MTL – 17

“Good job. If it were me, I would have exchanged everything for 1 shilling per talent. Hound mercenaries exchanged money a few years ago.”

  Then Rockefeller shook his head.

  “You can’t do that. We are in a position where we have no regrets, but there is no need to do that.”

  It was also necessary at times to trade the guts.

  “Those people wouldn’t have been able to exchange money anywhere else but here anyway. And the talents are so big that other stores don’t even accept them.”

  One talent was equivalent to a month’s wage of a rural worker.

  So, it must have been a little burdensome to go to the market and buy things with such a large amount of money.

  Merchants wouldn’t have been able to afford a big change either.

  “So, you have enough guts like this.”

  “Then what if they leave?”

  “You just have to cut it. You saw that people didn’t go out right away because they were sorry, didn’t you?”

  “Then what would you do if they were tyrannical? Just by looking at them, they looked like people who came from a rough place to eat.”

  “There is a shea barracks right next to the store, but did they really do that? From what I saw earlier, they seemed to notice that we shouldn’t make a fuss with each other.”

  “Actually, it wouldn’t be any good if a foreigner tried to be tyrannical in someone else’s territory. As you said, the Shea barracks are right next door. I heard you are right. great job.”

  In Carter’s eyes, Rockefeller certainly did a good job.

  He is more than himself.

  “You certainly seem to be doing better than me. I don’t have that much distribution. I was born a coward.”

  “Thank you for looking at me like that.”

  “Hey, it looks like this job needs to be distributed to make money. After leaving you, I definitely feel it.”

  “Thank you.”

  Carter’s mind suddenly came to mind about the trade in placer gold, which has been sparse these days.

  “But these days, it seems that fetching gold is very rare. Did something happen that I don’t know?”

Rockefeller lied without changing his expression because he couldn’t bring in missing placer, and the smuggling of placer wasn’t important now.

  “I don’t know either? It seems like they suddenly lost contact recently… … .”

  “Have you not heard from him?”

  “Yes, there is no news.”

  Even if he said he could do it, Carter, whose only profit was his smuggled placer, looked deeply regretful.

  “Hmm… … It was small, but it was pretty cool. Suddenly that trafficker went diving… … That’s so sad. Well, it’s not that I feel sorry for you because you’re doing a good job.”

  “It was a small deal, wasn’t it? Perhaps, seeing the lack of contact, it seems that you have found a different route than me. Isn’t this the only place to smuggle?”

  “It is not. Sheesh, I wish I could hit it a little better. What the hell is wrong with you, so you stopped trading?”

  “Forget it. Instead, I am working hard.”

  “Yeah, it’s nice to have you. If I had known you had such a talent, I would have used you as an assistant sooner.”

  Still, it was his nature to miss money.

  Carter took a deep breath and suddenly began to express regret over the gold coin sleeping quietly in the warehouse.

  “By the way, I have enough money to lend you just what you said… … .”

  In the past, they would have lent only their own gold coins, but now they are secretly lending gold coins left by customers, but there were also concerns here.

  “The problem is, there is no one to lend me all those gold coins. I don’t think it’s possible to lend a dog or a cow, as these guys are going to say they’re full. I wish people with good credit like the lord would come and borrow some gold coins… … .”

  Rockefeller also thought about him as he swallowed his disappointment.

  ‘The orc subjugation is just the beginning.’

The frequent occurrence of orcs near the Montefeltro estate was really just the beginning.

  Because the all-out war between the Dwarves and the Orcs, which started with the goblin’s trickery, was still there.

  If the friction between the two forces affects this territory unknowingly and unknowingly, there are many things to look forward to from the point of view of Rockefeller, who plays money.

  ‘I bet you can have some fun if it gets more noisy than it is now. War always brings a friend of money.’

  * * *

  Mercenary Set, who came out of the store after changing his talents, suddenly felt uncomfortable gaze.

  I looked around to see what kind of gaze it was, and I saw a group of armed men guarding them.

  ‘Are you wilting here?’

  Looking at their attire, it seemed that they were very familiar with the sheamen who were in charge of security in this estate.

  Set wrinkled his expression unconsciously.

  ‘Sheesh, I didn’t really make a fuss, but I came to you like a ghost.’

  I have no recollection of making a fuss or making a fuss in the store.

  Of course, he didn’t like the boy he was dealing with, but whatever it was, he snarled a little and came out.

  Nevertheless, the fact that they were under surveillance means that they were wary of those who visited Banco.

  ‘It looks like it’s not Banco for nothing. After all, this is where the largest amount of gold coins are stored, so it’s no wonder that the seers care.’

  Among Youngji, the person who paid the most tax was the goldsmith who ran Banco.

  So, from the lord’s point of view, he had no choice but to pay the most attention to the safety of Banco, and the result was the eyes of the sears who watch over Banco.

  ‘However, we can’t just go out to change money and go out dressed neatly, can we? You didn’t cause any trouble, so please take a look at this situation.’

  There’s nothing good about making a fuss in other people’s quarters, so Set and his colleagues hurriedly left and went straight to the market to buy the things they needed.

“Banco looks like a banco. Did you see the withers lying outside?”

“Never mind. That’s where it used to be.”

  “It is not.”

  “Come on, let’s go back. If we were here, we wouldn’t get a good look.”

  After doing their business at the market, they headed to their campsite.

  Their encampment was located in a forest some distance away from the village.

  On the way to camp, Keith, a colleague on the set, suddenly spoke his words.

  It was about the Banco I had visited earlier.

  “Hey, didn’t you cut up to 2 shillings per piece of laver before you cut it at Banco? Three shillings is too expensive.”

  “right. It was originally 1 shilling for 1 talent, right? What three shillings?”

  Even Chris, who had been with him, was scolded, and Set made an annoyed voice.

  “There is only Banco there, so what should I do? I saw that she was blatantly selling her guts. And what do you think would be different with you guys? You are the same.”

  Those words made Chris accidentally recall his old memories.

  What is clear is that the past was different from now.

  “I don’t think it was that expensive when I came here in the old days.”

  “Isn’t it expensive? What are you talking about?”

  “Because I was here three years ago? I mean, I just stopped by on an abandoned mine expedition. I remember that when I exchanged money at that store, it was 1 shilling per talent. right, it sure was So, even though it is a foreign country, the exchange fee is cheaper than you think? That’s what I was thinking.”


  Hearing this, the other two had a rather absurd expression on their faces.

  “But why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

  “Yeah… … I knew it had just changed. It was already three years ago.”


  “But how can currency exchange fees become so expensive overnight?”

  “Is that possible?”

  At that moment, all three could recall what Rockefeller had said earlier.

  “By the way, did that kid do that? After he comes, business is going well.”

“Damn it… … .”

  “Does this seem right? Surely two shillings would have been enough.”

  “under… … With that money, you can go to a bar and do yoga twice! Yo-go.”

  “What about twice! For that money, I will do it three times!”

  However, they had almost reached the campsite to turn back, and the seers who had noticed them before were also a problem.

  “I don’t think I’ll return it even if I go back?”

  “Would you like to return it to me? You must have liked it because I asked you for a long time.”

  “He was just like a goblin. Goblins do business like that?”

  “under… … The three hound mercenaries in the world go like this.”

  “Honestly, it was great to be brave.”

  In the end, the three of them could not turn back and returned to the campsite.

  When the three returned, they went straight to the place where the captain’s barracks were located.

  It was to report to their head what had gone to the village.

  Found the captain’s barracks.

  When they visited the captain’s barracks, the captain of the hound mercenaries, Carl, had already contacted the custodian sent by the lord and had sent the janitor back to the lord’s castle.

  Looking at the gold coin pockets on the floor of the barracks, it seemed that he had already received the advance payment for the orc subjugation.

  Mercenary Set looked at the bag of gold coins lying on the floor and began to report to Captain Carl what he had been to the village.

  After hearing all their stories, Captain Carl opened his mouth slowly.

  “It seems that Youngji’s situation is not as serious as I thought. In fact, looking at the attitude of the janitor who came, I didn’t realize that Yeongji had called us because the situation was so urgent. There was quite a bit of room in my face.”

  “We felt the same way. The situation in Yeongji was pretty peaceful for what you called us, right?”

  Then, Keith and Chris, who had been quietly listening to their conversation, wrinkled their expressions.

  They thought it was not a place to play.

  “We’re not some kind of neighborhood bastard, so why the hell did you call me to such a frivolous thing?

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