MTL – 70+71

< Chapter 12. live (3) >

A dazzling light enveloped the cavity.

Even though it was morning, the light was bright enough to see it even from the city of Citrene, two days away.

Those who watched Kalian enter the cavity could not hide their surprise. This is a phenomenon that has never happened before.

It certainly wasn’t an ominous light.

However, it was difficult for the party who had been waiting for Callian at the bottom of the rocky mountain to completely relax.

Because of this, Yan was restless and staring at the common entrance. Someone approached Yan with silent steps. Then, stroking Yan’s curly hair roughly, he spoke to him.

“Are you really worried about your little one?”

It was a place with several knights.

Only knights? It was a place where there were also people of Kallian, including Arsene. Of course, Sleyman was the only person who could call Kallian that way in a situation like this.

Grabbing his unruly tousled hair, Yan looked at Slayman with a startled look. It was too early for him to arrive.

“Are you going to inspect?”

The western section that Sleyman had to check was half a day away. Even if you left the night before, you wouldn’t have enough time to come back after the inspection.

Slayman, who received Yan’s question, answered by slightly stepping aside.

“I was lucky enough to meet a welcome guest and came quickly.”

At that, Jan turned his head to look at those who were invisible, obscured by Slayman’s gigantic body. And he had a face several times more startled than when he saw Slayman.

Two people stood there, whom Jan had never met. However, seeing a girl who looked her age, Yan immediately knew who she was.

“My name is Veronica Manacil.”

The hair gets redder as it goes down.

She was the granddaughter of Alan Manasil.

* * *

In the midst of the silence, the rustling of grass leaves.

There was an unmistakable grassy smell.

The place where Callian was now standing on was a small, hilly field. There was nothing around. Neither the land nor the sea could be seen. It was just a place that gave the impression of an island laid out under the sky. Because of that, Kallian said that this place is Kairis. I couldn’t figure out if the human land was right.

– Meet the supreme Cispanian.

The Cispanian, who received Callian’s greeting, did not answer.

Instead, he dissipated the magic that seemed to engulf all the air around him, and the fear of forgetting to breathe.

The intimidation he felt the first time he met the Sispanian was gone.

Kalian, feeling quite comfortable dealing with her Sispanian, bowed her head for a moment.

The Cispanian, who was looking at Callian, turned back without saying a word.

And he walked slowly to the edge of the field. His long black hair swayed to and fro in the wind and continued to sit down.

Suddenly, a cispanian’s voice reached Calian’s ear.

“I wondered what would happen to a child who should not exist in the world to find me.”

He wondered how Kallian, who was already destined to die, got here.

“He had memories of living in a different time,” she said.

She wanted to ascertain why she had Kallian and she had the memories of Bern.

“I wondered what would happen because my blessing was forged with a blade.”

He wanted to know why Calian’s magical powers contained in the heart that the Cispanians had bestowed upon him were different from others.

Still standing at the edge of the field, the Sispanian, who was pursuing a distant place, turned his head and looked at Kalian. A mysterious voice, as if speaking from right next door, was heard again.

“So, I called you.”

It was only then that Kallian could understand why the Cispanian had appeared in front of Kallian by his own body and not by his will.

The Cispanian is now saying that he decided to meet him in person because of his curiosity about Kalian.

‘Is it that Randel and Plants have never met the real Cispanian?’

Should I say I’m lucky that this special meeting happened?

Callian smiled bitterly for a moment.

Soon the Cispanian took a step towards Calian. Then, suddenly, he came and stood right in front of Callian.

The movement was so natural.

Thanks to this, Callian was not even surprised that the Sispanian suddenly appeared in front of him.

Said the Cispanian, who stood facing Calian.

“I’ll see.”

There was no explanation as to what he meant.

Having just said that, the Cispanian looked at Callian’s eyes for a long time, which resembled his own. Behind him, he occasionally nodded his head, sighed, and laughed a little.

‘It seems to be looking at my memories.’

It was just as Carlian had guessed.

The Cispanian was observing the life of Callian himself.

He might have been offended by the way he looked through his memories without asking for any permission, but Calian was surprisingly calm. In the first place, the Cispanian didn’t have to ask for anyone’s understanding, and he didn’t even have to hide his experiences from the Cispanian.

So time passed again.

Said the Cispanian, who averted his eyes from Callian.

“I understand.”

One short word.

He was not even surprised, let alone in doubt, that Berne had been brought back to life. It was just like knowing what had happened. Callian smiled uncontrollably involuntarily.

But the Cispanians were not over.

“They ended up doing something unreasonable.”

The Cispanian, who opened his eyes after closing his eyes for a moment, said in a whisper.


The Cispanian certainly said so.

But those words did not reach Calian.

He hadn’t heard it even though he had said it right in front of him. Callian saw the Sispanian lick his lips, but he had no idea what he was saying. Even the shape of his mouth did not remain in his mind.

The Sispanian frowned for a moment when he saw Callian’s face filled with questions because of the difficult situation. And he soon explained what he had just done.

“You can’t hear me, because she doesn’t want to.”

It is said that Calian placed a ban on hearing the words of the Cispanians. It didn’t take long to think about who the Cispanian meant by ‘her girl’. Callian, who had not said a word yet, opened his mouth without realizing it.

“Are you talking about Serenti?”

“It’s called that.”

If it were not for Serenti, who in this world would dare to impose restrictions on the words of a Cispanian?

As I thought about it that far, I suddenly had a question.

“Serenti said that she fell asleep while sealing the evil spirit. But how are you blocking your words?”

It was because it was difficult to understand that the sleeping Serenti appeared in a timely manner and closed the Cispanian’s mouth.

Then the Cispanian replied as if nothing had happened.

“Will my existence be obscured just because I fell asleep?”

“Are you saying that even if you’re not awake, you can hide your words?”

“Even I left my will and am here.”

The Cispanian’s words were a little strange.

Just as Serenti left her will and fell asleep, the Cispanian also left her will and came to ‘here’.

Callian asked again.

“Then where is this place?”

“A place beyond the reach of human feet.”

It wasn’t a well-understood answer.

In fact, it didn’t seem like the answer was meant to be understood. Because it sounded like he had no intention of telling me at all. Because of this, Callian simply nodded and showed that he understood roughly. What was important to Callian now was not where the Cispanians were.

Soon, when Callian came to this place, he pulled out something he had brought and looked. It was the black pebble that the elf Luca stole from someone. Seeing it, the Sispanian held out his hand.

Sispanian looking at the stone handed to him from Kalian frowned once more and opened his mouth.

“They made it.”

This was also not heard.

Knowing that Callian had not heard him, the Cispanian returned the cobblestone and spoke again.

“Have it. You’ll find out when the time comes.”

At those words, Callian noticed that there was another prohibition against Serenti. It seemed that the Cispanian could not disobey Serenti’s will, so this time, Callian only nodded his head.

Of course, Kallian, who had no intention of ending all his doubts with that, chose his words into his mouth for a moment. The real purpose of coming to the Sispanian for such a long time, taking the pretext of his coming-of-age ceremony, was to bring out what he really wanted to confirm.

“You’re a child with a lot of questions.”

When there was no sign of an end to Callian’s question, the Cispanian said: Fortunately, I didn’t say it because I was bothered by persistent question baptism.

For some reason, Callian thought that the Cispanian who had said that was smiling. This made him a little more at ease and he asked a question.

“There was something called the axis of time in Sekritia.”


The Cispanian let out a low sigh.

That sigh was very different from what he had seen when he looked back at Callian’s memory a while ago. It is a feeling of being young with deep sighs.

Because of that, Callian, who had forgotten to ask a question, suddenly came to his senses and asked.

“I want to know why you wanted the axis of time in Kyris.”

Hearing this, the Cispanian opened his mouth again, but this time it was banned. This time, he didn’t even have a voice at all. Serenti blocks the Cispanian’s words much more strongly than before.

The Cispanian answered with another word this time as well.

“She doesn’t want you to be impatient, because she’s afraid you’ll ruin your future by figuring out what’s going on behind your death. So don’t let her down.”

Callian’s eyes lit up at those words.

“Not disappointed.”

It wasn’t a lie.

Callian did not disappoint.

It was because there was something that I had learned from the way the Cispanians continued to be banned.

“You’re saying that something has happened to the point where Serenti has gone out of his way to prevent it from being known.”

It’s divine intervention.

Isn’t the plate bigger than you think?

It also meant that it was not in vain to have come back 10 years, and to come to this Kairis that destroyed Sekritia. The Cispanian, who looked at Callian with curious eyes for a moment, answered.

“You are right.”

Callian stayed silent for a moment and fell into his thoughts. And soon, Calian’s voice came out cautiously.

“I want to ask you one last thing.”

“I’ll listen.”

Even after permission was given immediately, Callian could not speak hastily.

Callian asked with a face that could feel the hesitation.

“Is it true that you used the axis of time to revive me?”

A real smile appeared on the Cispanian’s lips. He wasn’t just laughing, he was really smiling. It seemed like a Cispanian’s laughter as he scolded Callian.

The Cispanian answered with a smile on his face that could not be erased.

“You don’t think so deeply. That’s something you’ll find out later, too.”

“It’s not what your brother used.”

Those words alone were already sufficient answers. But the Cispanian dared to open his mouth once more.

“Before being your brother, you are a king. Your brother is so stupid that he goes against reason and puts you first.”

It was a clear rebuke.

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