MTL – 33

08. Money is faith (1)

“Here it is.”

A man in a robe of a long robe that came down to her knees questioned.

“this is… … What is?”

He had definitely given the manastone, and he was expecting talent, the gold coin of the empire, for the price, but isn’t the manastone merchant handing over an unknown piece of paper?

A moment of embarrassment.

A young girl who was with me raised a questionable voice.

“Is something wrong?”

Her small stature and her hood were pressed deeply so that her face could not be seen, but from the way she spoke, it seemed that she was in a higher position than the man she was with.

“Miss Isabella, interest gave me something other than talents for my mana stones. So I was questioning myself if it was the right deal.”

“You said you gave me something other than a talent?”

“Yes, lady.”

Although she was young, she had time to wander outside, so the girl was not so dark about the world.

“What did you give me instead of your talents?”

The man quickly looked at the paper that the magic stone merchant had handed him.

At a glance, it was a certificate of borrowing issued by a certain Banco.

“that is… … It is a certificate of borrowing.”

“The IOU?”

As she knew she was a girl, she would occasionally get a IOU for things.

“It’s a IOU from a place called Carter Bancor… … .”

“If it’s a IOU, why don’t you go to Banco and exchange it for talent again?”

“It should be… … .”

There was another reason why her man was in trouble.

What he was handed over was an IOU of a slightly different form from the commonly known IOU.

Usually, when it comes to a deed of borrowing, there is usually a statement that says that you will pay the corresponding amount of gold coins when you take the deed of loan to Banco.

“It’s kind of weird. There is no guarantee of any gold coins in this IOU.”

He was a highly educated magic instructor.

Therefore, he harbored strong doubts, biting on what Young Jimin had overlooked.

“Are there no guarantees? It would not be possible.”

“It seems to have been issued with the lord’s credit as collateral.”

Suddenly, the shop owner began to speak out when he was on the verge of becoming a scammer.

“Ah, I know about that. But if you take it to Carter Banco, the owner of the Banco will give you that amount of talent without any problem. If Banco does not provide it, please visit our store again. Then I will pay for the mana stones in a different way.”

If you go to Banco with this strange IOU, you can exchange it for gold without any problem!

The two guests who came had a face that could not be understood.

“Are you really going to exchange this for gold coins if you take it from that banco?”

“Yes, it is. So far, there have been no problems.”

“It’s strange. We don’t quite understand. The credibility of the lord here is not comparable to that of the imperial family.”

“Still, you are our lord. It used to be a cracked place, but now no one cares, so is there any problem? As long as there is no war in the Empire, there will be no problems.”

While the man was having a conversation with the store owner, the girl who was examining the IOU immediately shook her head in denial.

‘There is nothing here that guarantees gold coins.’

The girl raised her head and looked at the shopkeeper.

Even though he washed his eyes, he couldn’t find any lies in his face full of bewilderment.

They believe in this strange IOU.

‘I don’t think he’s lying.’

The girl was interested in the banco they were talking about.

‘I’d better go and ask.’

* * *

Rockefeller encountered two unidentified customers who came to the store.

One was a man with distinct features and her stature, and the other was a young girl about the size of my sister.

Her girl was wearing her robe hood pressed down, so her face could not be seen, but her man took off her hood, revealing her own presence.

‘What are they doing?’

Among the people who came to Banco, there was no confusion.

Most of them were nobles or merchants who touched money.

Their identities were unknown, but Rockefeller dealt with them with a smile naturally, like a business.

“What did you come here for?”

When Rockefeller broke his luck, her man looked into the store and spoke up.

“Where is the owner?”

“Are you the owner? Why are you looking for the owner?”

She was a man and she never thought that Rockefeller would be a kid watching work inside this store.

Because Rockefeller was too young for that.

“I have something to talk to you about here.”

When her man answered with a blank expression on his face, Rockefeller began to question her what he had been looking for.

‘Isn’t that a big deal?’

“If you are doing this because of work at the store, I think you can just tell me. I’m watching the shop work.”

At that, her man had a slightly surprised expression on his face.

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