MTL – 40

09. Brother was brave (2)

The second was taken aback by the sudden remark.

“What are you talking about? How to make money?”

“There are mercenaries over there. Aren’t these guys from quite a distance? I know there aren’t any near the village.”

“These guys? Maybe it’s from far away? Not near town.”

For children who like to play war, mercenaries with swords were the top concern.

Especially if it was a reputable mercenary, there was no need to say anything, and for that reason, children who were curious about their location were well aware of their location because they had come to the camp near where the mercenaries were staying.

“right? But why are you seated so far away? Do you know Andrew hyung?”

“You say you don’t get along well with the widows here. I’m not from Youngji, so I guess the Shea uncles don’t like it very much. The mercenaries seem to know how to keep their distance.”

Second, some of Andrew’s friends were quite friendly.

One of the friends asked a passing hound mercenary, and he gave that answer, and Andrew picked it up next to him.


“But what are you talking about? Is there any way to make money? Are you really right when you say nonsense?”

When the second Andrew gave the threat, the third Joshua opened his eyes.

“Really. Andrew hyung, listen carefully to what I said from now on. There are mercenaries over there. You came to the market from a really distant place to buy food, didn’t you? right?”

“It should be.”

“Then we can run errands for those men. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be bothersome for those guys to come all the way here every time.”

“Are you going to run an errand now?”

“Yeah, if you run an errand, I won’t pay you for the labor instead.”

The second one I thought about for a while seemed to agree.

“Do you think it’s okay?”

“Andrew hyung, let’s do this before the others do it first.”

When the third Joshua blew in, the second Andrew jumped to his feet.

“I will go and tell you.”

When Andrew said he would go on his own, Joshua followed him without saying a word.

Then he lifted up his second brother.

‘After all, the second hyung is the best for this kind of work.’

Andrew, who had been chasing all the way to the back of the mercenary, raised his voice.

“There you guys.”

The mercenaries belonging to the Hound, who lost their bets and came out to the village mayor, were in a state of irritability.

Still, the distance between the campsite and the village market is quite a bit, but today’s food ingredient was on the go.

Also, due to the nature of the nasty mercenaries, they had to walk unconditionally to get to the village market.

Because that was the condition of the bet.


When a certain kid came up to me and talked to me, the mercenaries who looked ugly crumpled up and looked at them.

Obviously, he was thinking of the troublesome village children who were clinging to each other like flying flies and begging for some money.

“If you come here to ask for money, there is nothing. Shake it off to see if any dust comes out.”

Andrew bravely stepped forward to a mercenary who even waved his hands.

“It’s not that, don’t you need someone to run errands for?”

Then Joshua, who was silently watching from behind, started cheering for the second.

It was because he was afraid of himself and, like his second, could not speak boldly to his elders.

“errand? I have nothing to do, so just go.”

One mercenary, who was trying to chase away the children who came with a pesky tantrum, went on his way, and another mercenary who had been watching began to pay attention to what Andrew had said.

“Hey, what did you just say? errand?”

As one of the mercenaries showed interest, the second curved his lips as if he had wanted it this time.

“Yeah, I asked if I needed someone to run the errand. Uncles, it’s going to be a bit far from camp, isn’t it hard to come all the way here to buy food every time? If you’re going to do that every time, you’d better have us do it. We’ll make sure to bring them to where they are.”

One mercenary, who had shown interest in Andrew, blew a long whistle, calling out the two mercenaries who had left earlier.

“Hey! Is this kid going to run errands for us?”

“What errands?”

“Come over here at once.”

Some of the mercenaries had to sacrifice every time they came to the village market to buy food.

There is a way to buy a lot of ingredients at once, but if you prepare food with too old ingredients, the taste of the food deteriorates, so someone who lost the bet had to go to the village market to buy the ingredients for that day.

“I think I’m going to be busy soon, but I can’t do this every time, can I? In a yard where everyone is busy resting, where is the time to come all the way here? Let’s just get the kids here to solve the food problem.”

Hearing this, the two mercenaries who had come together began to nod their heads.

The subjugation operation, which had been delayed due to the orc shaman problem, was showing signs of starting slowly due to the recruitment of wizards, and it was obvious that if the subjugation operation started like that, it would be busy without taking an eye.

“Do you think I’m okay?”

“me too.”

With that thought, a mercenary faced Andrew with a slightly suspicious expression.

“Hey, kid.”


“If you gossip, will this guy kill you? Do you know how scary these guys are?”

“What kind of phrase is a goura! I never swear! Just trust me for a few days.”

“Really? So, can you buy me what the men said from tomorrow to our camp? The pay is… … .”

The opponent was a child that could be fed with a small amount of money, but there was a point that it was unreasonable to eat with too little money because the distance between the camp and the village was quite long.

“Hey, that’s enough for one shilling. Because that’s a lot of money for them.”

“Yes, I will give you one shilling a day. Instead, are you sure to buy food for yourself? Understand?”

“Yes! Sure! Please trust me. I will never let you down.”

With that, the story ended, and the mercenaries left with the ingredients they bought from the market, telling them to come to the camp early tomorrow morning.

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