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Two good things happened this morning.

Complete 4 circles.

And oysters came out for breakfast prepared by the mayor of Citrene!

People in this area, which is relatively close to Sekritiana Rivern, say that they like to eat seafood, but there was a large raw oyster with a characteristic fishy smell. Seeing this, Callian tried very hard to put down the corners of his lips that kept rising.

If Allen had known that Callian was more thrilled with the raw oysters than he had made the fourth circle, he would have said a lot.

Anyway, my first day at Siegfried started off so well.

Yan, who always drove a horse by Kallian’s side, was at the forefront of the group with Yu-ran. It was also due to the fact that he had to deal with several people who greeted Yan after a long time and greeted him, but it was more because Arsene was next to Kali An.

Arsene recalled the energy of Callian that he felt in the morning.

He said, “The prince’s energy was like a blade.”

To that, Callian replied with a small smile.

“There is a reason.”

Arsene waited for an explanation of the reason, but there was no further word after that. There is a reason, but Arsene just nodded as it seemed to mean that it would be difficult to tell at this place.

After that, after passing a few streets, Calian, who had been silent, pointed to Arsene’s hand and said:

“Sir Hertz.”

“Yes, Prince.”

“How strong is the ice that wonders make?”

At that, Arsene thought for a moment before asking.

“I’m sorry, Prince. Would you mind if I ask you to explain exactly what you mean by strength?”

Arsene’s words were always long.

Just ask me to explain what’s so difficult.

“How strong the ice of the Lord can break. And how hard it can pierce…”

Thinking of Arsene’s ice spear that penetrated the Swordmaster’s hard body, Callian said with a calm face.

Arsene thought about it again.

He hadn’t even thought of that yet, but there was also a reason why he didn’t know why Kalian dared to ask about the strength of his magic.

Arsene, who thought of something that could soon be answered, opened his mouth.

“Not long ago, he had a brief fight with Bern.”

Callian looked at Arsene, stiffening his shoulders.

Then I managed to remember that the name Bern is now also Kyrie’s surname.

Realizing that what Arsene was talking about was Kyrie and not himself, Kalian calmed his astonished chest and asked.

“Yes. Keep talking.”

“That’s when I sent a spear of ice to Bern.”

After all, I wrote it again!

Callian smiled awkwardly, and Arsene continued with a very regretful face.

“My ice spear was broken by Verne’s sword.”

Callian turned his head to the other side for a moment and looked at Kyrie. And Kyrie suddenly made a face that did not know why Callian was looking at her with such a warm smile.

Arsene, unaware of the situation, continued to speak.

“And I used that ice spear to pierce a log. Since you know how big Bern’s sword is, will this explanation help you in your estimation?”

“Yes. Enough.”

It was true that Kyrie’s swordsmanship was outstanding.

In the meantime, he taught hard, and his own talents and efforts were never small. He thought that in Kallian’s eyes, he wouldn’t be easily defeated by Siegfried’s knights except for Yu Ran.

Of course, it was still not enough for Callian to be considered ‘strong’. However, if the ice spear broke in Kyrie’s sword, the strength of the ice spear would not be as strong as Kallian wanted.


Arsene asked again cautiously.

“Would you mind if I ask what you’re doing this for?”

Hearing that, Callian paused his worries for a moment and smiled. It’s because of that polite way of speaking.

Now Callian knew when he first met Arsene.

Where the dead crossed the River of Death, the one who brought death and the one who crossed the River of Death met again. I laughed for a while, thinking how ridiculous this was.

In any case, even when he did not know who Callian was, Arsene was extremely polite. It wasn’t bad to look at, but it wasn’t even a figure that would suit the Balkan leader. Because of this, Callian decided to ask him to correct his overly polite attitude, regardless of whether he tried or not.

After thinking like that, I suddenly looked to the side and saw Arsene still staring at Callian. Callian, who then recalled that Arsene had just asked him a question, quickly answered.

“Ah. I can’t carry a sword. I was thinking of a way to replace the sword with magic.”

At the same time, he even possessed magical powers made from Aurors.

“However, if the magic of the Lord’s Magic is limited to that level, it is difficult to use it as a sword, so I think we should think about it a little more.”

Arsene could not respond hastily to Callian’s words. Of course, I could understand why he was worrying like that, but it was because he thought it would not be an easy task.

I didn’t mean to specifically expect Arsene’s answer. Because of this, Kalian continued his thoughts by scattering Raven’s mane.

* * *

the next evening.

Callian stopped Raven’s feet once more. He was because of the rocky mountain in the distance.

Just then the sunset came. The rocky mountain, mysteriously colored in scarlet under the setting sun, was so majestic and beautiful that the majesty of the old castle beneath it was not immediately noticeable.

Yan said, pointing to the rocky mountain that had already become a piece of history by itself as being located within the fortress of the Duchy of Siegfried.

“That’s it, Prince.”

It was a very plain word, with no other explanations. But that alone was enough to explain that there was an empty Sipanian nest there. Because of this, Callian noded slowly and moved forward again.

Around the time when the setting sun had almost disappeared and the sky began to turn dark, the party arrived in front of the castle.

Inside the gates, a number of knights lined up waiting for Callian. They were wearing the same black armor as the knights who escorted Calian to this place.

Seeing this, Callian straightened his posture and sat down.

And it passed between them without any atrophy.

At the end of the road was a middle-aged knight on a white horse.

A person who is in front of the prince, but does not have to get off his horse to say hello. The only Duke of Kairis in this country.

It was Sleyman Horn Siegfried.


Seeing Kalian and Yan next to him, he said this and spread his arms out. It wasn’t meant to run and hug him, but rather a gesture that meant welcome to this land.

Callian smiled and walked up to him.

A similar smile hung on Sleyman’s face.

“Long time no see, Prince Siegfried.”

The two are now meeting for the second time and they didn’t say anything the first time they saw each other. Sleiman just felt the blizzard that Kallian was excitedly exhaling towards the nobles, and Kallian didn’t bother putting it in, even though he knew that only Slay would notice it. That was all the conversation the two had had.

So, it was the first time the two had talked, but it didn’t feel awkward at all. Because we already knew a lot about each other.

Slayman looked at Kalian for a moment, and then he had eyes quite admiring. And he put the surprise in his mouth without hesitation.

“Hey! You’ve changed a lot.”

Is it the outward appearance or is it the power contained within?

He couldn’t tell what had changed, but Callian laughed leisurely. Whatever it was, it was right.

“Yeah. It’s a little better than it was back then.”

Slayman, who heard Callian ‘s answer his, smiled cheerfully and turned his horse ‘s head. And I started walking side by side with Callian.

The slender Kallian on top of Raven, the black horse, and the muscular Sleyman on a white horse were walking side by side, so the two were in perfect contrast.

Still, there was an atmosphere like a close relationship we had not seen in a very long time, and Yan, who was looking at them from behind, smiled pleasantly.

The conversation between Callian and Sleyman continued.

He said, “I’ve heard that he’s held the mage with that stinky mouth tight.”

Alan Manacil is the most consistent.

Even Slayman, whom he had known for a very long time, gave such an evaluation. Because of this, Callian smiled and noded his head.

“Thank you.”

“Since the sixth sword also deals with magic, that mage has kept one apprentice well.”

Slayman’s small voice.

Of course, Callian was not surprised.

Marquis Brissen, who had not been on the sword road for a long time, didn’t know, but he had already expected that Sleyman would recognize it at once.

“You know right away, too.”

“Even though it seems like this, I haven’t been wasting my life, so how can I not see the prince’s auras piled up one after another?

As he said, Sleyman could see Kallian’s aura her. However, in Kallian’s eyes, Sleyman’s aura was not visible.

The difference between the aurors you have.

This is because Sleiman’s auras are far more numerous than those of Callian’s.

“Anyway, the wizard will be very excited. The Sword Master has even dealt with magic.”

“I don’t know if you’re happy, but you’re struggling.”

While Calian continued to have a pleasant conversation while remembering his teacher his, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the castle. Slayman said, turning his horse’s head again.

“I want to talk a little more, but I can’t postpone the inspection of the western section. I’m sorry, but the rest of the story will have to be postponed until tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to be sorry. It’s because I got there too early anyway, so the schedule was off.”

Callian, who answered without being offended, looked at the distant rocky mountain for a moment and said to Sleyman.

“Tomorrow, we can talk about meeting the will of the Cispanian.”

Slayman noded his head.

“Yes. Please take care of yourself. If you do, there will be many stories to tell.”

And then he laughed out loud.

* * *

Sigmund Khan Cispanian.

Extremely great, Cispanian.

The two titles attached to the name of the Cispanian were voluntarily given by dragons with high self-esteem. He deserved that kind of treatment.

At one time, he made the whole continent tremble in fear, at one time he protected the continent by sealing evil spirits, and at one time he loved humans.

And one day it suddenly disappeared.

Some said that he could not overcome

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