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< Chapter 3. Nice to meet you (3) >

He smiled at the people on the podium and waved his hand.

That was the prince’s role, and Calian didn’t want to do anything more. He soon gave a long greeting, thanking those who had been visited by Le Main. Orders such as conferring knighthoods to some commoner soldiers, and raising the ranks of some nobles and conferring territories followed.

After the ceremony in the square was over, Callian once again waved his hand to greet him and returned to the palace.

Of course, I knew people were buzzing and staring at me throughout the event. I thought that it would have stood out because it was the path I had planned.

– Black hair, red eyes.

But I had no idea what those who were so impressed with Kallian’s perfection would find in his appearance and put in his mouth.

Returning to the room, Callian ate the lunch that Jan had brought. To do so, he made a promise to Jan and he has yet to break it. And he changed into new clothes.

He insisted on making simple designs unconditionally because he was preparing clothes for tea time rather than banquets. Instead, he decided to add one decorative pin, in Merlin’s opinion.

‘Instead, the smallest.’

With that said, what Carlian chose was a pin with three thin chains connecting the collars of the shirt to each other, with a pendant the size of an index finger in the middle of the shortest chain.

The other accessories were too flashy by Kalian’s standards, so he decided to wear the same pin when wearing other robes.

How the aftermath of that shirtpin would spread, Callian didn’t expect.

After getting ready on time, Kalian again came out of Chermil Palace and got into his chariot. Then he said with a bleached white face.

“I’m really out of my mind.”

“I will. It seems to be particularly busy this year.”

Yan shook his head with a face half-shrunk than usual.

Yan was also going to be having a war-like day to assist Callian. Fortunately, even the luncheon was canceled.

The place we’re heading to now is the Senyu Pavilion, where we had dinner with Viscount Brissen a while ago. There he was going to have tea time with several people. Of course, Kallian and the princes were in the role of sitting quietly after greeting each other, so they had to fall asleep.

Now he suddenly asked Kalian, who was thinking of the nobles he would soon meet.

“Jan. Did I mention that your family is also in Kyrissis?”

Most of the nobles of Sekritia lived in their own estates, but there were quite a few nobles who had a manor in Kairis and stayed in the capital, Kairissis, for most of the year.

It seemed to be the case with Jan’s family as well.

He once told Kalian the story that his family lived in Kyirissis. At the sudden family story, Yan’s eyes turned round.

“Remember, Prince. My sister and father are at home, and the rest of the family lives in Kyrissis.”

“Then do you want to come to the palace today?”

It was from the old Kalian, and he didn’t remember it himself, so when Kalian asked, who smiled awkwardly, this time Yan gave an awkward laugh.

“Yes, I will come if I get an invitation.”

It was a vague answer.

He seemed reluctant to speak.

The servant who worked in Kairis’s palace did not reveal his surname. He sometimes used a pseudonym or a pseudonym.

When he first entered the palace, the official in charge of internal affairs checked his real name and strictly reviewed whether he was a trustworthy person, so there were many cases where he did not use his real name after that. This is because many of the nobles working as servants or maids do not want to mention their origins because they are either the illegitimate or niece of a nobleman or the child of an unnamed family.

Kalian, who thought that Jan had the same thing, nodded his head and didn’t ask any more.

Before long, a wagon pulled into the front of the Senyu Pavilion.

Calian got out of the carriage, clearing up the expression on his face that had changed comfortably from being with Jan.

He took his stance once more, walked to the banquet hall where the nobles would be, and nodded once to the knight standing in front of the door.

After showing courtesy to Callian, the knight opened the banquet hall door and said:

“Prince Kallian Lane, Kairis, eat it!”

There was no need to intervene in the crowds in the square to see the king, so the eyes of those who waited for tea time at 2 o’clock in the Seine Pavilion were focused on one place.

At the same time, the same thought popped into everyone’s mind.

‘That rumor was true.’

central nobility.

All were influential high-ranking nobles. This means that information can be acquired quickly.

They had two news.

The fact that Franz came to the event while drunk, and that, as everyone had promised, there were few people who had seen such a plant, staring at one person.

– Black hair, red eyes.

– The third prince resembling a Cispanian.

When the ceremony was over and these words came out of the people’s mouths, the nobles laughed.

It was just that the hair was cut to reveal the color of the eyes, and it was spread by people who like to make up their own words based on the color of their hair and eyes only for fun. He could not have imagined that Callian would have been completely different.

So, at the sight of Callian walking in with the cry of the knight, I was shocked as if the sky had been turned upside down. Everyone began to watch Calian’s slight movements with astonished eyes.

Although he had not yet taken off the boy’s womb, his handsome face and bright red eyes that made it hard to take his eyes off him made a strong impression.

He was already smiling with the dignity of royalty. With every step I took, my heartfelt admiration flowed out without me knowing. They knew best that it didn’t just show up through practice.

‘When did you do that…’

Callian was perfectly proving himself to be the royal family of Kairis just by showing himself now. So, it was not unreasonable that people thought of Cispanians with the same color hair and eyes.

That wasn’t the only thing.

The clothes that Callian was wearing were also strange.

He wore a tight royal blue jacket down to his knees, wearing the same color pants and a white shirt. The elongated jacket had no embellishments other than buttons. So, the little trinkets that tied the neck of the shirt were very conspicuous.

Pendant on shirt pin.

It was a ruby ​​that gave off the exact same light as the two eyes that Kallian had been covering up until now. If it had been the original Callian, it was a color I would never have picked.

‘It sounds like you’re saying that you won’t live in hiding anymore.’

‘That’s right.’

They were unaware that Callian was so impressed with the expression ‘blood eyes’ of Plants, that he was unaware that his eyes and ruby ​​were the same color.

The modest clothes that Carlyan wore and the nobles who unwillingly understood the meaning of her ruby ​​made a cold expression on her spine. Then she realized that she had not yet shown an example, and hurried to say hello. It was a completely different look than before, when he only shook his head moderately.

No matter what the circumstances, Calian appeared, transformed into the perfect prince without any flaws, and looked into the eyes of the nobles who showed respect for him one by one. Then, with a small smile, he responded.

“nice to meet you.”

Callian only said his greetings, and then he sat down immediately.

It wasn’t a great rhetoric. There was a sense of leeway in the short words that flowed softly.

that one word. This time the short words caused trouble.

‘Are you happy? It’s not like you’ve seen it for the first time. What does this mean?’

Soon, the nobles began to try to dig out the hidden meaning of Callian’s greeting with silent glances among themselves.


Callian secretly blamed himself.

He thought that attention would be drawn to him, but with his eyes too burdensome, he forgot the fact that he was spherical with aristocrats and greeted them.

‘It’s okay, Prince. It’s a meaningless greeting, so I’ll do it!’

From behind, Jan reassured Callian with a small voice.

If even one of them had understood this situation properly, the ridiculous situation would not have happened, in which the ruby ​​price of Kyris skyrocketed and the procession of searching for the cispanian nest, which had been empty for 500 years, increased like crazy.

In addition, there would be no need to impatient anyone who was watching Calian.

* * *

Siegfried’s Summer Night.

It was by far the best piece of music left by Olive Renzi, a famous violinist and composer in the Kingdom of Libern. It was also a song expressing the feelings that Ranch, who was invited to the Kairis Royal Palace, felt when he saw the Siegfried Coffin.

The Siegfried Pavilion, said to be the most beautiful building in the Kairis Palace, was a huge amber-shaped banquet hall made of platinum-plated columns and crystal walls. For this reason, at night when the magic lanterns are lit, the entire building gives a fantastic feeling as if it has become a brilliant jewel.

Many people shed tears of joy and sorrow at the melody of the violin that captures the joy of facing the splendidly shining Siegfried coffin on a summer night and the loneliness of the royal palace hidden behind it.

‘If you do music, you must go to the Siegfried Pavilion.’

Thus, these words came and went between musicians.

In fact, the name of the Siegfried Coffin comes from the Duke of Siegfried, who along with Marquis Bryssen are the two major knights of the Kairis. It was named after Duke Cuitros Horn Siegfried, the first head of the family and one of the heroes of the eight gods war.

However, since the quitrose was killed on a midsummer night, there was a later story that the Duke of Siegfried considered the song more special than the palace of Kairis.

And now.

The very famous song was playing in that beautiful Siegfried tube. People gathered in the banquet hall stopped talking and started to listen to the music.

“To hear this song being played just in time! How can you not not love this!”

The man who had just arrived at the entrance to the Siegfried Pavilion said with a loud laugh.

big voice. Many aristocrats who recognized him approached him with pleasure.

“Prince Siegfried, are you here?”

The only duke in Kairis, the head of the Siegfried family, and one of the five sword masters on the continent, a great man hummed a melody and pretended to play the violin. Everyone in the crowd burst into laughter.

“You’re beckoning like that, so I’m more curious about Gong’s violin.”

“Come down once in a while to take a break. I’ll gladly listen to you.”

“Okay. I’m looking forward to my violin skills.”

“Of course. There is a saying that there is no Siegfried who can’t play the violin, but there is a Siegfried who can’t use a sword.”

“Is that so? That’s an interesting story.”

As we talked at the entrance, all the sounds and appearances were also transmitted to Callian, who was on Raven’s back and headed for the Siegfried Coffin.

“He’s a very pleasant person. His name is….”

Calian smiled happily and opened his mouth like this.

Yan, who was looking at the same person with a disgusted expression on his face, answered Callian, who was digging through his memories.

“This is Duke Sleyman Horn, head of the Duke of Siegfried, Prince.”

There was an empty nest of the Sispanians to the south of Kairis, and Siegfried’s estate owned a very large area around the nest.

Since they were the only dukes, the Siegfried family seemed to be interested in the throne, but they spent more than 500 years with the sole intention of defending the territories of the Sispanians.

I don’t know how much I was impressed with this honest duke after hearing such stories from the three princes when I was in Bern.

“Yeah. It was.”

He was the type of person that Calian really liked.

Of course, their actions cannot be dismissed as loyalty to the king. However, it was the beliefs held for a long time, not the loyalty, that drew Calian’s heart.

“That violin, I want to hear it too.”

Callian looked at the peacock with fond eyes.

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