MTL – 35

  1. Money is faith (2)

Her man with her was momentarily bewildered when her quiet girl suddenly spoke up, but she quickly cleared her embarrassment and calmed down.

Often this happened.

“He is high. Set an example, commoner.”

When her man spoke harshly, Rockefeller showed no embarrassment to the girl.

Because, as the girl often did, Rockefeller had been through this before.

‘Are you aristocrats?’

It wasn’t without that feeling from the beginning, but one thing Rockefeller didn’t expect was that the girl was the superior of the two.

Apparently, the girl appeared to be the daughter of a noble family.

And the man who came with him would be the girl’s attendant.

Rockefeller took it that way.

‘By the way, where are the family members? I think this is the first time I’ve seen it.’

Few of the aristocrats or wealthy members of the Montefeltro estate were ignorant of Rockefeller.

I’ve seen it at least once or twice while working for Banco.

‘Are you a foreigner then?’

“I’m sorry for not knowing. I haven’t worked for a while, so I don’t really recognize high-ranking people. Please forgive me.”

When Rockefeller politely asked her forgiveness, her man closed his mouth with satisfaction.

Once the atmosphere had been set for some conversation, her man gave her a signal, and the girl spoke to Rockefeller.

“First of all, what is your name?”

The name didn’t matter here.

What matters is the name of the family and family to which he belongs.

So, what the girl wanted to confirm by asking her name was to find out where Rockefeller came from.

If he knew about his family or family, he could have guessed what kind of person he was.

“My name is Rockefeller Ross Medici.”

“Los Medici?”

It was the first place he had ever heard of.

Still, she glanced at her man, just in case, and her man had a look on his face that there was no problem.

“It’s someone you can talk to with ease.”

When her man said so, it meant that she was okay with anything she did with her boy.

It sounds like he’s in a bad mood and can slap him on the cheek, or even kill him.

But she was just curious, and she had no intention of harming Rockefeller.

“Los Medici… … You’re hearing it for the first time. There is something I want to ask you, a commoner.”

“Yes, I will answer anything.”

“Did you not feel any problems with the IOU you traded earlier?”

Rockefeller involuntarily lifted his head to make eye contact with the girl, but then quickly lowered his head.

It was a moment, but the gaze they met was quite cold.

‘It’s the first time I’ve talked like this, so it’s very unfamiliar. I think I just made a mistake.’

Even when the lord came, he had never had a conversation like this.

So I made a mistake unintentionally, but the girl had a look that didn’t really care.

“I want to talk while looking at each other, is that okay? I want a comfortable conversation.”

When the girl asked, the man quietly nodded her head.

It meant that Rockefeller’s existence was so insignificant that there was no problem even if he showed his face to the boy.

As soon as her man’s permission fell, the girl took her hood off herself and spoke to her.

“Raise your head and take a look. I want to have a conversation with you.”

As Rockefeller lifted her head, a girl with purple hair was staring at her.

‘I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a noble girl.’

It was definitely a noble girl, so the feeling itself was different from the simple commoners of the same age.

Does it feel difficult to deal with?

There was also the fact that the girl was an aristocratic young girl, but the intimidation that came from her superior appearance was greater than that.

‘Yeah, you’re a blue kid.’

Soon after, she realized that she had the spirit of a saint, and as Rockefeller put her mind at ease, the girl facing her asked again.

“Answer me now. Did you feel any problems there?”

She told me to take it easy, so she has no choice but to be comfortable with it.

“Yeah, I didn’t feel any problems there. Rather, I would like to ask why you are asking that in the opposite way.”

No matter how comfortable she made her seat, her man gently closed the gap between his brows, leaving him with a strangely changed attitude.

‘Aren’t you afraid?’

Normal serfs could not even dare to step on the shadows of nobles, and this was no different for commoners.

It is common for people of low rank to be restless even when talking to aristocrats.

The man, who had been slightly offended, could quickly guess the reason.

‘Aren’t you afraid because you’re still a child? if not… … Does continuing to work in Banco make the aristocrat seem a bit bubbly?’

It was Banco, a place where even the high-spirited nobles sometimes softened their oppressive posture.

He had to entrust money like his own blood or borrow money, so it had to be done, but since he is a boy working in such a banco, I wondered if that was the reason.

‘How can you look at me like that? Normally, I couldn’t even make eye contact.’

And it was the same with the girl facing Rockefeller.

I mean, I wanted it to be comfortable, but I never imagined that I would be treated so comfortably.

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