MTL – 16

A month has passed since Rockefeller got a job at Banco.

  New foreigners who have never seen before have come to Banco.

  They were armed with swords and bows, unlike ordinary people in the realm, and they looked ugly.

  Sweat was vibrating all over his body because he hadn’t washed for several days, and the faint smell of blood was also with them.

  Unlike Rockefeller, who was very nervous, Carter saw them and quickly figured out their identity.

  “You are a guest.”

  Shea’s barracks was right next door.

  And only three of them came.

  The robbers were too daring to rob the banco, so Carter assumed they were guests and not robbers, and fortunately he wasn’t wrong.

  “What are you so nervous about? I came to exchange money.”

  Contrary to their grumpy faces, they quickly smiled and softened the atmosphere of the store.

  Rockefeller, nervous about the unexpected, was able to infer their identities roughly.

  ‘Are these mercenaries hired by the lord?’

  There were rumors that the lord had hired mercenaries from outside because of the orcs wandering around the estate.

  Therefore, it was not difficult for Rockefeller to infer their identities.

  ‘I think that’s right.’

  “Perhaps… … Are these mercenaries hired by the lord? It’s the first time I see your face.”

  Then the man facing Rockefeller scratched my cheek and smiled.

  “I know you well. hey master. What are you doing? People are going to die of being busy. Hey, let me exchange money.”

  At that, Carter left Rockefeller to work and went straight into the store.

  There were things he didn’t want to deal with because he was a bad customer, but he entrusted the business to Rockefeller because there were things he did better.

“You do it yourself.”

  “Yeah, I’ll call you when I have a job.”

  Where the owner went and a boy came up to deal with him, a mercenary man with a strange feeling tilted his head and looked at Rockefeller.

  “What are you, the blue-eyed young man watching the shop work? Are you going to be the owner’s son?”

  It was a blunt word, but I didn’t get the feeling that the two looked alike.

  just as expected?

  “no. He’s an assistant working under me.”


  It wasn’t unusual for Banco to have an assistant, but he knew something.

  It was rather strange that a goldsmith had an assistant in a small Banco located on the outskirts, not in the imperial capital, nor in a special district like Lyon, where commerce was developed.

  “It looks like business is going well, unlike what it looks like.”

  He was a mercenary with a lot of experience, who traveled around the continent a lot.

  So, when I heard that there was an assistant in this banco, I immediately knew that the business of the store was going well.

  If the business didn’t work, would he have an assistant?

  “Yeah, I’ve heard that the store’s income has increased a lot since I came in.”

  At the words of the young assistant speaking confidently, the mercenary even whistled.

  “Huh, okay? Contrary to how it looks, you seem to be very good at handling money.”

  At the same time, the two mercenaries behind them each spit out a word.

  Of course, that wasn’t a good thing.

  “Goblin-like bastards.”

  “If you play well, you will only go to hell.”

  He didn’t care what his comrades were saying, and he began to carry on his words by bluntly throwing three talents at Rockefeller.

  “Change everything to shillings here. I will be staying here for a while.”

They were mercenaries wandering around the continent.

  So, in order to match the circumstances of the provinces using different silver coins, they preferred the imperial gold coin, the Talent.

  If they had the talent, they could stop by the banco and exchange it for the local currency they needed.

  “Three talents? So, the total is 96 shillings each of 32 shillings, but 12 shillings are deducted from the exchange fee, are you okay?”

  “what? 12 shillings?”

  The mercenary man who was facing Rockefeller was bewildered because the exchange fee seemed quite expensive, and the fellow mercenaries who stood behind him like a folding screen made the same expression.

  “What kind of exchange fee is 4 shillings per talent. Isn’t this pure raw robbery?”

  “No, is this the only place to exchange money? Do you think you’re too cheeky?”

  In response to the inevitable reaction, Rockefeller put a gentle smile on his lips.

  “We have to eat, too.”

  A set of mercenaries facing Rockefeller shot Rockefeller with a slightly wrinkled face.

  “Hey little boy. You don’t know why we’re here?”

  “Isn’t the lord hired because of the orc subjugation?”

  “I know you well. So do you know where we belong?”

  “Yes, of course I do. You’re a mercenary belonging to the Hound, aren’t you? is not it?”

  The lord of Montefeltro, who was looking for a fairly useful mercenary unit to subdue the orcs, made a deal with the hound mercenaries, which had a good reputation on the continent.

  “I know you well. So, do you know how tough Hound mercenaries are?”

  “Is it rough?”

  Rockefeller naturally tilted his head.

  “I don’t know about that, but I heard that the credit is very good. It is said that once a promise is made, it is always kept, so our lord hired you to subdue the orcs this time.”

When the young man smiled boldly, the mercenary Set looked at his colleagues standing behind him to see if he was excited, and tried to find an answer for what he should do, but the two colleagues in the back were in a hurry to hold back their laughter because the situation in the set seemed funny. was only showing.

  “Hah. Wherever you say you are a hound mercenary, even a crying child will stop crying.”

  “I’m already past that age.”

  Look at the native bird talking back.

  “How are you going to keep smiling like that?”

  “If I offended you when I smiled, I apologize. Then I will only take 10 shillings as a currency exchange fee. Are you okay?”

  “What ten shillings?”

  Set wrinkled his expression even more.

  “No, what an absurd ten shillings! Usually, they take 1 shilling per talent at best as a currency exchange fee!”

  “That’s different for each Yeongji situation. And this is the periphery. You have to take into account the fact that the cost of living in the outskirts is expensive.”

  “I know the only place to exchange money here! You can go outside and ask the rich guy to change your gold coins!”

  “Then do it. Instead, if you come back and trade with me again, then it’s 12 shillings. It goes back to where it was.”

  “This guy!”

  As Set tried to raise his voice, one of the mercenaries watching from behind shouted to warn him.

  It was a sign that there was a shea barracks next to the store, so there was no fuss.


  The mercenary set, who immediately coughed and evoked the atmosphere, glared at Rockefeller with a crumpled expression.

  “good. Let it be eight shillings.”

  “Eight shillings is not enough. I’ll see you until nine shillings.”

  “Ha what… … Even nine shillings doesn’t make sense in the first place.”

  When Set, with a wrinkled expression on his face, looked at his colleagues behind him again, a colleague who had been paying attention to the outside without knowing it, nodded his head.

  It meant that I had no choice but to trade as is.

Since it was a territory located on the edge of the empire and there was only one Banco that could be traded here, they had no choice but to suffer a certain amount of damage.

  “I’m going crazy. What exchange fee is 3 shillings per talent?”

  Rockefeller waited silently.

  After all, they needed a place to exchange money, and since there was only one place here, they had their guts.

  “Do you like money so much that you go to hell like a goblin later?”

  The mercenary set, who was forced to pay a currency exchange fee of 3 shillings per piece, cursed Rockefeller by swearing at him, but Rockefeller smiled at him as if he didn’t even listen.

  “You should think about it after you die, right?”

  “Look at that daring thing.”

  After receiving three talents from him, Rockefeller checked the authenticity of the talents as Carter had instructed.

  ‘It’s a bastard talent, but what’s the acceptable range?’

  The three talents the mercenary gave him were all bastard talents mixed with copper, but all of them were within acceptable limits, so Rockefeller also handed him 87 shillings, the converted amount.

  “Here you are. All except the exchange fee is 87 shillings.”

  The mercenary set was still very dissatisfying to Rockefeller, who still had a smile on his face.

  “You’re the guts. Can the store go bankrupt?”

  “If we go bankrupt, who will exchange your gold coins in this outskirts? So we can’t be destroyed, can we?”

  “Ugh, you must be really lucky. We’re not originally like this. How tough are Hound mercenaries like us.”

  Rockefeller was still smirking at them, who showed their sneaky molars.

  “Please use it again next time. I will do my best even then.”

  As the three mercenaries, who they were sure they’d never see again, went out, Carter, who was quietly overhearing their conversation inside the store, came out and spoke to Rockefeller.

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