MTL – 39

08. Money is faith (4)

Rockefeller wanted to bet on his man’s words, but he chose not to.

Wouldn’t it be better for him to mix more horses with a magician with clear eyes?

Being tired was just disgusting.

‘Meeting the heroine in the novel was fun, but it doesn’t seem like this conversation will benefit me much, right?’

A polite question from the man who wanted to convince the girl followed.

“What would you like to do?”

Still, it was his position that he couldn’t stop it if he wanted to stay, but he thought he had already explained enough, so he waited quietly for the girl’s answer.

As her man waited, the girl who had been thinking for a while turned her back with a sad expression on her face.

‘I… … Am I wrong?’

She was still a young girl.

Her natural talent may be the best, but her lack of experience could make her judgment immature.

So, she had a hard time turning her back on her teacher’s conciliation.


Is it not that easy for a young Ji-min to receive money from the owner of the land he is living in?

‘If you have the power, you can do it, but only if you don’t.’

The former Rockefeller figure was still etched in her mind.

How dare a commoner show such confidence.

It was quite a shock.

‘I’ll never see you again, but… … .’

It was not that her regrets did not remain, but the girl shook off her regret and followed her man and went on her own path.

As the two left, Rockefeller let out a short sigh.


At the same time, Carter, who was watching the situation closely, came out and spoke to Rockefeller.

“Were you just a wizard?”

Perhaps for one Youngjimin, the existence of a wizard could be more fearful than the lord.

So, Carter, who had taken care of himself, appeared interlocking with the departing wizard.

“Yes, maybe.”

“It’s good. It would have been really bad for the wizard.”

Rockefeller couldn’t help but laugh at Carter, who was greatly relieved as he stroked his chest.

‘You seem to have become a real new breast.’

Carter asked Rockefeller.

“Isn’t that more the case that we were caught?”

“Do not worry. I was just skeptical and went back.”

“Then I am very happy. If those wizards noticed all our plans and told the lord, wouldn’t we be the only ones in trouble?”

Rockefeller smiled brightly.

“Hey, what can we do? It’s wrong anyway, it’s the Lord’s doing. We are not at fault The fault lies in the lord who did not take his debt lightly.”

“Yeah… … It is not.”

“And don’t worry too much. After all, our plan is not to report right away. Some time has to pass.”

Rockefeller continued.

“In addition, when the lord owes a lot of debt, just like the jackpot pops up at that time, we also benefit.”

As Rockefeller said, their plan didn’t happen right away.

something that might take years.

That is why it was not easy for a person without power to conduct debt collection against a person with power.

“The wizards who have just come will not be able to notice our plans. There is no problem that comes up right away, but even if the problem does happen, will those people completely forget about the work here? A lot of time will pass by then.”

“Is that so? I think that too.”

“So, don’t be so restless. There is no problem.”

“Ugh, I should have a big heart too, but this guy’s small breasts.”

My heart is pounding in frustration! Carter then asked another question.

Waiting was another problem for him.

“By the way, waiting for the moment we want is going to be out of breath. How long do you have to wait? It seems that people are slowly using our new gold IOUs.”

Rockefeller never showed any impatience at that question.

Because what a person who is aiming for the jackpot must have is a guy called waiting.

“The more boring our waiting, the sweeter it will probably be to imagine the fruit it brings. Keep waiting. Until people here use our gold IOUs like money.”

Rockefeller continued.

“And it never happens overnight. It could take as little as a few years, and as much as 10 years.”

Rockefeller is still 15 years old.

Rockefeller was not at a loss at all, even if it took several more years.

Because he was that much younger.

‘Even if it takes three or five years here, I have no regrets. After all, you’re too young, and you need some time until you reach adulthood.’

The age of majority was very important in order to get out of Carter’s shadow and become independent.

According to imperial custom, he could not be treated as an adult until he reached the age of 18.

“And if you’re running out of money right now, don’t worry too much about it. There are other ways to sweep the money aside from what we have planned.”

At that, Carter pricked up his ears.

“what? What did you say now?”

“What do you say? He said that there is another way to make money that you like.”

Carter felt my heart pound.

That’s how good he was to make money.

“What do you mean? Even now, I am earning quite a bit, are you saying that you can earn more here?”

“Yes, in order for us to reap big profits when the time comes, the Lord must owe a lot of debt, right?”

“right! That would be it.”

“To do that, first of all, shouldn’t we have a lot of money? So, won’t we lend a lot of money to the lord?”

Carter nodded quickly.

“of course. But how the hell can you earn more? With the knowledge I have, there is no other way to make money than this.”

Rockefeller just chuckled at those words.

‘Now, I have to move on to step 3.’

“Have you ever borrowed your own money and received interest?”

This is step one.

Carter did not deny that.

“It was.”

“Then, after I came, they secretly lent customers money.”

Step 2.

“Okay, so what are you going to do?”

The cute number that modern finance deceives everyone.

Rockefeller didn’t know either.

Rockefeller, who blatantly darkens his smile, mentioned the last three steps.

“From now on, I will lend not only customers money, but also money they don’t have.”

Carter couldn’t shake his dazed expression for a while at those words.

what, what?

What crazy is that?

“What are you talking about? I’m going to lend you the money you don’t have.”

Rockefeller was still smiling.

“What? It’s kind of a surprise on the floor.”

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