MTL – 36

Obviously, the boy named Rockefeller was the most daring and stiff-headed of the commoners he had encountered.

‘He’s a strange person.’

It was the girl herself who felt rather uncomfortable at the place prepared by my will.

On the other hand, Rockefeller was not at all uncomfortable in treating the girl as if he was dealing with commoners like himself.

‘Why are you so fussy? He told me to take it easy, so I took it easy.’

“If you tell me where you felt the problem, I will answer you sincerely as well.”

Rockefeller asked again, and only then did the girl begin to respond.

“Nowhere in the IOU was any guarantee of gold coins. Still, she gave her talents here without any problem. Doesn’t she feel strange here?”

“Yes, that is true, because as it is written on the IOU, it is secured by the IOU issued by the Lord. So I exchanged them for talents.”

“Do people here believe that the lord’s trust will be immortal?”

“Yes, of course. You are a lord like the sky.”

Then her man who was with them intervened.

“Neither the lord nor the lord are immortal, boy. Even at this time on this day, there will be lords or territories that either get invaded by foreign forces or disappear due to political problems within the empire.”

Rockefeller knew exactly where they were questioning and questioning.

And it’s what Rockefeller wanted that they didn’t have much of an issue with.

‘I know it well. But it is we who have to use that ignorance.’

“We never thought that the Lord or this estate would be destroyed. And since you are a heavenly lord, will there be any problems?”

The man pointed it out again.

“That kind of naive thinking is the problem. Is it possible to issue another deed of borrowing as collateral with a nothing deed issued by a lord from such a remote area, not even the imperial imperial family? Usually, a deed of loan is collateralized with gold coins. Not the trust of the lord.”

“Hey, I’m very sorry during the talk. Is there something wrong with the talents we gave you?”

“Why are you asking that?”

“If what you just said becomes a problem, of course it will be our store that suffers damage. As you said, if the lord’s trust is broken, the damage is all we receive, right? We used that as collateral to issue the IOU and gave us gold coins.”

To that, the girl replied softly.

“Not only you, but because of the lord, many people will suffer.”

“Like you said, it’s about when the lord is destroyed. Yes?”

The girl waited patiently for what Rockefeller would say next.

“But right now, Lord’s credit is very good. Our lord is They pay interest on time and have never had a problem anywhere with debt.”

As if Rockefeller was waiting, he pulled out a friendly smile.

“So we, too, can use the loan written by the Lord as collateral. If the lord’s credit is bad, can we give you our talents as collateral for a loan that might be a piece of paper? That’s not it.”

After hearing that her lord’s credit status was better than expected, the girl glanced at her man, and after thinking for a moment, the man began to give the reaction Rockefeller wanted.

“If the trust of the lord here is strong… … I don’t think there will be any major problems.”

“Is there no threat here?”

“As I said, this is the edge of the empire. It is a very peaceful place where there is not even a conflict of interest that comes to mind.

The man was able to recall the old place name of this place by chance.

“A long time ago, this place was called Azrak Goldmine and it was also the land of dwarves.”

“Azrac Goldmine? Where do you think you heard it?”

“Yes, he said that it was a gold mining area that was well known on the continent. But now, all the gold veins have become dry and dead land, and after the dwarves withdrew, I heard that it was incorporated into the Empire’s territory.”

The girl pointed out the possibility that she might not be aware of.

“If there was such a large gold vein in the past, isn’t it still there somewhere?”

With those words, the man denied all her possibilities.

“Lady, the Dwarves who can’t use their four limbs when it comes to gold aren’t that soft. If there were even a few veins of gold alive in this land, there would be no reason for them to abandon this land. But they went away. without any regrets. That means the land is already dead.”

As her man emphasized, she said the next thing.

“Girl, there is a reason for everything in the world.”

The girl was at a loss for words when she said that even the gold veins, which could be disputed, had dried up.

It was clear that there was a problem with the IOUs issued by this Banco.

However, in order for the problem to arise, the condition of the estate had to be worse than it is now, or there had to be a problem with the lord’s credibility.

But she didn’t even feel like it, so she couldn’t make a big deal out of it, even though she was her outsider, not an insider.

“is it?”

If there was no problem, it would be a problem to be involved any longer.

When the girl didn’t want to vomit any more about the matter, Rockefeller gave her a finish.

“I am very grateful that the young lady cares about our store, but if the Lord’s trust is strong, there will probably be no major problems.”

She must have exchanged the IOUs she brought with her for talents.

She must have answered the questions she was holding.

When she had nothing more to do, the girl looked at her man, and her man acted quickly to see if she knew what it meant.

“Go outside.”

The girl who had been following her man without answering her suddenly turned around and she asked Rockefeller a sudden question.

“What if there is a problem with the lord’s credit here? Probably not, but what if?”

one at a time.

What would you do if something like that happened to you, even one in ten million?

Rockefeller hesitated for a moment at the girl’s question, and then answered without a lie.

“Then we will get our money back somehow.”

She had said the girl herself, and she didn’t expect much from her answer either.

But she was quite surprised by her response when she returned, and she gave the girl a somewhat startled look, and even her man across the door of her shop turned around and looked at Rockefeller.

Are those words really coming from a 15-year-old boy?

At this moment, Rockefeller was no longer a young Banco assistant who humbled himself to deal with the nobility.

It was like a demonic creditor who went to get the money he had borrowed.

“If there is no money to receive from the lord, I will take the equivalent. If there is no money to repay, the castle and the lord’s rights, if there is no such thing, the land. If we don’t even have that land, we’ll have to take the lord’s soul.”

Rockefeller showed a friendly smile to those who had not yet moved.

“We never do business at a loss.”

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