MTL – 7

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The main gate of the Kairis Palace was directly connected to the royal road passing through the Kairissis.

In front of the royal palace, there were two squares symmetrical about the royal road. They were Hatsara Square to the east and Cispanian Square to the west.

At the fountain in Hatsara Square, a humanoid Cispanian was erected, and in the fountain in the Cispanian Square, Hatsara was standing in the distance looking at each other.

Originally, the two statues were made in the form of a line facing the royal palace, but after Hatsara’s death, there was a story that a Sispanian who came in the form of a dragon turned the two statues to face each other and left.

As a result, these two squares were the representative attractions of Kairis, where lovers and tourists often visit.

However, since dawn, people who have visited the square competed for a seat as close to the palace as possible without even paying attention to the two famous fountains.

Because today was the birthday of King LeMaine.

still early in the morning.

On top of the royal road behind the main gate of the royal palace, a splendid pedestal was erected on which Le Main would stand. A thin and large crystal plate was also erected in front of the two fountains for those who could not see the podium. It was a magical device that projected the image of the king’s family on a crystal plate so that it could be seen from behind.

The guards in charge of policing in Kyrissis stood in various places in the square to prepare for any possible accident. In addition, people from the royal palace began to move frantically, cleaning the platform and piling up commemorative gifts.

Of course, the preparations for the event were in full swing even inside the royal palace.


Callian let out a long sigh, as if nervous.

Because I realized how important today is. There was no breakfast during the festival. It also meant that everyone was busy preparing for the festival.

After taking a light shower, Shatin came to me just in time. Kallian wasn’t ready to greet the outsider yet, so Jan pulled the bedroom curtains and let Shatin into the room.

Thanks to that, I was only able to see Shatin from Calian’s side, but she was very emaciated all night, probably because she stayed up all night to cut down on her clothes. Callian sent the carriage again with gratitude and regret.

“While we are preparing, I will tell you about today’s schedule once again.”

After Shatin left, said Yan, who pulled the curtains down.

Kallian nodded his head with a smile on his face, seeing Jan as hard as clay because of tension.

“Congratulations to His Majesty at 9 a.m., and you will attend an event held in the square at 10 a.m. There will be a luncheon with His Majesty the King and Queen from 12 noon.”

“Meeting with the central nobles at 2 pm, meeting with local nobles at 5 o’clock, banquet at 8 o’clock, the end of 11 o’clock. I memorized everything.”

When Callian intercepted Jan’s words, he got a smirk on Yan’s face, realizing how much he had talked about his schedule in the meantime.

“Tomorrow, there will be a meeting with the envoys, so it will be helpful if you listen carefully to the conversations of the nobles.”

What Kallian expected was only after the banquet had begun. It was said that Alan didn’t come until the end of the banquet.

Incidentally, Callian did not have high expectations for the meeting with the envoys from each country, to be precise, the envoy from Sekritia. Of course, Chase was not included in the delegation, and among the Sekritia nobles who came to the delegation, there would not be anyone Kalian would want to see.

‘Even if someone you know is coming, it’s impossible to ask if Prince Chase is doing well these days.’

In fact, at this point, Bern had a very bad relationship with the Sekritia nobles.

It was because everyone had opposed Bern’s opinion that he would yield the throne to his concubine’s son, Chase. The only reason was that it was natural for Bern, the queen’s son, to become the Crown Prince. None of the words worked.

So Berne was ordained a knight by Chase.

‘When I pledged allegiance to my brother, their expressions were worth seeing.’

Jan’s voice was heard again in Callian’s ears, who laughed as he recalled the past after a long time.

This time it was a warning.

Of course, he had already listened to exhaustion.

“When you greet the nobles, I will tell you their names from behind.

“If you forget someone’s name, you look at Yan. A capable senior servant Yan will tell you again. I can say hello first, but I won’t say my name myself. I’m royalty.”

Looking at Yan’s face full of worry, he suddenly escaped from the past and a mischievous smile appeared in his eyes.

“Prince. Please lower your words.”

Startled, Yan lowered his head and said.

“But is there anyone who doesn’t know my name? Everyone seems to call me a little special. Oh, ‘That’ Callian!”

It was said with a smile on his face, but of course it didn’t mean anything. Because of this, Yan looked at Callian with a bitter expression, unable to find words to answer.

“Anyway, that will change after today, so don’t worry too. I won’t make a mistake.”

I’ve been a prince for too long.

Is it only? Even the life of a king and a knight. It was Calian who was more confident than anyone else to transform into a perfect prince in front of people.

‘The assassin will come anyway, so it would be better to turn the inside of the silicate upside down on this occasion.’

So, while waiting for the festival, this thought came to me naturally.

Whether you act conspicuously or invisibly.

Silike is a woman who just dislikes the existence of Callian, regardless of that. She was, so she thought she would stand out altogether. She was determined to be completely irritating like cat hair in her eye.

Yan, unaware of that thought, shook her head and looked at Kalian for a long time. Jan’s serious voice, still with a worried face, caught Calian’s mischievous laugh.

“Prince. The most important thing is the prince’s health. So, if you think it will be difficult for you to attend all of today’s events, don’t hold back and tell me right away. Definitely.”

She added that she was not feeling well in Kalian.

She wondered if it would make a difference if she talked to Yan, but she thought that if it were Yan, she would really do something.

“Okay. Don’t worry.”

Kali An, who tapped Yan’s shoulder, bowed her head for a moment to examine the clothes she was wearing.

She is unfamiliar with the appearance of the prince’s uniform.

She wore a white shirt and black trousers, and a tight black jacket with two rows of gold buttons. It was a jacket that reached below her waist with a neck collar that half covered her neck.

She then draped over it a red cloak that came down to her knees. The maids who fastened the cloak to the jacket looked to see if the cloak seam with two rows of gold laces and tassels had been twisted.

Finally, the maid, Merlin, who checked her dressing from her head to her toes, opened her mouth with a satisfied look.

“I’m ready, Prince. You’re really good.”

Callian nodded her head lightly.

Although the skinnyness was a little flawed, as Merlin said, the prince’s uniform was well suited.

On the jacket top, the five mangseong engraved in gold and the crest of Kairis in the shape of a dragon was seen. In fact, it was the first time I wore clothes embroidered with this sentence, so I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror for a long time.

‘Now it’s strange that the chiris sentence is not unfamiliar.’

Rather, Sekritia’s sentence might be unfamiliar.

As Kallian looked in the mirror with these thoughts in mind and didn’t move, there was a little uneasiness in Yan’s eyes. I wouldn’t do it now, but I was afraid I would break the mirror again.

“Prince. Is there anything you don’t like?”

Calian’s eyes fell from the mirror only after receiving Jan’s cautious question. Fortunately, Callian was not in the depressed state that Jan had been worried about. No, she was rather the opposite.

She said with a smile to Callian’s grin, she replied:

“Because you’re already so handsome.”

Yan’s expression changed in a funny way.

Callian left Yan and went outside. Yan, who had a dazed expression on his face at Calian’s constant showing of a new side, quickly followed.

* * *

A small carriage was parked in front of the Chermil Palace.

Seeing that there was only one wagon, for some reason both Randel and Plantz had already departed.

‘Though Randel is. Up to Plantz?’

It was an unexpected situation, but even so, Calian was not late.

After confirming that Callian and Yan were riding, the coachman started moving the carriage at a slow speed. Because there were many visitors to the palace, there were a lot of wagons going to and from the palace.

Soon, the carriage arrived at Arpia Palace where Le Main was.

Originally, the schedule had to be held at Camilia Palace, where the king resides, not at Arpia Palace, the king’s office space. However, due to too much work, all formalities were removed and only greetings were delivered in the office.

Callian liked it very much.

Because the most difficult schedule has been changed to the simplest one.

But, sadly, that good feeling didn’t last long.

“Aren’t the two older brothers supposed to be here already?”

Callian asked Jan with a puzzled face.

Obviously, Randel and Plantz had not already been there. Yan’s eyes fluttered anxiously. meant I didn’t know.

Callian laughed softly.

“Yeah. There must be something you don’t know.”

Yan was embarrassed and did not know what to do.

Then someone came to them. It was Lee, the servant of King Le Main.

The valet, with white hair and a profound impression, bowed politely to Callian.

“Hello, Prince Callian.”

“Where are your brothers?”

Kallian, who was greeted by a slight nod of his head, asked a question, and the valet replied, who was staring at Kallian.

“You have already returned to Chermil Palace. Your Majesty said you have urgent work to do today, so the schedule has been changed to just posting a brief greeting. For the same reason, today’s luncheon was also canceled.

“You mean that the brothers have met His Majesty separately?”

“Yes, Prince. Yes.”

I heard Jan’s breathing behind me.

He knew what he was thinking even without seeing his face.

‘I couldn’t tell the prince what to do when he was alone with His Majesty!’

Solitary affair with King LeMaine.

would take care of it Even when they receive a separate education on etiquette, they pay attention to it.

“I don’t have enough time to meet all at once, so I’ll see you separately.”

I don’t understand.

No matter who you think, it will take less time to see all three at once.

The chieftain did not answer, and Callian nodded his head as if he understood. Whatever the reason, if the king has acted on a whim, there is no way to follow him.

“I see.”

‘Be alone. It’s really the first time.’

The place where you first meet the father of old Calian.

I never thought that such a first meeting would be such a difficult event and that it would be so sudden.

I did not know that I would miss Randel and Franz.

The tension was released all at once.

Callian, who was walking towards the office, took a deep breath so as not to show.

Even the old Callian had no memory of being exclusive to Le Main.

Even when he was in Bern, he did not have a good relationship with his father, the King, so the two had never met alone. The only king he ever had was his older brother, Chase. And the one-on-one meeting with Chase was just a meeting between brothers, and it was never like this.

“Can I come in now?”

“Yes, Prince. Eat right away.”

He was calm on the outside, but on the inside he was out of breath as if he had run five laps on the shores of the lake at Zermyl Palace. Dozens of greetings came to mind at once as he looked at Le Main, and then repeatedly disappeared as to what to say.

It’s like being a swan swimming on a lake.

Callian entered the office with a serious expression.

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