MTL – 30

07. Birth of money (1)

“Rockefeller, what is that?”

  At dinnertime, repeated every day, when Rockefeller pulled out a paper IOU, his younger brothers showed great interest.

  “what’s this?”

  The younger brothers stared at the paper IOUs that Rockefeller had placed on the table with curious eyes, and then they began to ask questions a lot.

  Something made of paper with various words written on it.

  Except for the large text ‘1 Gold’, the text was so small that it was hard to see.

  Then the second Andrew spoke up.

  “Did you get this from Banco?”

  Andrew, the second oldest after Rockefeller, remembered seeing the IOUs his father, a former tax collector, brought from Banco.

  But I had no idea what it was and when it was used.

  “right. It came from Banco.”

  “In Banco?”

  Perhaps because of the strong perception that ‘Banco = money’, the younger brothers forgot dinner and got up and began to show excessive interest in the ‘1 Gold’ paper IOU that Rockefeller took out.

  “Wow, they got it from Banco!”

  “Then what are you doing with this?”

  “If I have this, can I go to the market and buy something to eat?”

  If there had been a grown man in this position, he probably would not have come up with the same idea as his younger brothers.

  In their view, the paper Rockefeller pulled out was either a IOU from Banco or a mere scrap of paper.

  It was only because of the strong perception that ‘Banco = money’ that the younger brothers showed such a reaction, not because they understood the different uses of the IOU.

  “This time I got it as a salary.”

  Rockefeller’s words made the younger brothers even more startled.

  “Is this your salary?”

  “Wow! This is how Banco pays you.”


  However, the second reaction was quite different from that of the other younger brothers.

  “This… … It’s not money.”

Andrew certainly knew what real money was.

  like an adult

  “Have you been scammed? This is real money… … No.”

  When the second asked worriedly, Rockefeller replied with a smile.

  “right. As you said, it’s not real money. But in the future, it will be used like money.”


  Third, Joshua once again showed strong curiosity.

  “Is this money?”

  In fact, Joshua, like Andrew, knew what real money was.

  However, because he had a strong belief in Rockefeller, he accepted what Rockefeller said as if it were true and showed a stronger curiosity.

  “How do you make this money?”

  Rockefeller, as he had done to the goldsmith earlier, explained to his younger brothers all the money, the currency, and how the little IOU from Banco could be used like money.

  After hearing all the explanations, the younger brothers were making expressions that they did not understand right away.

  To those younger brothers, Rockefeller was still smiling.

  “Even if it’s hard to understand right now, you can learn it slowly. Because I have a lot of time anyway.”

  Then the second Andrew raised the question.

  Although he had heard all the explanations, he was still skeptical.

  “But will the market traders accept it like money?”

  The third question was different from the second question.

  “I won’t accept it. Banco exchanges them for gold coins, so why not accept them?”

  Second Andrew tilted his head.

  “But it’s not real money, is it? Everyone will be suspicious.”

  Third, Joshua objected.

  “You still exchange them for gold coins, right? So it’s okay, isn’t it?”

  Then the fourth Leo, who had been listening quietly, spoke up after a long time.

  “I think it will be convenient.”

  When the fourth, who barely spoke, spoke, the eyes of the second and third gathered on the fourth Leo.

  “Are you comfortable?”

  “Huh… … it’s light It’s made of paper.”

The third responded to the fourth person’s words.

  “Leo said it well. Yeah, as Leo said, it’s lightweight, so I think people will like it more. Like Rockefeller’s words, many people might be able to use it. like money.”


  The dubious second was scratching the back of his head and still had a look of ignorance.

  “I don’t know.”

  Then Rockefeller, who had been watching it silently, came out.

  “Not everyone thinks the same. There will be people who are suspicious and disliked or shunned by Andrew like Andrew, and others like Joshua and Leo who prefer to carry around. However.”

  Rockefeller began to continue his words with a serious expression on his face.

  “This IOU must be used like money. It doesn’t matter what other people think of it.”

  “Why do you have to be like that? Is there any reason?”

  Second, to Andrew’s question, Rockefeller gave a very brief explanation of why.

  The younger siblings were still too young to explain everything.

  ‘Just because I teach them all, doesn’t mean I’m old enough to understand them all.’

  “That way we can be rich. If this job goes well and you make a lot of money, half of the proceeds would be shared with the store man, right?”



  Rockefeller’s difficult explanation It was a bit difficult for the younger brothers to understand, but when things went well, they seemed to understand really quickly what it meant to be rich.


  “So, I want you guys to help hyung a little too.”

  “How can we help?”

  “Rockefeller, just talk! We’re here to help!”

  What I could expect from my younger siblings was really small.

  What can you expect of them?

  But Rockefeller had no doubts that small efforts could come back big later.

“There is nothing you can do big. You just have to tell the kids and people around you that hyung got this as his first salary from Banco. Because that is enough.”

  “Can I just tell you a rumor?”

  “Is that all? Is there anything more we can do for you?”

  He really wanted to be rich.

  Rockefeller was smiling and speaking to his younger brothers who were more active than he was.

  “That’s enough. My brother will take care of everything.”

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