MTL – 66+67

< Chapter 12. live (1) >

It was all forest.

Following the guidance of Sia, who gave herself as a guide, she ran, stopped, rested, got up, and ran again.

About the time when I got tired of the blue and thought that my eyes were cold. As I passed between the last trees, I saw a small hill in the distance.

There was dirt, rocks, and the sky.

You’ve finally come off the long road.

So Sia’s way ended here.

“Captain! Goodbye now!”

In front of the forest the group had just escaped from, Shia smiled and said: It meant breaking up.

“Sia. Are you going back right away?”

“No. There are many other elves nearby. I will go there and return to the village.”

“Do I have to go back to the village?”

It was a wish that Shia, who was still innocent, would not return to that strange village.

“My family is all there, so we have to go back. I’m fine, Captain. Don’t worry!”

“······ okay.”

The farewell was not so grandiose.

Callian simply stroked Shia’s hair for a long time, and the rest of the party also offered words of encouragement. However, since we’ve been together for a month, I can’t help but feel regretful.

Finally, after hugging Hina and saying her longest goodbye, Shia came back to Kalian. Then, he held out the black pebble he was holding for an amicable conversation with his companions.

“Now the captain has it. Well done!”

In fact, not long before arriving here, Callian and Sia had a conversation about the question of answering first. She was on her way to meet the will of the Cispanian, so I thought it might be possible to ask her why.

So, until then, I asked Shia if they would like to keep going, but Shia refused.

– That’s what Mother Tree said. Answering like this is the most natural way for me. There’s nothing wrong with me being different, she said. Even if I say something different, it doesn’t change that I’m an elf. So you don’t have to find out. thank you!

Hearing those words, Callian felt a little embarrassed. This is because he realized that he had unknowingly thought that Shia’s habit of talking was a ‘problem’.

Callian thinking of that day nodded his head and took the stone back. Then Shia answered Calian’s words, which he had not yet brought out.

“Yeah! Then I’d be really happy. Thank you! For saving me!”

Although he had already heard the answer, Callian did not stop saying what he was going to say.

“See you later.”

Nodding her head, Shia once again waved his arms broadly, then ran into the woods and disappeared. Among the many elves that Callian met, his companionship with the kindest elf ended just like that.

After confirming that Shia’s full shank had not been shaken, Kalian moved Raven again and climbed the final hill towards her destination.

And after a while, Calian, who climbed the top of the hill, took a deep breath. It was because of the magnificence that unfolded before his eyes the moment Raven put one foot on the top of the hill.

Callian stopped Raven’s feet in admiration involuntarily.

“It’s over there.”

land of elephants.

Duchy of Siegfried.

A place where Plants from 1 year ago, Randel from 3 years ago, and LeMaine from sometime long ago stood. Callian, who stood there, forgot his words for a long time and looked at Siegfried’s wall like that.

The high wall was stronger and more majestic than the outer fortress of Kyrissis. The two stone statues erected high on either side of the huge main gate of the outer fortress gave a solemn feeling to the point of bowing down. The will to protect the land of the Cispanians was clearly evident from that wall.

I guarantee that all the princes of Kairis who stood in this place would have swept their hearts without realizing it. Grateful that they were herbivores, and thus never sought the throne.

After watching for quite some time, Callian looked to the side with a determined face. Because there was a problem that had to be solved before setting foot on the land of elephants since I came here.


To Kali An’s call, Yan quickly turned his head and answered sternly.

“Yes, Prince.”

“When you enter, don’t be a servant.”


The knights around them burst into laughter.

When they first saw Callian, they didn’t think that way either. I’m going to give the prince the prince that Jan is serving.

Because the minds of the twenty knights were like that, Yuran could not even predict how many knights would be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Callian in there.

It would all be revealed when he came here anyway, so Yan had told Kirie, Hina, and Arsene where his hometown was. Because of this, the smiles on the faces of the three were young.

Hearing Calian’s words, Yan’s eyes drew an arc.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Callian, who had just realized what that answer was like, took another moment to reflect.

* * *

Alan made a startled face and begged Lemaine for forgiveness.

“Excuse me.”

Then he rubbed his eyes with his palms and picked his ears with his fingers. Le Main, who saw it, said with great regret that he had said something useless.

“If you don’t like it, don’t.”

Alan then shook his head quickly.

Then he smiled as he looked at the bottle and two glasses on the table in the office.

“I didn’t know your Highness would find alcohol first.”

Le Main, without saying anything, invited her to sit across from her. But instead of sitting down, Alan looked out the window.

The son-in-law was dark, and the moon in the autumn sky was bright.

“Isn’t that good?”

to drink outside.

Lemaine paused for a moment.

After ascending to the throne, I couldn’t go for a proper walk comfortably. For the powerless king who took over this huge country alone, no place was safe except in front of the desk in the spacious palace.

So, on a day like this when the moon is bright and the wizard is by your side.

Wouldn’t that be good

“······· It is.”

Lemaine immediately stood up. As Alan smiled and snapped his fingers, the bottle and glass disappeared.

Soon, Allen took LeMaine to the patronage of the Arpia Palace. It was a place where a stream slightly larger than that made in the Siegfried Pavilion was flowing in an elegant curve.

Alan scrambled to the lawn and sat down on the floor. Then he patted the floor next to it with his palm.

“Sit down. This place is the best.”

Lemaine, who had no idea what to do with the rude sarcasm, but now just wanted to see how far the rudeness went, went to sit next to Allen.

Then the bottle and glass that Alan had prepared a while ago were placed in front of them.

Allen himself filled LeMaine’s glass and poured it into his own. And he said looking at Le Main.

“Are you feeling safe? Or are you worried about something else?”

That evening.

Callian put his feet on Siegfried’s ground.

He had safely reached Sleyman’s arms. So he was asking if he liked it and asked for a drink or if he had any other concerns.

LeMaine drank alcohol first. After that, he paused for a moment and said.

“I’m worried about when to turn on Camillon’s lights.”

“Are you talking about who will be crowned crown prince?”

“When Callian returns, don’t all three princes become adults? It also means that the day will come when we will have to decide on the crown prince.”

“Are you already thinking about the owner of Camillon?”

“The most serious Randel does not look deep and deep. The strongest Plants keep trying to go the wrong way.”

Le Main, who had mentioned the two princes like that, added with a small sigh.

“Kalian hasn’t grown up yet.”

The prince who was most helpful to Le Main, and the prince he cared for the most, was Callian.

But Callian was the youngest.

He was young and his power was just beginning to grow.

Alan let out a short laugh and made a cold sound.

“If you’re in a hurry, put the one you don’t like the most first. It will disappear as soon as you upload it.”

Although it was a bruise for hasty worries, the thorns in those words were too explicit. Lemaine said in a tone half angrily.

“Really, what could be wrong with that mouth?”

Alan ignored Le Main’s rebuke and raised his finger, pointing in one direction. Heishia Palace, the place where Silike was.

“Prince Randel will be quiet until Prince Kallian clears the palace. You will be able to see the invisible inside when you go there.”

LeMaine followed Alan’s fingertips and looked towards the Heisha Palace. Alan continued.

“Until then, you shouldn’t show your true feelings. So, don’t worry about who to sit on. Whether it’s for Callian or the other two princes. It’s saying don’t give preference to just one person. If you let that friend go,”

king’s sword. And the idol of all knights.

Allen, who referred to the commander of the Royal Guard Caera’s knights as ‘that friend over there’, looked at LeMaine and said with strength, one word at a time.

“The old wizard is really going to the southern country for recuperation.”

Something I once said to Callian.

Callian thought that it was a scary sound as he listened to it.

And while Le Main was listening, he nodded his head as if it was a welcome sound. Of course, it wasn’t a sincere affirmation.

Alan smiled and opened his mouth again.

“And whoever is the owner of Camillon will prove himself when the time comes. Don’t worry about it ahead of time. Today, you just need to look at the moon.”

Lemaine nodded slowly.

And as the wizard told me, I emptied the glass while looking at the moon.

* * *

I was reminded of how big the Duchy of Siegfried was.

Callian’s expectations that he might be able to meet Sleyman late at night if he passed the outer fortress were completely shattered.

“Now, in just two more days, we will arrive at Siegfried Castle.”

After passing through the main gate of the outer castle, Yan said this in a relaxed tone.

For this reason, Callian gave up seeing Sleyman during that day and spent the night in the city of Citrene, which was connected to the main gate of Siegfried’s outer castle.

And early the next morning.

Calian, who took his seat, quietly closed his eyes. And he started drawing mana around him.

As the new energy gathered, Kallian sent refined mana to his heart, as always.

He tried again to increase the circle, but in the end he felt the mana draining into the dantian as before.

Because of that, I was disappointed today thinking that it was a failure. Suddenly, I felt Sia’s voice whispering in my ear.

– Even if you say something different, it doesn’t change that I’m an elf.

Recalling those words, Callian’s eyes lit up.

The conversion of mana into an aura did not change her source.

The origins of Aurors and Circles are the same, but why did you think they were different!

Although he is not good at making circles, he is the one who can handle Aurors better than anyone else.

“If you can’t get rid of the habit of changing mana into auras, you can make circles with auras.”

A circle created by the old Callian.

Instead of using the magic accumulated in the circle, he is trying to create a fourth circle with the aurors that Calian has accumulated so far in Danjeon.

Callian remembered the wrong solution and closed his eyes again.

Then he immediately released the power of the Aurors that had been clustered around the danjeon and began to operate them carefully.

Soon, the strong and sharp Auror’s power formed a band and flowed into his heart.

Instead of the original warm mana, the aura’s energy, like a well-forged sword, moved little by little, gradually formed a longer form, and began to flow as Kallian intended. Callian continued to increase his speed and repeat the same thing.

After a while.

The mana that Kalian was managing finally formed a ring.

And finally, it started to spin vigorously.

It is clearly felt that the four circles are connected to each other.

Callian, who had been concentrating on the circle’s rotation like that for a while, opened her eyes. Then he reached out and touched her heart. Her heart was filled with so much magical power that she couldn’t compare it to when she had three circles.

“Ah… Finally.”

I only realized one small difference.

After acquiring this body, there was great satisfaction in Kallian’s eyes at the new achievement he had achieved for the first time.

Callian straightened his posture again and began to collect and refine the mana around him once more. And I filled in the aura that was consumed to create the circle.

A man was standing in front of Callian’s room like that.

It was Arsene Hertz who felt the mana swirling in the air from the morning and rushed to this place. He was also the only one who knew exactly what Kalian was in now.

“Are you okay?”

Yan, who was standing next to him, asked quietly with a slightly worried face. This is because an hour has passed with Arsene standing in front of Kalian’s room and blocking no one from entering.

Arsene replied with a small nod of his head.

“It’s being taken care of. It’s nothing to worry about, so please wait for a while.”

Far from being warm and gentle, as he felt that the chillingly chilling Kallian’s magical power was slowly fading away.

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