MTL – 42

09. Brother was brave (3)

After hearing the names of the two brothers, Set learned that the two children were commoners.

‘Los Medici… … You must be a commoner.’

“But you guys… … .”

Set with a shaky tail reminded him of a boy he met by chance in Banco.

Because the faces of Andrew and Joshua overlapped Rockefeller to some extent.

‘Ah, please. Could it be?’

“no. Anyway, let’s go ahead. Then go over there Revan will be waiting there.”


The two brothers, who answered loudly, headed to the place set pointed to, where they encountered the chef uncle with a wooden prosthetic leg on one leg in the kitchen.


In the past, he was also a mercenary who roamed the battlefield, but after losing one of his legs in a battle with an ogre, he turned into a cook for his companions.

It was very large for a person without one leg, giving the two children a great sense of intimidation.

“Are you guys? From today on, the kids are going to bring food from the market.”


The brothers’ voices shouting in the same gender were quite loud, but Revan opened his eyes and looked at the two brothers with suspicion.

He was too young to run errands, and it was his first time, so he couldn’t believe it.

But what about it?

It was a desperate need for someone to bring food on behalf of the busy mercenaries.

‘I don’t think I’m going to cheat just by looking at your face.’

When asked to buy good ingredients, there were some people who unexpectedly bought bad ingredients and filled their stomachs with the rest of the money.

For that reason, he had his colleagues supply food, but seeing the children who came this time, he thought that Levan might have done better.

He thought they would be naive as children.

“you. If you say you’re going to run an errand and run away later, you know that these guys are going to catch up with a group then, right?”

Revan issued a threat from the start with a scary face, but it was a sound that the two brothers, who were already excited about making money, could not hear it.

“I am not cheating! Can you tell me where we live? Then will you trust me?”

“Trust me! I am sure I will do well!”

Rather, when he showed a more ambitious appearance, Revan asked with a slightly different expression than before.

“But it is. What are you so excited about?”

“Well, you can make money!”

“Of course it’s exciting! If you do your job well, you can earn 1 shilling a day!”

Was one shilling such a great amount of money?

Of course, it was not too little money as it was about the daily wage of a rural worker.

However, 1 shilling was not a lot of money for him, who had been a mercenary for a long time.

He lost one leg and was responsible for the meals of his colleagues, but he was still paid similarly to his colleagues, and the mercenaries’ work was difficult and very dangerous, so the pay was quite salty.

“One shilling would be too much for you guys. I get it. First of all, please tell me the ingredients to buy today.”

As Levan spoke, the third Joshua took out a small notepad and a portable quill from home.

They were all belongings from his father.

“Can I buy something?”

Seeing this, Revan gave a slightly surprised expression.

“you… … Do you know how to write?”

“Yes! It’s written, of course.”

It was quite surprising to have a child who could read and write on the edge of the Empire.

Because even the grown-ups didn’t know about writing.

This was especially true for him, who firmly believes in the strange myth that ignorance of writing is the only way to become brave.

“I don’t need to memorize it, so that’s good. Then tell me about the ingredients to buy.”

Revan immediately told me what ingredients to use starting this evening, and Joshua wrote them down well.

“Food ingredients can be expensive, so you have to bring them with good and fresh ingredients. Whether it’s because of yesterday’s important guests coming in and taking great care.”

Andrew raised his doubts.

“Who is here?”

“A wizard joined this subjugation. What is his orc shaman?”

“Are you a wizard? Is that real?”

For rural children, the object of interest as much as a sword-wielding mercenary was the existence of a wizard, whom it is difficult to see once in a lifetime.

“Then where is the wizard?”

When Andrew asked with bright eyes, Revan waved his hand first.

He was a valuable guest for them too, and he couldn’t bother them by telling them about it.

“No. They are high-ranking people, so can you guys come and annoy me? Just know that there is.”

Hearing that, Joshua, who was with him, also had his eyes shining brightly.

“Wow, great! Andrew, did you know there are wizards here?”

“No, I didn’t know! how do you know that There were no rumors.”

Levan had no choice but to laugh at the two children, who were talking excitedly as if they had discovered something great.

“Anyway, move quickly. To bring all the ingredients with such a small body, you have to go back and forth two or three times a day if you can’t.”


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