MTL – 62+63

< Chapter 11. I didn’t mean it (4) >

Lemaine took off her glasses and took a long breath.

This is because he heard from Callian that he would wield the sword of betrayal of Lennon Brissen this time. It wasn’t even Callian who held the hilt. It was said that the Marquis of Brissen would have to kill his second son himself.

“You’re thinking of buying a marquise with money.”

It’s surprising that there is such an amount of money that it’s possible, but it’s also surprising that he thought of making money for the marquis.

Alan, who was watching him, said.

“This work will be carried out by me and Baron Falun. Maybe it would be better if His Majesty and Prince Calian did not intervene in this matter.”

It was meant to keep it from being known that Callian had attacked the people of Randel.

It was Allen’s plan that Melphir Fallun would pay for the money and that he would negotiate with Evan himself.

Of course, even if Randel did that, Randel’s side would notice it, but if Callian didn’t come to the fore, it wouldn’t be possible to openly raise the problem.

After hearing Alan’s words, Le Main thought for a few more moments and then nodded his head.

“Do that.”

As soon as the words were finished, Alan got up and went outside. He was going to visit Marquis Evan Brissen.

* * *

It was the day of the regular meeting of the Central Nobility.

Evan Bryssen, who was walking out of the mansion to go to the Kairis Palace, stopped for a moment while looking towards the front door.

As time passed and he did not intend to move, the butler standing behind turned his gaze to the front door to check what was going on. Evan, who had been silent for a while, opened his mouth.

“I’ll be home today.”

The butler couldn’t figure out why Evan changed his mind when he was ready to leave. But he didn’t vomit, just bowed his head, because he knew well what would happen if he asked what Evan didn’t say first.

When the butler’s head was lifted again, a small wagon began to come through the front door of the mansion in the distance.

The carriage, which could be ridden by ordinary nobles, had the coat of arms of the Baron Falun family drawn on it. Evan, who watched the carriage for a moment, turned around and entered the mansion and said,

“Guide me to the library.”

A question arose once again on the butler’s face.

The visitors were always Evan, whom he met in the drawing room. But when he told me to follow him today and bring him to the study, he thought it was strange.

“all right.”

However, the butler had no choice but to respond this time as well.

After Evan entered, the door of the carriage that arrived in front of the mansion at a leisurely pace opened slowly. And when the butler saw the person inside, he took a deep breath in surprise.

Instead of Melphir Polun, who was said to have a round and round impression, a wizard with a very sharp impression appeared with his short hair tied down.

It was Alan Manasil.

He had no reason to ride his wagon and create strange rumors, so he got Mel Fir’s wagon and came here. Allen followed the same method Kallian used when signing Melfir.

Allen, who set foot in a place he never thought would come in his lifetime, got off the wagon, leisurely passing the gaze of countless knights who were wary of him. Then, under the guidance of the butler, I went into the place where Evan was waiting.

Evan was already sitting at the table in the study room.

He would be five or six years older than Allen by age alone. His turquoise, half-white hair, was proof of that.

Alan opened his mouth first towards Evan’s face.

“This is Alan Manasil.”

I don’t know, but Evan nodded his head as if it was the first name he had ever heard. Then he answered briefly.

“Evan Bryssen.”

Without any rhetoric about his first meeting, the dry first greetings of the great wizard and the sword master went like this. Evan pointed to the seat in front of him and opened his mouth.

“If I had given you a word in advance, I would have prepared it.”

“I just came here because it seems like you’ve prepared too much.”

Alan’s sharp-looking eyes were very rounded.

The preparations for Allen in Bryssen will be illusions, German papers, and swords. How would you know and know in advance?

Alan, who sat in Evan’s seat, opened his mouth again. As always, the main point came right away.

“The Marquis’ second son looked at His Majesty’s first son.”

Alan, who said only so, fixed his gaze on Evan.

Evan was silent for a moment. But he knew that his son had betrayed him.

Evan still didn’t change his expression, just opened his mouth and spoke.

“That’s unexpected. But Lennon isn’t the vessel to do that.”

It was said that he did not have the courage to stand on the other side, betraying his father, older brother, and younger brother. Alan smiled back.

“Your evaluation of the second son is quite low.”

She doesn’t want to believe that Lennon changed her mind. Alan shook his head, snapped his fingers, and a leather bag appeared from nowhere. Evan’s eyebrows twitched slightly when he saw it.

The reason he dared to leave the drawing room and welcome Alan in the study was because of the magic obstruction installed here. It was to be prepared in case he and Alan exchanged a workshop. However, I thought that it would be of no use to interfere with such a casual use of magic.

Alan looked at Evan with the papers he took out of his bag and placed them on the table. Then he spoke leisurely, as if he knew what made him frown.

“Should I be disturbed by a toy that interferes with magic? Don’t just think of a wizard who lives back in time.”

Soon Alan picked up the paperwork and handed it to Evan, and continued.

“And this is probably more reliable than your son.”

Evan silently reached out and took it.

It was a collection of the things he had confirmed with Hale, Malcolm, and Eila. Evan’s face as he handed over the documents was nowhere to be seen. But I could see his hand trembling a little.

Evan said, with a face that seemed to hide that he was very angry.

“So. What do you want to say?”

“Aren’t you already thinking of getting Lennon out of the way?”

“It’s not a matter for mere wizards to interfere.”

“·········· That is not just a word that comes out of the mouth of a swordsman.”

Hearing those words, Evan’s mood changed in an instant.

A sharp blade shot through Alan’s whole body, as if it were going to rip Alan’s limbs apart at any moment.


Alan, who felt that he was living, made a face that seemed a little perplexed.

It was because he did not think that he would show his life towards himself in a single word. Anyway, it’s not Alan Manasil.

“I guess I was looking comfy, unexpectedly.”

Alan smiled softly as he said so.

I knew what Evan was doing now. There was nothing good for each other if there was a fight in this place, so it must not have been an act of an attack. It was just that he was trying to suppress the spirit of Alan, who was making a harsh noise.

“Can you afford it?”

Alan once said this to LeMaine as well. The meaning was different.

As soon as Alan finished speaking, the air around him stopped circulating. And it contained the fear of death. Evan’s pupils dilated.

Those who wield the sword deal with life.

And those who know the rationale of mana will send out Pierre.

It is the power to bring out the fear hidden deep in the heart. The methods were different, but in the end there was no difference in crushing the opponent. Alan said, suffocating Evan’s breath as he pushed Sage away.

“First of all, let’s talk quietly today. I’m different from my disciple, so I’m not too soft.”

Alan’s smile didn’t change.

The fear that gripped Evan did not diminish.

Evan, who had been trying to think of Alan’s reaction for a moment, died. Alan then returned to his usual bubbly wizard.

Alan’s voice was heard in Evan’s ear, who had suddenly retreated from the fight.

“I’m sure your son will take care of it, but I’ll suggest a way to make it a little less burdensome.”

Evan frowned slightly, and Alan continued his explanation. He said he would buy the Bryssen top if he quietly finished it so that everyone, including Randel, would not know why Lennon was being ousted.


Evan asked.

He said it was a no-brainer. Didn’t he always dislike the top named after the Marquis? But it was Alan who came out to buy it, no. Callian was the problem.

“Why do I have to do things that will benefit the third prince?”

Turning to Evan, who suddenly found his composure and said this, Alan answered with a face that seemed to mean something.

“Do you think the prince has enough money to buy a brissen top? He’s not even here in the first place.”

“Who is it if it’s not Prince Callian?”

“There are people who want to run the top of the Chiris.”

Of course, Melphir’s consent had already been obtained for making this up. The name was sold once and the Brissen top was created, but there was no reason for Melfir to refuse.

“You make a good reason and sell it. If you do that, you’ll buy it at a reasonable price.”

When Evan saw the amount Allen offered with him, he was a bit surprised.

Evan thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

It was enough money to exchange for one short son and one hard-to-manage top.

* * *

You don’t know how nervous Lennon Bryssen was when he learned that Heil Latran had been caught. He was worried every day that he might have to sell all of his property right away and go to Tensil, for fear that his relationship with him would be exposed. Such Heil Latran was imprisoned and had no effect on him.

Lennon didn’t want something like this to happen again, so he declared that he would never again set foot on Latran’s side. He had several estates with whom he traded, but none of them were big enough to care about.

‘How many territories are there? Is there a food shortage?’

And today, Heil Latran delivered the new objects he had collected and sent to Tensil’s priest safely. She did not forget to ask her to arrange a meeting with Prince Randel.

So how can you not feel good?

Lennon didn’t stop the hum that was flowing unknowingly, watering the plants she had been growing by her window directly and wiping the leaves. He didn’t pay attention to him for several days, and he noticed that the leaves of the plants had been worn out. Seeing this, Lennon, who remembered Calian from a while ago, burst out laughing as if it was funny.

“Let’s see. Where were the nutritional supplements?”

Saying that, Lennon turned back and his feet stopped.

Before he knew it, two knights were standing in front of Lennon. These were the people Lennon knew. They were the knights of Pavel who guarded the royal palace.

Lennon flinched and took a step back. My back touched the window.

“What? Where are you guys here…!”

Lennon’s words didn’t come to an end.

It was because the knights shoved a piece of cloth into Lennon’s open mouth. The knights who tied Lennon up took out a piece of black cloth and wrapped it around him.

Lennon struggled to the end. In the end, the knights twisted and resisted until they were about to stun Lennon.

As a result, the flowerpot Lennon had been cherishing a while ago fell out of the window. If I had known how much the flowerpot was worth, the knights would have been a little disappointed. Lennon lost his mind with that thought.

And when he opened his eyes again, he was in a dark room with nothing in sight. In the deepest part of the basement of the Marquis Bryssen mansion, Lennon’s shouts echoed hollowly and then disappeared repeatedly.

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