MTL – 27

Chapter 27

Anyway, he was the owner of this shop.

If you can’t convince him, he can’t owe the lord more debt, so it’s important for Rockefeller to convince him.

“Mister Carter. Wouldn’t it be too early to worry about that yet? If the Lord says that we will pay back the money we borrowed on time, from our point of view, it is advantageous to lend a lot unconditionally. Among the customers we deal with, Yeongju is the most credible customer, and I think it would be ok to lend more, right?”

It wasn’t that Carter didn’t understand what Rockefeller was saying.

It was good for them to make as many loans as possible to customers with good credit.

“I don’t agree with the saying that the Lord’s credit is good. Because it’s much better than lending to someone in the middle. nonetheless. It has never been like this before.”

“In what case?”

“I mean, the Lord had never borrowed money like this in a row. I feel something… … That’s not good. I’m not on the bad side, so that’s a concern.”

Rockefeller’s efforts continued.

“Before, the lord borrowed 150 talents by hiring a mercenary, and this time, he borrowed an additional 100 talents by hiring a wizard. And if you add up to 150 talents to be paid to the mercenaries later, the lord’s latest debt is 400 talents, which is a lot of money for people like us. But from the point of view of a lord who rules a territory, it’s not that much money. Absolutely not.”

“You seem to be constantly begging the lord to lend you money.”

“It’s good for us to lend as much as possible. Wouldn’t that greatly increase the store’s profits?”

It was undeniable that the store’s income increased after the arrival of Rockefeller.

Therefore, no matter how much the store owner, he could not ignore Rockefeller’s opinion.

“Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. You’re trying to say that it’s okay to lend more, since the money you borrowed isn’t that great yet. But that’s it. What I’m really worried about is that the lord will break the habit.”

Carter continued.

“As you said, for a master who rules a territory, 400 talents is not a lot of money. But most of the big debts start with small debts. Right now, the debt is only 400 talents, but if you borrow like that, the debt will grow exponentially someday. I was worried about that.”

What would happen after that was a terrible nightmare for Carter that he couldn’t even imagine.

“I never thought that everyone in the world would pay me back on time. It would be easier to get it back if it’s a guy with no horns. Because even the thugs can do it and get the money. But the opponent is the person who owns this land. Do you know how easy it is to get your money back from such a person?”

Carter shook his head.

“no. It’s never easy. Especially if you have power. So, be careful from the beginning. It’s about controlling the good debtors here so that they don’t get into bad habits.”

If I had said this, Carter thought that Rockefeller would have fully understood what I meant.

But that was his mistake.

“What if I could get all that debt back?”

“Can I get it back?”

Carter couldn’t help but tilt his head unconsciously.

Rockefeller continued to speak to Carter.

“Aren’t you still going to lend it to me?”

“No way… … don’t you? you should think about it If someone like me asked the lord to pay him back, would you listen to him? No problem right now But what if you’re in debt you can’t afford? Then, even if I die, I will not repay the debt.”

“It’s kind of weird.”

Rockefeller tilted his head deliberately.

“Why are we going to get that money? As you said, the lord won’t even listen to us.”

Carter raised questions.

“No, if we don’t get it, who the hell is going to get the money?”

“There is this.”

Rockefeller took out the loan that the lord had written and showed him.

“I am selling this to other people. Then that person will go to the lord and receive money on our behalf.”

“That’s it… … .”

“Then we don’t have to worry about the Lord’s debts at all. The debt collection that we go to to collect the debt is someone else’s job, not us.”

Only then did Carter get a sense of what Rockefeller was trying to say.

“Then you mean to hand over the loan to someone else?”

“Yes, if there are too many IOUs written by the lord, of course we have to do that. It’s too risky for us to have them all. And, like Uncle Carter just worried, the lord, who has lost his ability to repay, may have a bad idea. This is natural.”

When Carter couldn’t answer, Rockefeller asked what happened.

“Didn’t Uncle Carter also tell the lord about this? That this IOU can be traded elsewhere.”

He obviously had said that.

the problem is… … .

“That’s it… … Of course it was just words. I am not a foreigner, I am a person who pays taxes and does business here. Where do you think it’s easy to do like you say? It was really prepared for the worst case, and I had no intention of making the lord look hateful for such a thing.”

“Then why did you get this IOU? If you’re not going to do business with anyone anyway, it’s useless to anyone, right?”

Carter responded with a frown.

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