MTL – 37

08. Money is faith (3)

Is it realistically possible for a rabbit to go to the tiger’s den to get money?

No matter how much blood or tears, Bancor was a joke that was too harsh for the two of them to hear.

“… … .”

They both stood and forgot what to say.

Should I just throw away that ridiculous joke as a joke?

Or whether it’s a joke or a serious one, should we consider carefully at this point?

He couldn’t catch a hold of it.

“… … accept it?”

A banco contractor against the owner of a estate?


Rockefeller still smiled at the girl’s natural reaction.

“Is it okay if I take it well?”

“It’s a joke… … That’s a bit too much.”

A man standing at the threshold called the girl, judging that it was not even worth considering.

“Isabella, let’s go.”

Rockefeller had taken it for granted, so her man had his doubts for a moment.

However, no matter what the boy said, it was almost impossible for the rabbit to go to the tiger’s den and get the borrowed money, so the man dismissed the boy’s words as bullshit.

in between.

Rockefeller was reacting to something entirely new.

‘Wait a minute, is that girl’s name Isabella?’

Rockefeller looked slightly startled when he heard the girl’s name.

‘Then maybe that’s why you reacted to the discrimination artifact you saw earlier?’

There were very few clues.

The girl’s name revealed at this time and the subtle change in the girl’s expression earlier made Rockefeller able to guess the girl’s identity to some extent.

‘You’re really surprised. After all, not all of the stories in the novel are in the novel.’

Very surprisingly.

The girl was one of several heroines who later became entangled with the main character.

‘Nightlord Isabella.’

She was a sorcerer belonging to Sinclair, which is called a magic family, and was a female character who had something to do with the main character.

‘Then is the man with you Jason the hound? She’s Isabella, she said, she used to hang out with her teacher and apprentice when she was growing up.’

Her doubts soon turned to certainty.

It was completely identical to the appearance of the two depicted in the novel.

‘A cold-looking wizard with indigo hair. You’re still young here, but you’re probably right. And a hound from an instructor with a tall stature and distinct features. Both are as described in the novel.’

All of the magic that the girl dealt with was closely related to the dark attribute, to the extent that it was nicknamed “Night Lord”.

‘That’s not like a witch.’

The attribute itself was only darkness, and had nothing to do with demons or black magic, which was deeply related to necromancy, and even in the novel, she was quite a ‘good guy’.

‘You can see heroines in novels here. When she was young, she said that she roamed the continent with a hunting dog that was an instructor, but I guess that’s true.’

So, why is she, one of the heroines, here with her family’s hounds, which can be called the outskirts of the empire?

‘no way… … Are those wizards called by the Hound mercenaries?’

He couldn’t be sure, but it was rare for a wizard to appear in such a periphery.

Also, as there has been talk of hiring a wizard for the Orc Shaman issue recently, it is worthwhile to have some doubts.

“Perhaps… … Aren’t you a wizard?”

Isabella was a little perplexed by the sudden question.

She has not yet revealed that they are wizards, as the most ordinary-looking Banco boy in the world has guessed their identities.

“It… … Why are you asking?”

“Rumors are circulating that the Hound mercenaries hire wizards to subdue orcs. He was a foreigner from the outside, and he was wearing a robe that wizards like to wear, so I asked him just in case.”

“Are robes worn by aristocrats and priests a lot?”

“The texture of the robes looks great. I’ve met many nobles here, but this is the first time I’ve ever worn such a high-quality robe. Even the First Lady here cannot wear such clothes. And since most of the clergy are dressed modestly, absolutely not. Then it’s either a nobleman higher than the nobles here, or some sort of wizard. He’s a wizard, he’s rich.”

Isabella, who refused to answer, glanced behind her, and Jason looked slightly perplexed.

Their identities were revealed in a state where the flow of mana around them was extremely limited so that no one noticed that they were wizards, so it was quite embarrassing.

‘Are you feeling good? How did you hit that? Usually, I just saw him as an aristocrat.’

There was no need to disclose the fact that they were hired wizards, but the boy’s reasoning wasn’t bad enough, and it became undeniable.

“You’re asking useless things.”

Rockefeller scratched the back of her head as her man looked uncomfortable.

“Or not what. I just asked. It means nothing.”

imperial fringes.

Jason, who thought that there would be no major problems even if his identity was revealed anyway, immediately affirmed the question.

“It feels good. As you said, we are wizards.”

“Are you really a wizard? Wow, how did you come all the way here?”

“A mercenary I ran into by chance asked for help. They say they’re in trouble because there’s no way to solve the orc shaman.”

Of course, they never came here because of their pay.

‘Because it will be a good experience in many ways for a young lady who has not yet experienced practical work.’

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