MTL – 12

04. Became Banco’s assistant (1)

A group of priests dispatched from the parish entered a village near Yeongjuseong, and began to make a pilgrimage to the various houses located there.


Among them, the priest who went to the front of someone else’s house and knocked on the door was always the younger one.


When I knocked on the door of a house, a woman came out and looked at the group of priests who had come, and she had a somewhat startled expression on her face.

“Oh my goodness! What are the priests doing here?”

When she revealed her doubts, the younger priest gave a brief account of why they had come.

“The Lambs of God are always hungry,” she said. I came all the way here with hungry feet, so I would like to ask you to show your sincerity, even at least a little.”

When I asked why he came, it seemed that he had come because of the donation.

‘What’s going on? I’ve never seen anything like this before.’

“If it’s a donation… … I’m doing well every weekend.”

Her little priest gave her a small smile instead of her answer, and after a while she couldn’t let go of the Lambs of God who had come to her house, so she gave them a little surname.

‘Ugh, I didn’t just pick up a knife, but this one doesn’t have a sharp edge.’

Her young priestess bestowed her blessing on her as her daughter, who could not show her feelings on the outside, smiled awkwardly.

“May John’s blessing be with you.”

A group of priests who had been walking around the houses stopped in front of one house.

‘Los Medici… … .’

This shabby, dilapidated house had a different name than the other houses.

Ross Medic.

Judging from the unheard of name, it looked like a house in which a commoner lived in nine out of ten.

‘If you were a commoner, you would pay a lot of money like a commoner.’

The young priest knocked on the door again.

After a while, the door opened and it was a young boy who appeared to be about 9 years old.

‘Are there no adults here?’

“Kid, aren’t your parents inside?”

As the young priest looked for her parents to donate, the fourth Leo of the Los Medici family, who was facing him, shook his head to indicate the meaning of denial.

He seemed to be a very introverted kid by the fact that he just shook his head without saying anything.

“Where did your parents go?”

He was still a silent child, but the young priest who needed a donation for their own circumstances did not want to easily step down.

Sometimes he doesn’t want to pay money, so there are people who pretend to be away even when he’s at home.

‘It’s not easy.’

Unlike others, commoners paid taxes directly to the lord and were wealthy enough to maintain their family name.

But are you just passing by?

It was a nonsensical sound.

“If you turn away from the lambs who worship God without any justifiable reason, you will be severely punished later. So I ask again, is there really no one inside?”

Then Leo, who had only shook his head until now, reluctantly opened his mouth.

“He is dead.”


“… … .”

“Did you say? You two?”

When the surprised priest asked the question, Leo quietly nodded.

Then a priest who was watching quietly from behind began to speak with a slightly startled look.

“Recently, Jing, who worked for the lord, go to the next house. It is against the doctrine to force unconditional donations on the hungry and the naked. Rather, it should be given.”

They were also walking around the estate due to urgent circumstances, but they were not so ignorant enough to force a donation on a child who lost both parents.

They said customs is dead. The name Los Medici is not unfamiliar to me, so I think the collector was probably here.”

No matter how commoners were, if they were in this state, they could be economically inferior to the general serfs.

When the bewildered priests did not know what to do, a young priest, who seemed to be the captain among them, opened his mouth heavy.

When the priest gave the young priest a small note by nodding his head, the young priest took Leo’s hand and gently stroked his head.

“Even if it’s hard, always stay strong.”

Except for the young priest, the group of priests began to move in unison, and the young priest, who was instructed by the priest, gave Leo something.

It was only a fraction of the donations they had received before.

“John always told us not to turn away from the hungry and the naked. This is a small castle seen in the church, so I hope it will be of some help to you.”

When the young priest had finished speaking and was about to leave, Leo suddenly grabbed his collar.

When the priest turned and looked down at Leo, the fourth Leo of the Los Medici family asked him something.

“excuse me… … I have a question.”

The young priest was skeptical at that question, but soon he faced Leo again with a kind smile.

“What are you curious about?”

“that is… … .”

Leo remembered what his older brothers had said yesterday, and asked him with deep doubts.

“You have to pay a lot of money… … Can you go to heaven?”

When I asked what kind of question it was, it was a childish question.

“Not necessarily. Even if you donate a lot, you cannot go to heaven without faith.”

“The brothers… … He said that if you donate a lot, you can go to heaven. Because the church said that if we donate a lot, the church will pray more so that we can go to heaven.”

The young priest thought for a moment, then smiled softly.

Leo’s question was cute.

“I can’t say that it is, but I can’t say that your hyungs’ thoughts are bad. But as important as the donation is the trust.”

When the young priest had finished speaking, he stood up.

He was the youngest in the group, so he could see the eyes of the priests who had gone ahead.

“Or how about you pray for them?”

“Am I?”

Before Leo could ask a question, the young priest, who had rushed to his feet, delivered his last words.

“I pray that John’s protection will always be on Los Medici.”

Leo stood and watched the young priest who had left.

The words of donation, faith, and heaven still lingered in Leo’s head.

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