MTL – 8

< Chapter 3. Nice to meet you (2) >

LeMaine was sitting on the sofa in the office, looking at the papers.

LeMaine also had dark hair.

LeMaine was a man with the perfect appearance of a king that could be said to have popped right out of the cover of a book that taught the king’s virtues. His expression was serious and his eyes were deep.

It reminded me of someone.

‘Looks like Randel.’

The dark blue eyes and facial features that remind you of the vast sea, as well as the expression with the eyes closed, the atmosphere that suppresses people without a word. Everything about Randel resembled LeMaine.

He said, ‘He even resembles the tendency to be bystanders.’

A heartless king who pretended not to know about the deaths of Freya and Callian. That was Callian’s personal evaluation of LeMain, and his opinion has not changed at all. It seemed that this instinctive awkwardness felt toward LeMain would never disappear in the future.

Callian tried to empty these thoughts as he walked in front of Lemain. It was because he was afraid that even one of them would come out of his face or his mouth.

So, by the time LeMaine arrived, Callian, who had managed to hide her complicated emotions, paid an honorable mention with a flawless body.

And he opened his mouth in a quiet but clear voice.

“I see you, my Majesty the King.”

Le Main put the papers in his hands down on the table.

He seemed to have been working on the sofa all the time, with an almost finished cup of tea and another bunch of papers next to him.

He had put down the papers, so now he was going to look at Callian, but Le Main picked up the other papers right away.

‘······ Documents?’

There was a youthful look of embarrassment on Callian’s face.

Of course, Le Main did not notice Callian’s expression like that. He hadn’t seen it at all, so he couldn’t know. Callian’s eyes soon turned wild.

“Come here and sit down.”

It didn’t really suit me, so I laughed while being so angry.

It was because Le Main’s voice was similar to that of Plants.

Of course the tone was different, but the voice reminded me of an old plant.

I think it’s pretty evenly distributed.

Callian sat down across from Le Main, trying to break his thoughts with these miscellaneous thoughts. And he said, looking at Le Main in a subdued voice.

“Congratulations on your thirty-eighth birthday.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Le Main nodded his head. A high-pitched tone rang out from behind the papers.

After answering in such an emotionless tone, Le Main, who took a cup of tea and took a sip, raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. He seemed pretty tired.

“Are you doing well?”


Callian answered right away without thinking.

“I’m doing very well.”

It was clear that LeMain did not notice that Callian was sharply lean. It was because he responded to Kalian’s words like this.

“I’m happy.”

article below.

Don’t you have to look a little to find out or not?

“If you have any discomfort during your stay, please tell me.”

One corner of Calian’s lips rose slightly.

‘Because I’m not the only one who’s uncomfortable right now.’

I must say that I still haven’t gotten used to having breakfast in silence with my two sons. Should I say that the assassin sent by your wife will come soon? I’m getting increasingly dry from an unknown disease, should I say that I might die if I make a mistake?

‘If it’s not him, should I say that I’m not really his son.’


“Okay, I’m fine.”

In the end, Callian repeated the same words.

It wasn’t an answer, it was a rude response. Nevertheless, LeMaine only nodded.

he just found out

The reason he sees three one at a time is faster than three at once. It was because I couldn’t do such a thing with the three of them sitting in front of me. How efficient is this because if you put one in front of you, you only need to open your mouth while working.

‘It’s not worth spending just five minutes on my son.’

Callian was cynical.

Le Main still hadn’t lowered his hand on his forehead.

After that, he couldn’t even remember what conversation he had with Le Main. He didn’t seem to need to remember. Callian, who had met Lemain in exactly 5 minutes and came out of Arpia Palace, said as he got on the carriage.

“I’d rather say, ‘Nice to meet you’.”

Yan, who was waiting with a worried face, smiled quietly.

He hadn’t heard of the office’s affairs, but he knew how Lemain treated the princes.

The wagon departed and was soon set up in front of the Chermil Palace. Callian, who got off the carriage, took a deep breath and looked around.

The wind blew in the lake, making ripples.

“You have a little time until 10 o’clock. Come back and look around.”

After reading Yan’s frustration, Kallian nodded his head as if thanking him and moved his feet towards the lake. Then he turned slowly around the lake and went to the garden where the roses were planted.

‘It’s like a parasol.’

Moments later, Kalian stopped at his feet, seeing a black parasol spread out in the middle of the garden.

‘Who’s in the garden on a day like this?”

Callian, who walked near the parasol out of curiosity, stopped his feet in a hurry.

Because he realized that it was Randel who was taking care of the roses under the parasol.

Callian knew that his hobby was gardening a rose garden. Indeed, he thought it was a Randel-down hobby. But now Randel doesn’t seem to be enjoying his hobby.

Randel’s servant, with a hard expression on his face, was holding a parasol with a red cloak that looked exactly like that worn by Callian. In front of him, Randel, dressed in a uniform, was sitting on his knees in the garden, cutting off the side branches of roses.

Callian smiled sadly.

Because Randel didn’t have to go into the garden wearing that kind of clothes on a day like this because he was busy caring for the roses.

‘It’s a great LeMaine. Shaking Randel like that.’

A few years after the death of Callian, the battle for the throne began in earnest, and the carriage of King Tensil and the Crown Prince, who were visiting Serenti’s temple, broke the axle and the carriage fell down a cliff.

In that accident, the King and Crown Prince of Tensil, the Holy Kingdom, passed away at the same time.

At that time, the only remaining Tensil royal family was Randel. And Randel left Kairis and took over the throne of Tensil. He remembered hearing stories that he had made the decision without any hesitation.

‘Lemain was like that, so I have no regrets about Kairis.’

It was an understandable choice.

If it had been Callian, he would have left this country without hesitation.

“Prince Calian.”

At the sound of a sudden voice, Callian hurriedly escaped from the prophecy-like recollection. It was Randel’s attendant who called Callian with an embarrassed face.

Randel got up from his seat and looked at Callian.


Callian, who conveyed his apology, bowed his head lightly toward Randel and showed an example.

Randel, who took off the glove from his hand and handed it to his attendant, looked quietly at Callian. Deeply sunken blue eyes, in stark contrast to the blazing red eyes, turned to Calian.

Randel did not criticize Callian. He wouldn’t even know why Callian was here alone.


Randel just put those words down and went back to Zermil Palace.

* * *

Lemain was fair.

He treated all three sons equally.

The smell of alcohol wafting from Plantz standing next to him was proof of that. Callian, dizzy in her mind, turned her head away from Plantz and frowned.

‘That crazy young bastard, I’m holding on to the alcohol!’

Franz’s eyes, which were originally cloudy, seemed to have gotten more blurred.

He knew why, but that didn’t make him understand the frivolous behavior of Franz.

A place to step out in front of people outside the royal family.

Of course, all you have to do is stand behind the king, bow your hand without saying a word, and stand still, but he was worried that he might be doing something.

However, fortunately, he had never received any information from Sejak that the prince had a riot at an outside event of the Kairis royal family, so he decided to believe that he had reason.

As if looking into Callian’s mind, Franz turned his head to look at Callian. Seeing Calian’s frown, Plantz grinned, but Kallian didn’t notice it.

“It’s 10 minutes ago. The event will start soon.”

The royal event manager said to the royal family.

Callian, who was sitting on a chair near the front door, made his heart’s preparations. He was already familiar to others, but he wasn’t Callian. Because of that, he could not help being a little nervous.

There were so many people gathered in the square that there was nowhere else to step. The guards mixed with the people in the square and the knights of the Royal Knights Pavel on the cafes and restaurants surrounding the square were watching for suspicious movements among the people.

Soon the two large crystal plates lighted up, and they began to project the image of the still-empty podium. The excited sounds of people who felt that the start of the event was imminent filled the square.

“Now I will open the gates of the royal palace.”

With those words, the main gate of the royal palace slowly opened on both sides.

The large engraving of the Kairis crest at the center of the main gate was split in half, and as the door opened, the people who saw the inside of the palace slowly starting to reveal themselves were already cheering.

Before long, the normally closed gates of the royal palace opened wide. That door won’t close for three days now.

“Five minutes ago.”

Inspection of the chairman of the King’s Knights Templar, Kaera, has begun.

It didn’t take long, but I can feel the people holding their breath as they watch the screening ceremony of those who move only for one king.

The royal family, including Callian, rose from their seats.

The servants were busy moving. Yan also approached quickly and checked Kalian’s conquest, then retreated from a distance.

“One minute ago.”

A red carpet was spread from the main gate of the palace to the podium.

The knights left the red carpet empty and lined up in two long lines. The royal family was going to pass between them. The knights’ swords stretched straight up as if piercing the sky.

The weather was very clear. The sunlight reflected on the sword the knights were holding, showing a sharp momentum.

And, 10 o’clock.

Lemain’s feet moved along with the loud voice of the commander of the Caera Knights announcing the king’s family’s arrival. After that, Silike walked slowly. And Randel and Franz moved.

‘Now it’s my turn.’

Callian, who looked behind them, closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them.

he straightened his back.

raised his head.

The atmosphere surrounding him changed in an instant.

He looked down to where people’s eyes would be, and smiled.

After becoming the prince of Kairis with such a perfect figure.

He took his first step towards the outside.

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