MTL – 74+75

< Chapter 12. Live (5) >

– Oh yeah. I have one thing to tell you, Master.

– Yes. tell me

– Rachel Grace and Veronica Manasil are here. We met for a while today.

Lie Verne is different from Kyris, so even if she gets married, she doesn’t change her surname to California, she said, and Rachel did the same. She used her own last name, not ‘mana thread’.

Hearing Calian’s words, Alan raised a welcoming voice.

– Very well done.

– I think we’ll go back to the capital together.

– You’ll have to come with me. If you come with me, it will make a good living, if not as much as the forest paths the elves used to walk.

– What do you mean?

– Rachel is also a capable wizard. She is also a professor teaching students at a magic academy, but she personally studies movement magic.

– Oh, then. It is possible that Prince Siegfried arrived earlier than expected…

– Have you already helped?

Only then did Slayman, who went on the inspection, understand why he was able to arrive earlier than expected. It was because Sleyman had met Rachel while he was returning from a tour.

Hearing the news he was very pleased with, Callian called Rachel and Arsene to the parlor as soon as he returned to the castle after talking with Alan.

“There is something I want you to prepare, so I called the two of you.”

“Yes, Prince. What do you want me to prepare?”

“Because the land of Kairis is too wide.”

Callian was so lucky.

The chiris is wide. too wide

When I came to Siegfried’s estate, I realized this clearly. How many months does it take to get from the capital to the duchy? Isn’t it bigger than you imagined?


The Cispanian said to Callian, ‘Come back’.

It wasn’t all that repulsive to meet a Cispanian, but he didn’t want to waste another long time on the road trying to come back to Siegfried.

“It’s a waste of time wasted traveling to and from the capital. Meeting the elves again to shorten the road isn’t even worth considering.”

Arsene nodded her head without saying a word.

“So, he decided to try shortening the travel time between regions.”

If you can move quickly to each area, the Wizard’s Balkan can be operated much more efficiently. I don’t know how the battle of the princes will spread, but if it turns into a civil war, the faster the travel time, the more times it would be advantageous.

It was the words of Callian that reminded him for a moment of what he had ever thought.

“In order to reduce the movement time, space movement is necessary, and it is of course not necessary to have a movement magic circle for space movement. So I plan to build a space movement magic circle here and there in Kyris.”

A space movement magic circle that will allow you to move quickly between each area of ​​Kyris. I thought about making it, and found two suitable people to build a magic circle.

A wizard who studies movement magic.

And, a wizard with nothing to do.


Arsene made a face that said it was coming.

To put it simply, he had a face that said he had not slept for a while.

In fact, when Callian first took his interest in space travel, he had already made the disturbing prediction that it would happen to him. Moreover, while Callian was in the joint, Arsene was also told what Rachel was working on.

Callian, who pretended not to know Arsene’s face, spoke to Rachel first.

“I heard that Rivern has a moving magic circle that leads to each area.”

“Yes. It is not enough to say that it is there, but it must be said that it is very well made. Although it is expensive, it is at a level that anyone with money can use.”

Callian didn’t know exactly about space movement yet. Besides, the magic circle wasn’t even Kallian’s old specialty. Therefore, Calian, who nodded his head moderately in response to Rachel’s answer, asked the question again.

“Like I said, I’d like to build it on Kyris as well. But it may have a longer travel distance than Rivern. Maybe it’s difficult.”

Rachel had already helped on several occasions to build Rivern’s movement circle. Because of this, he was well aware of the solutions for long-distance travel.

“Even if it’s far away, it won’t be a problem.”

Seeing the expression on her face that it was not a big deal, Callian smiled contentedly. And Arsene had a very relieved face.

But Calian’s words were not over.

Callian added the most important condition.

“It’s good. But right now, only my faction should be able to use it. There’s no point in building a magic circle that anyone can use in a situation where you don’t know what kind of conflict with my two older brothers’ forces.”

Rachel asked, thinking with a frown at those words.

“In Libern, the magic circle itself is guarded. But is it true that the prince’s words should not allow outsiders to use the magic circle itself, not the security facility in the area where the moving magic circle is located?”

Callian answered with a smile on his face.

“That’s right. It’s better to monopolize what’s good.”

It is the unchanging truth.

Rachel answered, thinking that Callian’s smiling face had some resemblance to Alan.

“I’ve never applied such a condition. It’s hard to say right now, but I’ll think about it.”

Rachel, who came to take charge of the wizard’s education, gave her homework before she even arrived at Kyrissis. Callian, who was both sorry and thankful for that, looked at her with a smile.

“Yes, Thank you.”

After that, Callian opened her mouth to Arsene.

“It would be good if you consider the Hertz longitude as well.”

At that, Arsene asked.

“Is there anyone in the capital who would oppose it?

“It’s a natural procedure to tell, but your majesty will not object. It’s okay because other forces won’t oppose it forever. It’s like.”

I’m going to make it somehow, so don’t say anything else and think about it first.

Prince Arsene, who could not bear to say whether you were also a wizard, went that way to the library of Siegfried Castle.

* * *

After meeting Rachel and Arsene, Callian went to Slayman.

“It’s the perfect place to have a quiet conversation.”

Sleiman, who readily accepted the request to speak, went to a place that Calian had not expected at all.

Usually, in this case, he doesn’t talk in the living room, the study, or the office.

Callian looked around awkwardly at Slayman’s private training room, which had a strong smell of sweat, which was completely different from the smell of her subtle tea or a silent book.

“It’s just a sit-down again.”

Slayman, who did not notice Callian’s awkwardness, pointed to the log on one side of the training room and said:

In the end, Callian’s laughter broke out.

If Jan had seen it, he would have rioted right away, but Kallian didn’t hesitate and sat comfortably on the log.

“If you think about it, I want to tell you to go to the royal palace together. I want to see what it’s like when you’re with Master.”

I said this because I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if the two of us, who seemed to be strangely similar, were together.

A word of pure goodwill, without any other meaning or intent.

When he said that he had to leave Siegfried’s land soon, and he regretted not seeing Sleyman often, Slayman also happily nodded his head in response.

“In my opinion, I also want to tell the prince to spend his days fighting swords with me here.”

Soon there were conversations between the two that would be difficult for anyone to hear. Yan’s dullness became the main topic of discussion. When Yan said that he believed that Kalian had only learned a little bit of self-defense-level swordsmanship, Sleyman laughed as she burst into tears.

Still, Sleyman never doubted or wondered how Kallian could handle an auror overnight. There was a lot of doubt, but it was because I thought it was not particularly important, and for the same reason, Callian did not even bother to explain.

After that, LeMaine’s attitude toward the princes has changed a bit recently, and it was only after more stories such as that it was thanks to Allen’s venomous words, that the main point came out of Carlian’s mouth.

“Today I met a Cispanian, Prince Siegfried.”

“Yes. I know. What conversations did you have with the will of the Cispanian.”

“No. It wasn’t the will.”

Sleyman’s eyes widened roundly, noticing what Callian meant.

“I hope the body….”

Callian nodded his head and opened his mouth to the question he couldn’t even put on his lips.

“Yes. I met the real body.”

The big smile that had always been on Slayman’s face disappeared and reappeared. Then it soon became a loud laughter.

“Uh-huh! I thought I would! I thought I’d be alive!”

He was the head of a family that had been protecting the empty nest of an old dragon that didn’t even exist for 500 years. Having confirmed that the Cispanian is alive, how happy it must have felt.

Because of this, Sleyman laughed for a long time after that.

“I’m glad our family wasn’t being mean and stubborn.”

“Yes. I think so too.”

After saying this, Callian brought out what he had originally intended to say again.

“I don’t know if the Cispanians will come here in person, but I’m sure we’ll see them one more time soon.”

At those words, Slayman made a surprised face once more.

Callian stood as an extension of the conversation he had with Arsene a while ago.

“So, I want to make a way to go back and forth between Kyrissis and Siegfried a little faster. I am thinking of increasing the movement magic circle in various places in Kyris, starting by connecting Kyrissis in the north with Siegfried in the south. . For that matter, I asked for a conversation to ask the public’s permission.”

“Since it’s a movement magic circle… my opinions are important, but would your majesty give you permission?”

Slayman said with a less positive face.

“Since there is a royal road in Kyris, I understand that there were many opinions that the risk of being exposed to external intrusion would increase if there was even a moving magic circle.”

“I know. If the Prince agrees, I think we can connect the route with Whitlin’s estate even if it’s not Kyrissis.”

Whitlin, Calian’s estate, was four days away from Kyrissis. So, if it was difficult to connect to the capital, it was said that he would create a magic circle in Calian’s personal land.

Callian’s words continued.

“If it is built, I will limit it to those who have my permission to use it. And the moving magic circle to be built here will be built more than a day away from Siegfried Outer Castle. You can remove it at any time if you think it is possible.”

When this was explained so far, Sleyman thought for a moment and then nodded his head.

“If Your Highness approves, I will not object to building more than a day away.”

“Thank you. And I have one more favor for you.”

“Yes. Please tell me.”

At Sleyman’s words, Callian smiled and raised his hand. Then, the sharp energy of mana began to condense at the tip of Callian’s hand.

Slayman saw it and said with a big smile.

“Are you applying for a match? You brought the prince to this place with that in mind, but it’s great that you speak up first!”

“It’s similar to Dalian, but a little different.”

The mana concentrated in Callian’s hand, who paused for a moment, had grown to the size of a large apple. A sharp light shone in Sleyman’s eyes when he saw it.

A shape I’ve never seen before.

It was a completely new force, not fire, ice, or wind.

It was a mass that left only the pure aura energy that Kallian had erased all the attributes of and became the source of the circle.

Callian let out a low voice as he saw the mass of glass shards intertwined and swirling around.

“It was made with the aura of aura. Normal auras have to be layered on top of a medium, but fortunately I can use magic together. By concentrating the aura after concentrating the magic using the method used by wizards, the aura can be manifested without a medium. .”

Now, for the first time in front of Sleyman, Kallian was showing the power he had been thinking about for several days.

He spoke easily, but it was not an easy method because he had to use Auror and magic together.

“Looking at the creation of such a thing, it is fortunate for our family that the body of the Cispanian remains, and it seems fortunate for the prince that the blessing of the Cispanian is working properly.”

Callian smiled silently.

It was possible because Bern, who was actually a sword master, had entered the body of the old Kallian, who had a talent for magic, but I couldn’t give a detailed explanation about it.

“Anyway, what I was going to ask you is.”

As Kallian closed his eyes for a moment and focused, the shape of the mana cluster began to change. It gradually increased in length and became thinner, and soon created a shape like a ‘sword’.

Slayman, who saw it, let out a sigh without realizing it.

Callian’s words continued.

“I want to use this as my ‘sword’. I haven’t used it properly yet, so I don’t know exactly how strong or sharp it is.”

“Would you like to check it out?”

“Yes. It’s hard to know how much power I have. Now that I’ve met the ball, I want to check it exactly.”

Only Slay, who had now fully realized what Callian wanted, showed intense fighting. The smirk that spread across his face was pointing towards Calian’s ‘sword’.

Slayman said briefly.


A blue aura was formed on Sleyman’s sword, which he had pulled out before he knew it.

At the same time, the new model of Callian disappeared.

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