MTL – 20

Chapter 20 –

“You keep your gold coins safe, and you even write a gold coin custody certificate so that you can visit them at any time, right? Then, it is natural to receive a gold coin storage fee for that effort.”

“Who said anything about taking storage fees? The problem isn’t that, it’s the guts here who get 10% of the storage fee. What kind of banco in the world takes 10% of the gold coin storage fee? Usually, it is 3% at most, and there are some places such as the zodiac and Lyon that only receive 1%. Do you not know this at all?”

“Of course I do. I’ve heard of it being the case in Banco in the Yellow Sea or Lyon. But there it is and it is here.”


“In this estate, there is only our store in Banco, and the owner is friendly with the lord, so the store is very safe. So, of course, the storage fee is also expensive. It has its own premium.”

“It’s a snot on the outskirts, but what kind of premium does one banco get?”

“It’s a premium, of course. Our store is a member of the Lyon Guild, the largest of the Banco Associations. In other words, it is a very reliable store.”

“You are funny.”

“Since it belongs to the Lyon Guild, the gold coins entrusted to us can be found at any Banco belonging to the Lyon Guild. So, considering many aspects, it is natural to add a premium to the existing storage fee.”

Rockefeller threw one more word while Carl couldn’t answer.

“And this is the outskirts. It is expensive.”

Carl, who had been pondering Rockefeller, frowned, wondering if this was not the case.

‘Anyway, it’s not like I’m taking 10% of the storage fee.’

“done. If I pay 10% for storage, I’ll deal with it somehow. What ten percent?”

Slowly he thought it was time to stop arguing, and Rockefeller began to make covert offers to him.

“There, uncle.”

Rockefeller, who quietly lowered his voice, glanced inside the store, and then began to speak in a low voice.

Of course, it was all planned.

“This is something the owner of this place shouldn’t know. In fact, it’s the idea of ​​this guy here that you get 10% of the gold coin storage fee.”

Rockefeller watched the change in his expression and continued the rest.

“It’s a bit too much for me. It’s just 10% gold coin storage fee. This is pure raw strength. Even in the Yellow Capital and Lyon, at most, they take 3%.”

When he felt that he was trying to reduce the storage fee for gold coins, he naturally lowered his voice and asked.

“So what do you want to say?”

“I will only receive 6% without knowing the owner here. 6 percent. how is it? Not bad, right?”

That’s a decent reduction from 10%.

“Six percent?”

6% was also a ridiculous storage fee, but better than the 10% mentioned earlier.

‘No, what 6 percent? Six percent is nonsense.’

“Can’t you give me more cuts there? I don’t have any regrets, so I don’t have to leave my gold coins here.”

Rockefeller shook his head openly as he showed his jaw-dropping guts.

“It is not. If you dare come all the way here and leave your gold coins, are you saying that your situation is not good enough? Ordinary people don’t even think about entrusting them to Banco because of the cost of storing gold coins. That’s why they usually hide their gold coins somewhere without anyone knowing, or something like that. But there are a lot of risks involved in doing that.”

“… … .”

“For example, what would you do if some strange guy finds a gold coin hidden by you and steals it? If you keep it here safely, you will have to pay a certain storage fee, but the gold coins you entrusted are guaranteed by the Lyon Guild, so even if the store here goes down, you can get gold coins from other stores.”

There was nothing wrong, but Carl’s expression was still dark.

“But I can’t pay the storage fee like that. 10% is 15 talents, 6% is… … Anyway, you don’t know how much money that is, do you?”

If he thought it wasn’t true, Karl would have kicked out the store without looking back, saying that Banco’s assistant was talking to him.

But seeing him still standing, even Rockefeller was somewhat convinced.

He knew he had no other option.

‘I came here to deposit gold coins unconditionally. Or they would have just left for the ridiculous storage fee.’

And there is only one Banco in this area.

‘Then it’s worth trying your guts here too.’

“Mister. We don’t do business by digging in the ground, and we have to pay a certain amount of labor. And I’ve deducted a lot from 10%, right? That’s a lot to see.”

Carl still had a dissatisfied expression on his face.

“Okay, let’s make it 3 percent. Usually it’s 3%. Six percent is nonsense.”

“Three percent? That’s never going to happen. If that’s the case, go to another store and find out. Presumably, the 3% storage fee was too precious to be exact, so most of them negotiated with a goldsmith in Banco to reduce the gold coin storage fee.

By the way, the 6% storage fee in such a remote village is ridiculous!

However, the boy who was working in the store was never happy.

“It won’t be in the estate, so you’ll have to spend time and go to another territory, right? However, the area around this area is all outskirts, so I don’t know how much gold coin storage fee will be charged there. Also, I don’t know if they are members of the Lyon Guild like us.”

How dare the young blue boy have the guts against the sky-like hound mercenary commander!

‘Where else did you learn a horse that didn’t even dry your hair?’

It was only then that Captain Carl could remind his men that he had stuck his tongue out when he said he was going to Banco.

“Captain, that’s not it. There’s that damn little bastard. Would you have paid us a currency exchange fee like that?”

“Set is right. The little guy was pretty daring. I know how to be brave.”

“If it were normal, you would have to pee in your pants while looking at us, but that wasn’t the case. Commander, why don’t you just work hard for a few days and leave it somewhere else? What’s going to happen if you leave the advance payment here for only a few days?”

His subordinates reiterated that he had been told to watch out for the boy who was working in the store.

He’s as venomous as a goblin.

‘If only there was a subspace pocket to store gold coins separately!’

If there was such a thing, I would not have come to this Banco in the first place.

He didn’t even have to pay storage fees, he just put it in his space pocket.

‘But it’s hard to find and it’s expensive to call… … .’

Since it is not common, it is of course precious.

It was a story of a space pocket.

“good. Let’s make it 5 percent. 5 percent. They look at it a lot.”

Giving him 5% as a storage fee for gold coins was not a very good thing for him.

“Five percent?”

If this had been a normal deal, Rockefeller would have offered him a 3% storage fee from the beginning, and Karl, who received the offer, would have negotiated about 2% or 1% of the 3% storage fee as it was a waste.

‘Actually, there’s only 5% left in the business. But guts means playing it when you can.’

“It can’t be. Did I tell you before? Originally it was 10%, but I’m going to cut it down a lot and make it 6%. It’s hard for me to see you no longer.”

At that, Carter, who was grinding gold coins inside the store, gave a disappointed smile.

‘Where the hell did you learn that?’

Captain Carl, who had been fighting with Rockefeller for a while, reluctantly decided to accept Rockefeller’s offer.

I don’t know much about the store owner, so I was concerned that if I missed this opportunity, the storage fee would be higher than the one I was just offered.

“good. I don’t really like it, but let’s do it. Wouldn’t that be a lie instead?”

“It’s a lie. How could I lie about someone as tough as you?”

With a poopy expression on his face, Carl recalled his subordinates whom he would meet later.

‘I came here with so much agitation, but if I told you that I paid 6% for the storage fee for gold coins, it would be a joke.’

“Instead, there is one condition.”

Rockefeller tilted his head at that.

“Conditions? What is it?”

“Let’s make this deal something only us know. So, I will give you 6% of the storage fee as you said, so if someone comes and asks about the work here, they say it was a 3% deal. Because I have my face.”

“Instead, you shouldn’t go anywhere and talk here.”

“Don’t worry about that. This story will take me to my grave. Instead, when bad-looking guys like me come to you and ask for confirmation, just tell them you traded at 3%. That’s it.”

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