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01. Became the eldest son of a commoner family (1)


This looks like a family name, but strictly speaking, it is not a family name, but a family name that even a commoner can have.

According to imperial law, to become free commoners, a family surname was required to prove their origin, and the surname was usually obtained by paying a certain tax.

So, who might be asking this question?

What is the difference between a family name and a family name?

there was a difference

It was because the family was recognized by the highest ruling class such as the imperial family, and, as it is said, it was the castle of the family that had only a façade.

‘If you think positively as much as possible, you have avoided the worst.’

Rockefeller Ross Medic.

It was the name given to him who was possessed by the spirit of a 30-year-old youth in the 21st century, and it was at least a token that others could treat him as a commoner.

‘However… … .’

Regardless of what entered the world in the novel that you read until the end, if you put it in, according to the cliché that everyone knows, the body of the main character who is going to be a munchkin, or at least, it will be possessed as a bastard child of some prestigious noble family! I couldn’t quite figure out why he had possessed him as the eldest son of a beggar who had nothing.

‘I don’t even have a real horn.’

From the moment he was possessed, Rockefeller looked really deeply into whether there was a hidden power within me or something similar.

But there was nothing like that.

really nothing.

The poor physical strength he remembered was the same, and there was no sign of that, let alone the temperament of an archmage.

‘There is no real horn… … .’

But is the origin good?

‘What ros’ Medici? I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a name while reading a novel.’

There were three famous houses that everyone in the world knew.

Sword Master Tepez.

Magician Sinclair.

Assassin Master Ismail.

In addition, there were many aristocratic families that were associated with the imperial family or were famous in other ways, but those who possessed him came from a mere poor commoner’s family.

“under… … .”

The more I thought about the given reality, the more my sighs leaked out.

The good news was that the body he possessed was not a serf or a slave, but looking at every corner, it was hard to tell whether this was a beggar or a temporary shelter for refugees.

‘It’s a real no-brainer.’

Worst of all, his father, who can be said to be the head of the family, was lying in a sick bed the day after tomorrow, and after he left, the rest of the family was his responsibility.

‘It’s also the eldest son. He is the eldest son of a family… … .’

Rockefeller, who came out of the stuffy corner of the house and sighed, forgetting hunger, could feel the pretense of popularity approaching me.

Someone told me it was Joshua Rosmedici, the third younger brother in the family.

‘Was he the third? His name was probably Joshua.’

From the moment of possession, the memories of Rockefeller before were flowing into him very slowly.

So, the difficulties he faced while hanging out with his unfamiliar family were not as many as expected.

“Rockefeller, your father is calling you now.”

Third, Joshua, a younger brother of 12 years old, was only three years older than him.


“Huh. Now all the brothers are gathering. I will also bring the second brother.”

Although he wasn’t the real father who gave birth to him, Rockefeller could not refuse his call when he heard that the father of the subject he possessed was calling him.

‘I’m going to have to go… … .’

But why the sudden call?

Is there any reason?

‘I don’t know. Why are you calling me all of a sudden? And all the brothers.’

The third went outside looking for the second who was not in the house.

As memories of his earlier days loomed, Rockefeller thought that the second most active of his brothers would be hanging out with his peers somewhere outside the house.

‘I’ll be back soon. They’ll be playing nearby.’

When I came into the shabby family after leaving the third one behind, I saw my 6-year-old little sister who was always whining and my timid fourth brother.

Perhaps because of starvation for several days, the youngest sister’s whining sound was particularly annoying today, and Rockefeller, who did not like the sound, naturally wrinkled her expression and accidentally made eye contact with her fourth younger brother.

The fourth expression looked even more gloomy today.

Perhaps it was because she was hungry like her youngest child.

‘Real beggars don’t have every corner.’

Shortly after being possessed, he was able to bear his hunger immediately, but being possessed as the eldest son of such a household was still unforgivable.

‘I’m just telling you to go back.’

He looked even more angry when he glanced around the messy house with a bad expression.

His mother, who had to take care of the household, died early, so the house with many children was a complete mess, and his father, who was the head of the household, also lay in sick bed and no one took care of the household.

However, it is not easy for him, who was a stranger until recently, to step out.

So, from the moment he was possessed, the appearance of the family was worse, but not better.

‘It’s not even my house after all, so what does it matter?’

Rockefeller, who had been so evasive of responsibility and tried to ignore the dirty corners of the house, opened his mouth to his two younger brothers in his house.

“Let’s go because my father is calling from inside.”

The timid and few talkers were different from his younger sister, who got up without saying a word, but still whispers.

After all, it’s foolish to ask for something from a 6-year-old child who doesn’t know anything about the world.

Rockefeller managed to appease his youngest sister, who was wailing, and went to see his father, who was bedridden.

a few dozen minutes later.

As called by Rockefeller’s father, Hans Ros Medici, all members of the Ros Medici family were brought together.

“Yeah, it’s all here.”

Sickly, he coughed all the time to let his children know that he was not feeling well.

Even to Rockefeller, it seemed that he had little time left.

That’s because the situation was so serious.

“after… … .”

Hans barely sighed after he had finished coughing, lying straight on the bed, and slowly began to speak his words to his children.

“Your grandfather said that. He was a really talented and wonderful person. He was a man who was highly respected by others.”

The only thing the family could be proud of was their grandfather, David Ross Medici, who was a doctor.

“My grandfather did not learn healing magic like the priests did, but he took care of so many people through first aid and various folk remedies he learned over his shoulder on the battlefield. He was such a good doctor that there was no need for a priest here.”

Recalling his childhood, where there was nothing lacking, he fell into sentimentality for a moment and then began to speak again.

“Even when this father was young. This family has never been this bad. Rather than visiting priests who have to pay a high price for the people of the territory, whenever I had a minor illness, I always went to my grandfather for treatment. It was really good back then. Even though he was a commoner, he lived a decent life.”

Then he suddenly burst into tears.

“Even if your grandparents didn’t keep forcing me to become a wizard because I had no qualifications… … It would have been really nice. You’re spending money on useless things… … I’m really sorry for you guys.”

“No, Dad. We never think that way.”

On behalf of his silent brothers, Rockefeller comforted him, but Hans did not hear him.

Even after pouring so much money into the academy, he failed to become a wizard, and he became ill and used up all of his remaining wealth for medicine.

It was because I thought it was all my fault that the family that was in good shape had turned this far.

After coughing and sighing for a while, he started talking again.

“Do you know why we are called Los Medici?”

Even at that question, everyone, including Rockefeller, was silent.

because I didn’t know

“That’s it. Your grandfather always wore red clothes, so he was nicknamed Los Medici. Ross Medici said. Actually, it means red doctor. It was the nickname my grandfather had.”

Hans brought a yellow, dirty cloth to his mouth and started coughing for a while.

Rockefeller could see blood in the cloth he had removed on the bedside table.

‘Are you really going to die? The condition is very serious.’

Since he wasn’t a real father, his ailment didn’t really mean much to Rockefeller.

Because he thought that if he died anyway, other people would die.

However, seeing the younger brothers sobbing around them, there was some sympathy.

Baby, you may feel like someone else, but to the younger brothers here, you were a real father.

“It is no different from what I said to gather like this.”

The second, who did not cry for a while, was also in tears, and only Rockefeller calmly accepted the situation.

“Looks like this father is running out of time. So before I go, I have something to tell you guys, so I told you to get together like this.”

At the end of those words, the younger brothers began to cry.

Similarly, with tears in his eyes, he found his eldest son, Rockefeller.


“Yes, Father.”

Even in the midst of this, Hans saw his eldest son approaching calmly.

Rather, he was very proud of his eldest son who did not cry.

“It’s fortunate that you are there.”

Like I said, Rockefeller was about to die now.

If that yangban goes on like this, everything in this family is his responsibility.

It is said that he becomes the head of a family who has to live with his younger siblings.

“father. Even thinking about me and my younger siblings, you have to somehow recover.”

Looking at his eldest son, who looks exceptionally mature these days, Hans was able to smile softly after a long time.

“Rockefeller, if you have any trouble, go to the lord. The former lord received a lot of help from his grandfather, and I also helped the lord a lot, so the lord will not be so ignorant of our family.”

Rockefeller did not agree with him.

As he said, if the lord was going to take care of them now, he would have taken care of them sooner.

“And that’s it. This is the legacy that my grandfather left for this family. Hear this lesson carefully.”

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