MTL – 64+65

< Chapter 11. I didn’t mean it (5) >

Lennon disappeared.

After that, Allen’s work was swift.

– We will proceed with the acquisition of the top directly through Melfir Fallun.

– Thank you, Master.

– I told you to send the goods to the area right away, so if you need anything else, please let me know.

– There seems to be no shortage of food other than food. I’m planning to meet the lords soon, so if there’s anything to talk about, I’ll tell you.

– all right.

Thanks to Alan and Melfir’s quicker response than expected, Calian, who had a lighter heart, summoned Sting and the lord of Nerica to the elf village early the next morning. It was to mediate the fight between the two estates.

When the work with the lords was over, there was no need to stay in the elf village anymore, and Calian had no desire to do so, so he decided to leave the village immediately after meeting the two lords. Of course, it was through the forest road that Elder Zer would open.

While waiting for the lords, Yan spoke for a moment.

“My prince, you have now reached the top.”

“Somehow it happened. It wasn’t really my intention.”

“Nevertheless. It feels good.”

I really had no intention of owning the Brissen top.

I just got rid of the annoying Lennon and I’m going to buy the whole top. Calian smiled and looked down at what was placed in his hand.

“By the way, what else is this?”

On Calian’s hand, something like a black pebble was placed. He was found by the elf Luka, who had returned to the village.

Kali An frowned as she held the black pebble with the things that were seen as sick. He was thinking of the changes that the stone had caused to Shia.

A little while ago, when Shia, who was about to pick up something he stole from Luca’s luggage and deliver it to Callian, opened her mouth, and Calian had to be quite surprised. The ‘ability to answer first’, which was Shia’s unique habit of speaking, disappeared.

Callian, who handed the stone to Shia, who had been with her for a while to guide the way through the forest, opened her mouth.

“Sia. Have you eaten?”

“yes, I ate.”

When Shia answered correctly, the corners of Calian’s eyes narrowed. Arsene, who was standing next to him, took a deep breath. It was such a strange thing.

Soon after, Callian was handed back the cobblestone.

And he spoke to Sia once more.

“Yeah. It’s over there.”

“Have you seen Hina?”

Again, the answer comes first.

Callian glanced at what was in the palm of his hand. It was a small, black pebble engraved with golden letters, nothing special to see. Besides, no one was affected by the stone except Shia.

Arsene asked Callian, who was looking at the stone that was fixing Shia’s strange speech habit.

“Is this also new?”

“The possibility is great, but a little more….”

Callian, who had said that, bit his mouth.

Arsene didn’t notice, but Callian clearly felt it. Yu-ran, who was in charge of a similar task, also frowned at what was in Kali-an’s hand.

“Looks dangerous. It smells like blood.”

Blood shed when a healthy person dies.

The unique energy that can be felt from the strong vitality of blood. Knights are trained to feel it.

That was the energy I could feel from that stone. I could feel the vitality of the blood that was spilled as the life that could still be lived was forcibly extinguished. It also meant that the original owner of the cobblestone had been killed by someone.

“Did you steal this too when you steal something new?”

“I do not remember.”

don’t even bother me

They weren’t the only ones stolen.

Callian let out a short sigh. It must be true that elves can’t lie, so they can’t remember.

Rather, Luka was not at all reflecting.

Rather than not knowing what he did wrong, he was acting like that because he knew that humans could not rule over elves by human law.

Immediately, Zer approached and spoke as if trying to turn Kalian’s gaze.

“I have already made a request to the mother tree. We will be able to set off on the road to the forest right away. So don’t worry about the work here.”

It was evident at a glance that he was restless.

Now that I know, Luca was the real son of the Elder Zer. Because of this, he was worried that Callian might get angry with Luka or swing his sword.

Instead of pulling out the sword, Callian handed the stone in his hand to Sia.

“Once you write, we have to communicate while we go.”

“Isn’t this Luca’s?”

Callian looked at Luka and answered.


“Okay, Captain. Then I’ll return it to you when you get to the other side of the forest road.”


Shia put it in my pocket, and soon two lords came to callian. In front of them, Calian had only one word to say.

“The top of the Polun will come to trade soon.”

Isn’t it really that simple?

As long as the trade is resumed, the reason for the fight between the two provinces disappears.

Of course, the lords had no way of knowing that Callian was angry with Lennon Bryssen, the cause of the fight, and bought the top of Bryssen. So they just liked it and said thanks. He promised not to fight over this.

just to there.

Callian did not bring up unnecessary words about getting along in the future. After all, the royal family does not intervene deeply in the battle for power between the lords. Even if it is necessary to waste energy in checking each other, the number of people who have become ‘excessively friendly’ to join forces and point their swords at the royal family decreases.

Callian, who turned his head for a moment and looked at Elder Zer and Luka, asked the lords.

“Is there anything you do with the elves?”

“Yes. We buy some groceries here, including vegetables that are hard to find in the area.”

“I wonder if it was a fair deal. How was it?”

“It’s probably because the environment isn’t good…”

Obviously I don’t need to hear more.

Just by looking at the faces of the two lords looking sideways at each other, or the ears of General Zer who turned bright red, it felt as if they had heard an answer. It must have meant that he had made a deal with the elves at an amount that would be several times that of other regions.

“As a prince, I tried to take advantage of it, but would it be terrible for anyone other than me?”

Callian nodded and said this and looked at Jer.

“Tell me what you’re buying. Don’t trade with those who don’t follow the minimum laws, I’ll put them in the top polun trade list.”

“You apologized for that. To inflict such damage on our elves,”

“You didn’t say a word about what your son did. Now that you’ve got everything you need, your feelings of regret are gone.”

Zer licked his lips, but Calian didn’t listen to Zer any longer.

“Live well together, just like the elves did.”

As Kalian said this and climbed on his horse, Zer’s heart became urgent.

Zer, whose ears turned red, blocked Calian’s front.

“Wait, wait a minute. Let’s talk….”

“I have nothing more to say.”

Zer’s hand, who was trying to hold Calian in the freezing cold, lightly touched the nape of Raven’s neck. And when he saw the prince’s horse, who had always boasted of his dignified figure, rolled his eyes, he was astonished and removed his hand.

Seeing it all, Kallian leisurely entered the forest path that Zer had opened in advance. After that, Calian’s party also followed in the footsteps of Callian one by one.

He left behind the bewildered Jer.

* * *

The forest path was truly a forest path.

There were so many green trees that it was impossible to see the sky.

On Raven’s back as he walked down the road, Callian was looking around with a black pebble in his hand. No matter how you looked at it, it was a stone with nothing special about it except for the inscriptions on it.

Seeing this, Yu-ran slowed down his horse and came to Calian’s side. Then he spoke to him in a cautious voice.

“Prince. I have something to tell you.”

Callian asked a question instead of answering it.

“Still, the smell of blood is fading little by little.”

Callian, who asked that question, was smiling without meaning.

For a moment, Yu-ran, who had almost asked what he meant, looked at Kallian once again.

“I didn’t know that the prince knew about it because it smelled like knights.”

“Somehow, I got to take it.”

Somehow a little too much.

“Anyway, because it’s a blood-smelling stone, it’s a strange thing to keep away from.”

Callian nodded his head as if not to worry and opened his mouth.

“I’m correcting Shia’s speech habits, so it doesn’t seem like it’s common.”

Recalling her answering earlier than others, Yu-ran opened her mouth with a small voice.

“He seems to see time a little bit ahead of the others. Otherwise, how would he answer an unanswered question?”

“I said it wasn’t foresight. I think so.”

“Then, is it a stone that makes those abilities disappear?”

“Well. How about you?”

After saying this, Callian tapped Raven’s saddle and fell into thought for a moment.

“It’s time…”

a little bit ahead of time. warping of time.

A stone with an effect that nullifies the abilities of Shia related to it.

– The axis of time.

She was wondering if it had something to do with the axis of time. Wasn’t the axis of time also considered a new thing related to time?

“I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be important. So even if it smells a little unpleasant, you have to put up with it.”

Saying this, Kalian smiled and gave strength to her hand holding her stone.

* * *

The royal palace of Kyrissis, especially the Chermil Palace.

The servant spoke from Randel’s room on the highest floor.

– A significant amount of new material has been delivered to the Tensil. It was Lennon Brissen who was very helpful in that work.

– But Lennon suddenly disappeared. The Marquis of Brissen is looking into her allies, but she can’t be found, she says.

– The Marquis of Brissen was the first to suspect Alan Manasil and Melfir Fallun, but confirmed that they were not related. Therefore, she is investigating whether it is the work of a group aiming for money.

It was the content that Marquis Evan Brissen made and spread.

Randel nodded his head to the attendant who informed the news and showed his will to leave.

And he opened the book he had been reading after the servant had left.

After a while, the bookshelf did not turn to the next page.

Suddenly, a bird flew by the window of the room where there was no sound and started to sing. Randel got up quietly and walked to the window, and a startled bird flew away.

Randel opened the window feeling a little regretful.

The sky was clear.

Randel’s wavy golden hair swayed in the wind.

After closing his eyes and enjoying the wind for a while, Randel’s eyes opened slightly.

Clear skies, birdsong.

He said that he had trouble sleeping because of the bad weather and that he missed the sound of birds.

Because it reminded me of the saying that roses will bloom soon.

‘Calrian. This time he bit Lennon.’

Randel, who looked out the window for a moment and thought of his brother, went out.

Immediately the servants followed.

“In the garden.”

Short words came out, and one of those who followed ran to get tools to manage the plants. Randel, in unhurried steps, passed the lake and reached the garden where the roses were planted. Soon after, the attendant handed him garden shears and spread an umbrella to cover the sun.

Randel sat quietly, pruning twigs and pulling weeds.

There were no flowers. Since it was already autumn, everyone had already bloomed and lost.

Randel’s eyes saw a small, weak flower branch growing under the tree. A flower branch that was pressed by other branches and could not even straighten out.

It was the same branch as the old Callian.

Randel, staring at the branch, pulled out one of his necklaces from his sleeve. And he closed his eyes.

Then, to my surprise, a soft light came from the necklace and touched the small branch. Bent branches straightened and flower buds were formed.

Behind it, a small red rose bloomed.

“It still looks good. Stay like that a little longer.”

Randel, who looked down at the red rose that had bloomed alone, returned to the room.

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