unable to speak first. I hid it because I thought Luka would not help if it was involved. I’m really sorry.”

Callian didn’t answer.

“I’m sorry, but we need your help. We can’t solve that problem.”

Callian didn’t reply right away.

He closed his mouth for a while, immersed in thought. Zer had an anxious face and looked only at Callian’s mouth.

Callian kept repeating only one name in his mind.

‘Lennon Bryssen.’

He changed the camp to Randel and caused a problem, but he cut off the deal at will, causing a war. It was Lennon who tried to get rid of Melphir Fallun over the diamond trading right before that, and it was Lennon who gave Silike the poison Tacrimosa that Calian had drunk.

Go on, go on, go on!

grab your ankles

after a long time has passed.

Callian said low and fast.

“I haven’t been to Nerika yet. It’s probably similar. Go and see if they’re preparing for a fight there too. If that’s true, you can just give me the letter. And find out what you need besides wheat. Then I’ll meet the lords. .”

“Are you saying you want to help?”

“I’m not helping elves, so don’t get me wrong.”

I said this because I thought I was going to have to catch Lennon Brissen now.

In any case, there was a welcome expression on Zer’s face. Either way, Calian continued.

“I hate playing on someone’s palm. And I don’t deal with bastards. So get it right this time.”

“I see.”

After answering this, Zer said thank you several times and went outside.

* * *

The sun was shining outside the window.

Callian spent the night with open eyes. And he contacted Alan. It was early, so he was still at home, Alan answered right away.

– Did you stay up all night?

Callian slept a lot in the morning.

Because of this, when I was awake like dawn, it was always after waking up at night.

– Yes. I did some thinking.

– Tell me.

Callian nodded his head and told the story. Hearing the words, I could feel Alan’s surprise. Calian thought it was worth it and nodded his head.

– Are you really saying that?

This is the first time Alan has asked this question. Callian laughed. Without seeing it, it was obvious what Alan was doing right now. He must be reclining on a bed or sofa and rubbing his temples.

– Yes. please tell me Tell the Marquis of Bryssen that Lennon has betrayed him.

– Are you sure you know what it means to tell the Marquis of Bryssen about Lennon Bryssen’s deal with Tensil?

After a while, Allen said:

– I know there is a risk of civil war, and there is also a risk that a battle between princes will start. And I know that the Marquis of Brissen likes money.

This time, it was a fact he learned while watching Heil Lat Lan. After Hale gave the money he earned to the Marquis of Brissen, didn’t he agree to receive a estate as a gift?

– Are you saying that the Prince will also bribe the Marquis of Brissen?

– no.

After saying that, Callian continued his explanation while recalling what he had been thinking about all night.

– Deliver the information to Marquis Bryssen, and tell him that he will buy you a top of Bryssen if you quietly oust Lennon without any other problems.

Alan was speechless again.

Now he is thinking about what Callian is going to buy. Callian’s explanation continued.

– When it was rumored that Silike poisoned me, the top of the Brissen suffered the most damage. Hale, who was dealing with Lennon, suffered a lot of damage from it, so the damage to the top of Bryssen is more than you can imagine. There’s no way the Marquis Bryssen would want to keep hugging the top of that bane.

At first, Brissen was a knightly family.

Lennon, who was not good at swords, started making and starting the top of Bryssen.

Lennon’s father, Marquis Evan Bryssen, would have left Lennon’s top operations in place for the sake of money. But now, there was no way to be happy with the top, which was not even worth the money and would not suit the signboard of the knight’s family.

– Anyway, it’s the top of Kyris. Even if the deficit is severe, how are you going to buy it?

– Isn’t there already a suitable person for operation? Baron Polun, the top owner of the Polun Top, should be able to run it. If the top name is changed to Polun, the nobles will resume trading and the deficit problem will be resolved.

– It’s not about having someone to run it. We are now purchasing a lot of land for the wizard Balkans and preparing to build a building. In addition, the cost of maintaining the Balkans is not high. No matter how difficult the situation and its value has gone down, it will not be easy to raise enough money to buy the top from the royal family.

Callian, who realized what Alan had misunderstood, said.

– Master. You haven’t opened my safe yet.

Lemain loved Freya very much.

After Randel’s mother, Queen Aisha, died, Le Main, who welcomed her concubine Freya, bestowed her with a very decent estate. Silike has since come into her queen.

Her dead Freya’s estate was inherited by Kalian.

And the old Callian did not spend the proceeds of the estate. In the meantime, the old Callian did not spend a single penny of that money, so that Brissen did not wonder how much money had been accumulated in the safe. He just piled up all the money.

– Lennon Brissen. Please clean it now. Master.

Whitlin is located in Kyris’ largest wheat producing area.

Said Kallian, the lord of Whitlin.

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