MTL – 19

Chapter 19

“So the conclusion we came to was not to hire stupid idiots, but rather to make sure it was done at least once. That’s why I had to spend a lot of money to summon the Hound mercenaries.”

Carter began to react somewhat excessively to those words.

“As expected, the lord’s judgment is very unique. As you might have thought, if you hire stupid idiots for nothing, and your job fails, isn’t it just an extravagant amount of money? In general, mercenaries take half of the money even if the job fails.”

Youngju shook his head with a satisfied face.

“right. So I called them in to make sure. Hound mercenaries would be for sure.”

Even though he knew he was not in the position to intervene, Rockefeller mustered up the courage to ask the lord something.

It was a story about hound mercenaries.

“Then did you tell the hound mercenaries about the shaman?”

The lord gave Rockefeller an uncomfortable look.

It was the kind of gaze where the blue young man intervened in the conversations of adults.

“Rockefeller, you have no manners. How dare you ask a question to the lord!”

As Carter became rather angry, the lord who was watching became more generous.

The lord, who stopped Carter by raising his hand lightly, answered Rockefeller’s question.

“There are so many questions about the young man. Is that what he was so curious about?”

“I’m really sorry if you were offended. I’m worried because it’s not someone else’s business.”

“Unfortunately… … You haven’t told me yet.”

“Yes? Didn’t you tell me?”


It was very important information that the shaman was involved in the group of orcs to subdue.

But he hasn’t told me that information yet.

This time, Carter raised the question.

“No, why didn’t you tell me such an important thing until now? Then, if they go on a subjugation and encounter an orc shaman, isn’t it the hound mercenaries who are actually suffering?”

The lord shook his head with a confident face.

“The rumored people aren’t stupid, and they don’t act so ignorantly. Even more so if it’s a hound mercenary with a reputable reputation. So even if I didn’t tell them, they’ll find out naturally as they gather orc information.”

“then… … Are you rather aiming for it?”

At that, Yeongju smiled brightly.

“Let me tell you one more time. If I had asked them to subdue an orc horde with an orc shaman, would they have responded?”

Orc subjugation, including orc shaman, required more specialized manpower.

It was good for the soldiers who went out to subjugate to wear magic equipment to defend against magic, and they also needed a wizard with good skills to counter orc magic.

“Not the way I see it. He was probably reluctant to give excuses. But if they take on the job like this, then they will have the reputation they have built up so far, so they won’t be able to give up on this job easily. Because the rumors that the hound mercenaries in the world have given up because they were afraid of the orc shaman should not spread.”

“That’s what you were looking for.”

The young man did not deny it.

“It was all for Youngji. Of course there will be noise. Why didn’t you talk about the orc shaman? But if we say we don’t know, that’s enough. After all, it’s their business.”

Carter was obediently convinced that it was for the land, and the lord did not have any particular sense of guilt.

Rather than that, I thought it was simply a matter of money.

“Well, if the unit cost of work is higher because of the shaman, I am willing to pay them a little more. To subdue a group of orcs with a shaman, that sacrifice is of course necessary.”

Unlike them, on the other hand, Rockefeller had a different idea.

‘You don’t know about the existence of a shaman? Then the Hound mercenaries would have come without any preparation?’

Even the flying and creeping hound mercenaries on the bloody battlefield could not ignore the orc shaman who performed magic.

‘You will definitely need a wizard to participate in the subjugation. Without the wizard, the subjugation itself would be impossible.’

If the Hound mercenaries did not give up on this task, they had to hire a skilled wizard who could unconditionally respond to the orc shaman.

As the thought struck, Rockefeller quietly raised the corners of his lips.

‘If I do this well, I can get a loan I didn’t even think of.’

Unlike other mercenaries, the unit price of a wizard like the sky was quite expensive.

In other words, if they don’t have enough free money, they’ll need a loan.

‘As a matter of fact, short-term loans tend to have high interest rates.’

‘You said you paid three shillings for the exchange fee? I’m not some idiot, I just got ripped off.’

Hound mercenary commander Carl had arrived in front of Banco in the Montefeltro estate to safely store the advance paid in advance for this mission.

He still couldn’t believe that his subordinates, who had not blinked an eye even in the face of the heinous monster weapon, had been ripped off by a boy in the outskirts of Banco.

‘If you looked so skinny, you’ve been ripped off by a blue-eyed kid. After all, what the smell of battlefield blood knows about bargaining.’

Carl coughed heavily and announced his presence.

And then think

‘It’s a bargain by the way. You have to be like me.’

He entered the banco, confident that he would be different in his heart, and soon heard an absurd sound.

“what? How much do you want for gold coin storage now?”

When the larger and more ferocious-looking mercenary who had visited the previous day made a bewildered expression, Rockefeller repeated what he had just said in a dry tone.

“Didn’t you say that you would entrust me with 150 talents? The storage fee is 15 talents, which is 10% of the total amount.”

At the repeated remarks without making a single mistake, Karl looked a bit bewildered.

His face turned red like a blush.

“15 talents? Whoa, what nonsense! 10% of the amount deposited for storage. this is crazy Even if you are crazy, you are very, very, very crazy.”

He, like any other customer, decided to stop talking nonsense and face the store owner directly.

Because I thought it would be better to meet up with the store owner and negotiate in person than to wrestle with a boy who is not the store owner.

“Okay, where is the owner here? Aren’t you the owner of the store?”

“Why are you looking for the owner here?”

“Yeah, I’m just trying to negotiate directly with the store owner, not you. What is the storage fee!”

“You don’t have to. I am in full responsibility for the transactions of loans and gold coin storage here.”

“A young man like you? What do you mean you’re going to be the owner of this place?”

“Not really.”

Rockefeller smiled mischievously.

“It won’t change much just because you meet the owner. Would I rather be better than the owner?”

At those words, Carter, who was making gold coins inside the store, frowned slightly.

‘No, what kind of guts are you? 10% of the deposit for gold coin storage.’

In most bancoes, a gold coin storage fee of 3 percent was charged when a customer deposits gold coins.

Although the storage fee of 3 percent is not small, it is sometimes a good option for those who want to store their gold coins safely or who need to hide their gold coins without anyone knowing.

In addition, there is a paper gold coin storage certificate, so it is very portable, so you can carry a lot of gold coins by yourself.

It was also a perfect option for those who couldn’t.

By the way, 10% of the gold coin storage fee!

‘What are you going to do if the guest goes away? The amount I gave was not too small. That’s 150 talents. A huge sum of money.’

While Carter was hesitating whether to leave or not, the conversation between Rockefeller and mercenary commander Carl continued.

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