MTL – 76+77

< Chapter 12. Live (6) >

Sleyman was the second Sword Master of the continent.

It meant that he was the second oldest living person on the path of the sword. Of course, the length of time as a Sword Master was not completely proportional to strength, but it was also not possible to completely ignore the time spent after enlightenment.

Simply put, Slayman was a strong man.

Sleiman’s sword resembled its owner’s personality. He was heavy but not dull.

– Shh!

Every time Sleyman’s sword moved, there was a sound of air being ripped apart. The blue light of the Auror flickering along the tip of the sword repeatedly disappeared leaving an afterimage.

Callian’s sword was terribly fast. But it was never noisy.

Kallian’s sword cut the air that Sleyman had ripped apart again. It rolls like a shower of thunder between Sleyman’s swords, making a sound like an angry thunder.

– Whoa!

Sleyman’s sword came in aiming at Kalian’s neck. Callian, who quickly turned his body to dodge, stretched out his sword towards Sleyman’s side, which was momentarily exposed. When Sleyman slashed Kallian’s sword as if wrapped around it, Kallian immediately aimed at Sleyman’s heart.

They pour water on each other.

Neither of them put ejaculation in their hands.

It was because Calian was not asking for a gentle match.

Gray Brissen. And Evan Bryssen.

It was sure to happen that they and Kallian would face each other with their swords. So, in order to deal with them, Calian had to accurately grasp the power he had.

– Kaaan! Kang! Kaang!

So Sleyman was now helping Kallian push the limits.

A blue aura aimed at Kallian’s shoulder, but Kallian was no longer there. Instead, a sharply forged magical sword flew from behind Sleyman. Calian’s sword, which had already returned to Sleyman’s back, was already close.


Callian was so fast that even Slayman would occasionally miss a move. As the strength was insufficient, the power on the sword was also insufficient, but the speed of moving the sword was unusual.

Slayman retrieved the sword and raised a sword made of magical power.

– Kaang!

The workshops of cutting, blocking, hitting, and letting go went on without a break. The sound of knives collided with a chunk of magical power that was sharper than knives filled the training room.

After letting Sleyman’s sword flow once more, Callian gave strength to the hand holding the sword.

– Kang! Kagang! Kaaan!

The four slashes that followed in an instant were aimed at Sleyman’s vital point. Sleyman’s sword gained strength and slashed all of Kallian’s swords.

It was a fairly sharp attack, but Sleyman defended it not too difficult, so Calian’s mouth drew a long arc. As his life became stronger towards Sleyman, the same energy emanated from Sleyman and tried to tighten Kalian’s hands and feet.

– Tat!

Callian’s feet moved as if they were stepping on the air.

After that, Kallian’s figure disappeared without fail, so Sleyman quickly stretched out his sword and tried to block Kallian’s movement. Then, Calian let it flow away in a motion that seemed to gently sweep the blade up.

Sleyman pulled the sword that had been turned in the wrong direction. There was no hesitation in extending or retrieving the sword as if he was alone and free from inertia.

Sleyman swung the sword he had recovered towards Kallian’s upper body. Callian once again brushed his sword and let the attack flow.

Slayman laughed.

“How can you know the limit of your power when you are stretched out like this?”

Soon, Slayman concentrated his power on the sword in his hand.

– Whoa!

Sleyman’s sword trembled once.

Then the blue light grew stronger. The amount of aura contained in the sword has increased.

Callian’s eyes narrowed when he sensed it.

– Koo!

Slayman sprinted hard on the floor of the training room and flew his body.

Then he lifted the sword over his head and slashed Kali An’s body in two with a force of force. Callian quickly raised his sword laterally to block the attack. A chill that seemed to freeze all the blood flowing through his body flowed out like a mist on Sleyman’s sword.

But at that very moment.

Kallian’s sword flickered like a flash of light before disappearing.


He couldn’t properly withstand Slayman’s aura, which was several times heavier than his own.

It happened while Sleyman’s sword was about to strike and Kallian’s sword, who was trying to stop it, came into contact with each other. Sleyman’s sword, which lost its support momentarily, fell as it was because the sword of Kallian disappeared.

When something unexpected happened, Slayman made a startled sound and tried to retrieve his sword. But Callian moved one step faster.

As soon as Callian felt the magic that made up his sword dissipate, he immediately turned to his body. So, the tip of Sleyman’s sword barely passed by the side of Kallian’s face.

A long, thin blood line appeared on Callian’s cheek.

However, instead of worrying right away that Kalin was concerned about his wounds or realized that the sword was about to disappear, he grabbed the sword he had recreated.

– Shh!

Kallian’s appearance disappeared from the range of Sleyman’s sword attack. Sleyman instinctively twisted his waist and turned behind him and extended his sword.

When the number was read, Callian stepped on Sleyman’s extended sword like a slap and flew away again. Then, he added the power of his body that floated in the air for a while and dropped his magical sword down. It was aimed exactly at Sleyman’s crown.

Sleiman quickly swung his sword to block it, then straightened it out. The sound of the blades tangled wildly rang out again.

– Kaang!

Slayman and Kallian’s eyes met while the sword and the sword were facing each other.

And this time, Callian laughed.

A trembling sound similar to that of Sleiman’s sword a while ago was also emanating from Kallian’s sword.

– Whoa!

An agglomeration of magical power that looked like a piece of glass contained a blue light. The magical sword made of Aurors was once again coated with Aurors.

Callian’s speculation was more intense than ever.

I also have the cards I saved.

Callian’s sword was saying so.

– Boo-woong!

Without waiting, Sleyman drew his sword again. Callian’s feet moved faster, and a sword of magical power fluttering in blue light fell on Sleyman’s shoulder. Slayman swung his sword and deflected it lightly. Callian, who was blocked from attack, grabbed the sword and raised it, and only Slay deflected it.

– Tat!

Callian disappeared from Sleyman’s sight again.

Sleiman opened his senses, realizing that there was no point in chasing after the afterimage. And he stretched out his sword towards where he felt Kalian’s steps were heading. However, Sleyman’s sword emptily cut through the air.

I’ve already read the number once, but I’m not the Calian to do the same attack again.

Only after thinking such a thought, Slayman realized that he had been deceived, and quickly turned around. Suddenly, while standing on the other side, he saw Callian swinging his sword towards Sleyman’s neck. Slayman was startled and blocked the attack.

– Kaaan!

Callian’s sword barely stopped right next to Sleyman’s neck.

A long wound appeared on Sleyman’s neck, and his blood began to flow.

and at the same time

– Whoa!

Sleyman’s sword roared once more.

The auror that was engulfed by the sword changed to the color of the deep sea.

Callian’s eyes fluttered open, feeling the more threatening sound and energy intact. Unbelievably, the aura that only Sley had had deepened once more.

With him, Slayman raised her arms high.

And as it was, he lowered his sword towards Calian.


It is not a sword that can be shed.

All of the senses that Calian had on his head were shouting like that.

Kallian gathered all the Aurors he had left to protect her and transferred them to her sword. And she raised the sword of Sleyman, who was approaching in an instant, with all her might.

– Kwaang!

There was a louder roar than any sound I had ever heard.

– Damn it!

Sleyman’s heavy sword cracked.

At the same time, Kallian’s sword lost its light and disappeared.

it has reached its limit.

* * *

There was a long crack on Sleyman’s sword.

Slayman, who was looking at it, also had a long scratch on his heart.

It wasn’t the sword. It is, of course, a pity that the sword was broken. However, Slayman’s mind was not narrow enough to be heartbroken over such a thing.

I’ve heard the strange saying somewhere that there’s no point in raising her daughter and children.


Let’s say that we once heard the saying that there is no use in raising sons and daughters by making more concessions.

no. no matter how it is

My father’s neck is still bleeding!

“You’ve cut your face, what if it’s a scar? Are you okay with anything else? Are there any broken or dented spots?”

He opened the door to the training room as if to break open, ran in, and immediately ran to Callian, and saw Yan, worried about Callian, pampering whether it would break if touched or broken if touched. Slayman, who thought he was a fairly broad-minded man, grunted at Jan, who was restless because of Calian’s incontinence wound, which was healing on his own.

“It seems that my bastard isn’t really my bastard.”

There was a small laugh from Sleyman’s side. It was Hina.

Hina’s hand was shining. He was healing a wound on Sleyman’s neck.

Of course, it wasn’t just the two of them who ran away in surprise at the roar that resounded in the training room. All the knights who were with Kyrie in the inner city had gathered. Thanks to this, Sleiman had one more unfortunate thing.

The previous match was clearly won by Slayman.

He didn’t even run out of auras he had, so he won pretty easily.

However, the broken black form of Calian was not left behind.

Sleiman’s sword cracked with a little bit.

The wound on Callian’s face wasn’t even that big at first, but thanks to the power of the blessing, it was healing little by little. There was a cut half a span in length on Sleyman’s neck.

“Duke… are you sure you’ve lost…?”

So Yu-ran is very hesitant and has no choice but to ask.

Sleyman was speechless, and Callian burst out laughing once more.

* * *

In the morning there was a light in the cavity, and in the afternoon there was a binge in Sleyman’s training room. The land of the elephants, which had always been quiet, was agitated even though Calian had just come.

And that evening, a grand dinner was held.

Callian and Sleyman, as well as Callian’s party, to Alan’s family, Rachel and Veronica, and the 20 knights who escorted Callian, all gathered together and had a great time.

Thus, Callian was finally able to listen to Sleyman’s violin, which he had been waiting for. It was such a great performance that it was hard to believe that it was the hand that handled the sword. Because of this, Callian was truly touched.

After a while, Slayman, who put his violin down from his hand, sat down next to Callian.

“I hear you. I knew how to handle swords well, but the violin. It’s amazing.”

“Isn’t that Siegfried? Even if you can’t use a sword, you can definitely play the violin.”

Slayman who said this gave out his characteristic loud laughter.

Sleyman’s wounds, treated by Hina, had healed considerably, though not completely. Slayman saw Callian inspect the wounds on his neck and waved his hand as if not to worry.

“It doesn’t even tickle me!”

“It was very helpful. Thank you.”

Callian smiled and once again thanked her.

Thanks to him, didn’t he know that the sword disappears when he encounters a force greater than the limit? Besides, he knew how powerful the magic sword was, so there was no greater harvest than that. It would have been really dangerous if the same thing happened a little while ago when the fight actually took place.

So now it was my turn to practice the auror and magic while keeping the sword from disappearing.

“I’m glad he was helpful, too.”

Sleyman said this, and his face turned a little red. He may not be drunk with the Auror, but he doesn’t dare drive out drunkenness.

Callian poured wine into Sleyman’s glass. Sleyman also asked Callian if he would like to drink wine, but Callian shook his head.

As the knights were moderately drunk, the surrounding area became quite noisy. When Heil Latran pretended to be drunk, he hated hearing that, but now he’s very excited.

As I sat quietly and looked around, only Slay opened his mouth next to him.

“It’s okay because there’s nothing special about fast swordsmanship.”

Callian turned his head to look at Slayman.

Slayman continued speaking in a low voice.

“It is characteristic of the Sekritia Knights to put power on the waist first when cutting the sword horizontally or after hitting repeatedly, Prince.”

As if to prove that his name was not in vain, Sleyman accurately grasped Kalian’s swordsmanship.

“Thanks to my son, I have been hearing about the prince so much. I understand how much you hate swordsmanship lessons. There are a lot of stacks of auras that I didn’t expect. It’s probably not enough time to learn how to handle auras right after getting on the sword path, but it’s a bit strange to feel like you already know how to handle and stack auras… “

Callian waited for Sleyman’s next words without changing his expression.

Slayman patted his thigh and spoke again.

“Anyway. In Kairis, the focus is on the legs. If you look at swordsmanship separately, whether you use the waist or the legs is just a personal habit. . Others may not know about it, but if it’s a Brissen Marquee, you have to be careful.”

It wouldn’t be strange for Callian to just use the sword of the Sekritia Knights, but if you think about it in relation to other circumstances, such as Calian’s sudden change, it was a story to be careful because he might suspect Callian’s identity.

Callian looked at Slayman instead of answering him. Sleyman, who read the meaning of those eyes, said with a smile.

“This is Siegfried. It’s useless to find out what’s inside the shell of the three princes, the chief elephant. Let’s compete again later.”

Callian responded briefly to that.

“thank you.”

Slayman poured the wine into Callian’s glass.

Callian, who said he would not drink, was not forcing himself to drink, it was just an act to make it appear that he was talking naturally to the eyes of those around him.

“I’m a bit curious as to how this happened, could you please tell me?”

Callian smiled slightly and shook his head.

“I just happened to live like that.”

At that answer, Sleyman smiled and looked at Yan and then Kallian again.

“Does that guy know the truth?”

“That’s a question I’d like to ask further. Whether you’re noticing and pretending not to know or really don’t know. I don’t know either.”

“You probably know.”

Slayman, who laughed as he said that, remembered for a moment what kind of character his son was. Then he added quietly, erasing his smile.

“······· I don’t think you really know.”

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