MTL – 21

Chapter 21

At that, Rockefeller asked as if passing over.

“But where are you from? Perhaps… … Are you from the Hound mercenaries?”

“You know it well.”

“Oh, you were there too. Yesterday, people like you came to visit. He came to exchange his talents, but… … Do you know anyone?”

“They are my subordinates.”

“The men? So you’re saying you’re going to be a captain there?”

“Yeah, I’m the boss there. I guess you didn’t see it that way.”

“Yes… … It’s a bit surprising. I didn’t know that the captain would come in person.”

“It’s nothing else, and I leave the money I received in advance with Banco, so of course I have to move on my own, right? That’s the money issue. no one to trust That’s why I came.”

When Carl introduced me, Carter, who was overhearing their conversation inside the store, gave a startled expression on his face.

‘Are you a mercenary commander? So that’s the famous hound, Karl, right?’

Speaking of hounds Carl, he was a very famous and strong man to represent the hound mercenaries.

Carter paused what he was doing for a moment and glanced into the store to look at the Hound mercenary commander.

As rumored, he was a very large man who could even make a fist fight with a small orc, and he looked more ferocious and more ferocious than the men he had visited yesterday.

‘You see a man called a human ogre. Are you lucky?’

However, the rumored mercenary commander could not overcome one of Banco’s young assistants and was ripped off.

‘It’s really amazing. The world’s hunting dog, Carl, is also being ripped off. Seeing something like this, it seems that I really have a sidekick.’

Returning to his place, Carter once again admired Rockefeller’s guts.

Because having the guts to overcharge the hound mercenary commander in the world is a talent that no one really has.

‘I’ve been watching for a few days, but he’s going to be great no matter what he does. The bowl itself is different from a timid guy like me.’

Captain Carl glanced at him and reminded him of the shopkeeper he had just gone to.

‘Damn it. It seems to be a laughing stock here and there.’

Karl, who became uncomfortable in his seat, wanted to leave the gold coins as soon as possible.

Just as he was about to rush his mind, he suddenly wondered about the name of the boy who ripped him off.

“But what’s your name?”

“What is my name? I’m Rockefeller Ross Medici. Please feel free to call me Rockefeller.”

“Los Medici?”

When Karl heard his name, it was not difficult for him to know that he was a commoner.

Because I’ve never heard the name Los Medici in my whole life.

“You are a common man. Seriously, you can’t use a non-common person for work here. Please write the receipt or sooner rather than later. You are busy.”

With him wanting to leave the store as soon as possible, Rockefeller began to slowly bring up the stories he had heard from the lord.

“It’s a receipt, I’ll write it right away. But are things going well here? I heard that you came here for orc subjugation.”

Rockefeller, who took the bag of gold coins from Carl, began to write the receipt, and Carl responded.

“Don’t worry. ‘Cause things are going well Subjugating orcs in this frontier is nothing compared to the reputation we’ve built so far.”

Carl raised the corners of his lips slightly, revealing his confidence.

“I don’t know what people here think. At least we think of it as a pastime to take a break. What kind of orc is that?”

“Oh yeah?”

Rockefeller, who was rolling a pen while writing a gold coin receipt, suddenly asked about something.

“From the point of view of the hound mercenaries, it seems that orcs are really nothing?”

“It’s not an army of orcs, and it’s not a job to kill a few orcs.”

“Then there is no problem with tribal units?”

“I would rather have a tribal unit. Then it will be less boring than I thought.”

Rockefeller whispered ready words to him, who was still relaxed.

“Then I’m glad. You’re saying that there’s nothing wrong with monster weapons or shamans being dragged by orcs, right? hey, that’s good I was very worried about the sudden appearance of orcs, but I think it would be no problem if you were confident.”

In the meantime, Rockefeller, who wrote down the gold coin custody certificate, stamped the seal of his shop and handed it over to Carl.

“It’s a gold coin storage certificate. In any case, you will need this receipt to go to our store or to Banco belonging to the Lyon Guild to retrieve the gold coins you have deposited. Of course, you know that there is a fee if you go to a store other than us, right? Here you go. Take it.”

Rockefeller’s words seemed to make Karl think more.

‘A monster weapon or an orc shaman?’

Carl decided that it probably wouldn’t happen.

This was the edge of the empire that was quite quiet.

Occasionally orcs did appear, but the monster weapons and shamans Rockefeller mentioned were rare, rarely seen except for the wars the orcs caused.

‘If it’s a monster weapon, the orcs aren’t going to start a war, so you won’t even see a shaman.’

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