MTL – 72+73

< Chapter 12. live (4) >

that day.

Birds flew all day in the Duchy of Siegfried.

Jeon Seo-gu and Jeon Seo-eung of all colors set off towards chiresis. All the birds looked different, but the contents of the letters were all the same.

– As Kallian entered the Sipanian’s empty nest, a bright light came out. The light was visible even outside Siegfried’s outer castle.

The news that the vassals of the nobles who were staying in Siegfried had written down there. It was not known what happened in it or what the identity of the light was, so it could not contain any other content.

Callian, the only person who could confirm that, came down from the mountain with a face as if he had gone for a walk. And after simply declaring that he had completed his coming-of-age ceremony, he went straight back to Siegfried Castle.

Duke Sleiman did not ask such a Kallian anything.

He simply told Kali An’s room to have lunch separately and then went out to the terrace connected to the drawing room to enjoy the fresh air.

While standing on the terrace, Slayman saw a few Jeon Seo-gu flew through the sky and disappeared, laughing. And he said with pure surprise.

“Now I know that there are so many mouths in my territory!”

He said he didn’t even know how many people were living in Siegfried’s land and relaying the news. Because of this, the person next to Sleyman gave him a pincup.

“Is this something you can only admire now?”

He was Jan’s younger brother, Demirea, the lord of the Duke of Siegfried.

Demi Rea had a cute face with round eyes like Jan, and she had a strict expression that seemed awkward but also strangely suited.

Slayman said softly as she looked at her daughter who had grown up and started nagging her before she knew it.

“Isn’t it okay to just admire and move on?”

Then Demi Leah resolutely shook her head.

“There are those who are jealous of great power, aren’t they? They will never have anything to do with our family. I think it’s necessary to know in advance which family’s vassals are here and to be on guard.”

She went into the reason and conveyed her own thoughts clearly and concisely. Seeing Dmirah slowly growing as Siegfried’s next owner, Sleyman smiled happily.

“It’s good. You look a bit like me too. I got married anyway!”

Probably only Slayman would like her children to say they don’t look a lot like him. Always thinking of Duchess Siegfried, who was deeply thoughtful, Slayman looked at Demi Lea and spoke her words.

“But Leah. When our family is wary of them, it becomes politics. We are guards, not those who rule or support them. Isn’t it that we build our strength to raise our shields?”

Demirea didn’t answer right away. Because she had a different opinion than Sleyman.

After a while she pointed to a window through which Demi Leah looked in the distance. She was on the side of the VIP room where Callian was staying.

“But it might be different this time, Dad.”

Yan was in the palace.

It was also very closely related to Callian.

That’s why I didn’t know what he was saying because he was a Slayman. Even when he visited the palace not long ago, he had already sold his name to Jan once.

So, the next thing Jan needs is Sleyman’s name or his sword. It was difficult for even Slayman to predict.

“Even if you’re not vigilant, aren’t you preparing for it?”

After answering that, Sleyman looked towards the training ground provided in the castle. Numerous knights were training with swords against each other without fail.

“I’m not just so arrogant!”

Although he was speaking like a fool, he sounded more confident than conceited.

However, Sleiman was not a person who unconditionally insisted on his own thoughts. Because he gently stroked Demi Leah’s head and spoke.

“Still, don’t know whose vassals live here.”

Then Demi Leah nodded his head.

Then he tries to get Slayman to thank him for hearing his opinion, when the patio door opens and Jan comes out.

“Wow, there were a lot of Jeonseo-gu, right?”

There was one more person who only admired purely.

Demi Rhea hardened his face, and Sleyman replied with a big smile again.

“Isn’t that really a lot? I saw selling!”

The bird flew up again as if to answer that word.

looking at it

‘I’m going again, wow!’

 Demirah’s eyes were deeply troubled as she saw the rich man talking like that. It was because the shoulders that had to bear this family one day were very heavy.

* * *

– Come back the day you think you are ready enough.

Callian laughed as he remembered the last words of the Cispanian.

“What else are you trying to say?”

After meeting Slayman for a while, Yan, who was sitting opposite Calian, opened his eyes.

Instead of answering the gaze, Callian picked up the cold mint tea on the table. The ice in the cup made a clear sound.

“············· Prepared enough.”

It was still a difficult word to understand. Jan turned his gaze out of the window, looking at Callian. It was because I was afraid that it would seem like I was forcing an answer for nothing.

Then Callian also looked out the window.

A training ground full of Sleyman’s knights came into view. Before he knew it, he went there and saw Kyrie with his knights.

Thinking that she was eager anyway, she looked away and this time, Hina, who was sitting in the garden, caught her eye.

She kept stroking something of her, and she looked closely and it was a poodle with her bronze curly fur. It was Sleyman’s dog, who said that he resembled Yan, and that even his name became ‘Yan’. Seeing Hina’s brightly smiling face, Callian muttered.

“I like dogs more than birds. Can I have a dog in the Zermil Palace?”

Yan, who had only had tea together without saying a word, said.

“You keep thinking about what to do for Hina. The last time you thought of a bird, you showed her interest.”

Yan’s voice saying that was quite muffled. It was obvious what he was thinking of saying such a thing, so Calian immediately cleared up the misunderstanding.

“I’m not interested in that.”

It was not meant to be a love affair.

At that, Yan nodded his head, looked at Hina again and smiled. That’s because she saw Hina beckoning her poodle in front of her Jan’s eyes.

“He even speaks sign language to a dog. It’s cute.”

At those words, Callian, who suddenly became curious about it, asked.

“How do you know sign language?”

It was a thoughtless question.

But there was no reply from Jan.

Realizing that he had asked something, Kallian tried to turn his words around, but Jan opened his mouth again. He didn’t take his eyes off the window.

“I had a brother.”

say there was.

Those words alone explained it.

However, Yan did not stop his words and continued to speak.

“I’m not in good health, so I had a lot to learn in order to stay together. Soon it all became useless.”

Saying so, Yan picked up his tea and took a sip. Yan looked at Callian’s face, unable to find words to answer, and said with a smile.

“It’s okay because it was a long time ago. Now the prince is also there.”

“······ okay.”

Soon, Jan pointed to the puppy outside the window, in a voice that was obviously looking for another topic.

“He’s very timid. How much he barks. If he was raised in Zermyl, Plantz wouldn’t sit still. And Prince Randel, too.”

It was a look that did not want to be depressed by talking for a long time.

He might have been giving it to the awkward Callian. He answered the new topic without further questioning Callian, as it was clear that he was now trying to put the story of his deceased brother anyway.

“Then I’ll go to Camillon.”

Camillon Palace.

It was the royal residence.

Jan turned his head to look at Kalian and asked.

“You’ve never mentioned the three masturbation until now.”

“They say you can’t grow them in Chermil. So you have to go, Camillon.”

Yan’s face turned into an absurd one.

“The only person who would go to Camillon to raise a dog would be the prince.”

Callian took a sip of the tea and put it down.

I really like the refreshing mint scent.

After savoring the incense that filled his mouth for a moment, Callian looked out the window with a relaxed face and opened his mouth.

“I’m probably the only prince who has ever met the real Cispanian.”

Yan blinked her round eyes a few times.

A few seconds passed before he understood what Calian was saying.

Then the glass in Jan’s hand fell to the floor.

* * *

Siegfried’s fortress was the place where the power of the Sispanians could reach, just like the Kairis Palace. Because of this, communication with Alan was impossible.

So Callian asked Jan to guide him to a suitable place where he could have a conversation with Alan. And when Jan learned that the Sispanian was really alive, and that she had personally called in to talk to her, she went out with Callian, unable to calm her astonishment.

And after barely figuring out a suitable place closest to the inner city that was out of reach of the Sispanian, he guided Calian.

“People don’t come here.”

Callian looked around and burst out laughing in a low voice.

It didn’t go well with the funny-looking smile, but the tombstones of the dead were all around. The place that Jan had led him to was a cemetery for important people of the Siegfrieds.

“Certainly less crowded than anywhere else.”

“Yes. You are welcome to stay.”

However, when I went to a slightly higher place, there was a large area where there was no stone monument. Callian went up there and called Alan.

– How did you finish Rosalita?

Alan’s answer seemed to be what she had been waiting for.

She must have wondered about Alan, too. Because it was Allen who she talked about the time axis together and advised me to meet the Cispanian.

– Yes, Master. The coming-of-age ceremony was over, and the Cispanians got along well.

Callian, who was so lucky, told all the things in the joint.

Alan’s initial reaction was no different from Jan’s. can’t speak Callian thought that Alan must have been several times more surprised than Jan. If Tensil’s priests have Serenti, it’s said that all wizards in the world have Cispanians.

– Did you meet the real Cispanian? I meant to go together.

Again, Alan said this.

A feeling of surprise and regret was conveyed.

Of course, even if they had come, Alan would not have met the Cispanians. We could have seen the common light, but only then will our regrets increase.

– I told you to come back when you are ready, so I will definitely come with you next time.

– Thank you for listening. So, after what preparations were we talking about meeting?

– There is only one preparation I need to do right now.

After saying this, Callian looked around slowly for a moment.

A place where many traces of death remain. He looked at the place where the last devotion of those who wanted to remember the dead and spoke.

– You have to survive. first.

The one with the soul of the king who left no traces spoke of life.

– When I return, I’ll have to deal with Silike, who will be up again, so I’ll have to protect myself first. If you pay less attention to surviving, won’t you see the future a little bit?

– ······ okay. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

– How is the atmosphere in Brissen? I’m curious as to what the silicate side is like. Lennon is gone and how is she doing?

Perhaps he was expecting Callian’s question, Alan answered immediately.

– I can’t find Lennon after ten days, so I guess I’m feeling something strange. Evan Bryssen entered and left the palace this morning.

– You must have called the Marquis of Brissen and asked him what he was doing.

– I think so.

– but. It must be frustrating when Viscount Lennon Brissen, who used to act like a limb, suddenly disappeared.

Callian, who laughed for a moment, continued.

– Aren’t you worried that the Marquis of Bryssen will tell you why Viscount Bryssen disappeared?

– You signed the oath with me. Telling Silike about that would end the marquise’s lifeline, so he would never say it out loud.

It was as Alan said.

Evan Brissen splits a ‘seal of the oath’ with Allen over the content that he won’t tell Silikee about how he dealt with Lennon. If you break the oath, your heart will be crushed to death by the seal of the oath, so there would be no need to worry about the secret leaking out.

– Then Silike will try to find another limb to replace Lennon. It’s just like me and Sylike, who can’t move around outside the palace at will. I’m sure you’ll find the next person to help you out, so stay tuned.

Instead of Alan’s reply, a smile spread.

Callian, who narrowed his eyes at this reaction, asked.

– No wonder there are people from Brissen who are new to the palace already.

– I have a letter in my hand now. It is a letter that has troubled Your Majesty quite a bit, but I wanted to tell you about it anyway.

– A letter. What do you mean?

Do you open the letter or choose what to say? Alan didn’t speak for a while. As he was waiting to see Jan standing in the distance, Alan’s story came back.

– I was injured in the battle with the barbarians and I want to return to Kyirissis and recuperate for a while, so please send someone who will take my place temporarily to the estate. This request is written.

– Maybe… Is it a letter from Marshal Brissen?

Gray Brissen.

First son of Marquis Evan Brissen. It was the name of a man who was also a martyr who had a land adjacent to Tensil.

– Yes. Perhaps Silike sang as soon as she realized that Lennon had disappeared. He’s probably trying to come back to the capital on the excuse of his injury. I haven’t been to the palace yet, but I think I’ll arrive at the palace a little sooner than the prince.

– also.

An expression full of interest entered Callian’s face.

– I can finally see your face.

Callian turned his head for a moment and looked in the direction where Kyrissis would be.

Another jeonseogu was seen flying.

The news it will deliver and the Gray Brissen. and Callian.

– Another Sword Master… It must be fun. what will happen when we meet

I was already looking forward to the day the three of them met.

Let me know what you think!

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