MTL – 46

10. Faith creates wealth (1)

Carter, who was refining gold coins according to the standards set by the Empire, stopped what he was doing and went to see Rockefeller and attached his words.

He thought he had to finish the story he had told before.

“Rockefeller, did you know what you said last time?”

While there were no customers visiting, Carter came to talk to him in a quiet moment, and Rockefeller naturally gave him his gaze.

“What are you talking about?”

“That’s the story we talked about back then. That’s the story of lending money you don’t have.”

“Ah, what about that?”

Before Rockefeller worked as an assistant, Carter was making a profit by lending only his gold coins to his fellow men and taking interest on them.

After Rockefeller came, he secretly lent gold coins to guests he had never touched before, and he asked Rockefeller to make a loan, even if he didn’t have any gold coins.

If Rockefeller had been the owner of the store, Carter’s approval would not have been necessary, but for now he was merely an assistant.

Nothing could be done without Carter’s permission, so Rockefeller informed him of his thoughts and sought his permission.

However, he was Carter who was terrified of even lending gold coins entrusted to him by others, so it was even more heartbreaking to make and lend gold coins that did not go one step further than that.

So, after thinking for a few days, he finally made a decision, so he came to Rockefeller and brought up the previous story.

“What are you going to do? Have you made a decision?”

“Probably so. that’s a bit… … I don’t think so.”

Although he expected permission to be granted, Rockefeller was disappointed when Carter showed a surprising disappointment.

“Why are you doing that again? Have you already given permission to lend out gold coins that customers have left?”

Secretly lending gold coins entrusted to others was also a problem.

But I can’t agree with the idea that the person who allowed it went further than that.

“No matter how much I think about it, I want to do it anyway. Aren’t you already making enough money?”

“Uncle, we are also in the loan business, right? Of course, the more money others borrow from the loan business, the more profit you get.”

“You know that. But I wonder if so many loans are needed in such a small place, and I’m having strange dreams every day without even going to sleep from what I’ve been allowed to do before.”

“Are you dreaming? What are you dreaming of?”

“The dream of people who entrusted me with gold coins, coming to me, grabbing my collar and taking all my gold coins.”

Carter’s words didn’t end there.

“Then they will be dragged away by the seers and end up hanging by the neck. But the funny thing is, my throat got caught on the gallows and I didn’t die. Because he didn’t die, he struggled and became a laughing stock to everyone.”

“It’s kind of a nightmare.”

“I have that dream sometimes, but I also had it this morning.”

Rockefeller sighed briefly.

“Huh~ Uncle, don’t you know that dreams are the opposite of reality?”

“know. But my dream is so chaotic… … .”

“You know better than that that will never happen, right?”

“But what if my personality is like that? It’s your responsibility, you lose, but it won’t hurt me too, right?”

“So you mean you can’t agree with that idea?”

“I’m sorry. If I’m young and energetic like you, I’ll give it a try, but now I don’t have any regrets, and I don’t think it’s too bad to just keep running the store like this.”

Disappointed, but his words made sense.

There was no place to print out the money you didn’t have and lend it out.

“it’s okay. After all, as you said, there are no people who can lend us a loan.”

“right? Do you think so too?”

It was true that even more money could be generated if you loaned out money you didn’t have, but before that, the environment for lending that much money had not yet been created in this estate.

If there are many things around the lord that require a lot of money, such as construction or trading business led by the lord, Banco, which lends money to them, may also be prosperous.

“Still, something is sad. If you do that anyway, it won’t be a big deal.”

“By the way. How can you be so sure? It’s not literally printing fake gold coins and distributing them, but just writing them down on the IOU and lending them. Can you be sure that it really doesn’t cause any problems?

Rockefeller showed no hesitation at those words.

“Yes, I think so?”

“Why? This is more dangerous than touching your customers’ gold coins. Are you literally missing gold coins?”

Rockefeller grinned.

“Even if we use gold coins that we don’t have on the IOU to give them a loan, people don’t directly check it, do they?”

“What if I check? What will you do then?”

To that question, Rockefeller rather questioned him.

“Mister Carter, do you engrave your name on the gold coins? Gold coins don’t have an owner. If anyone has any doubts about my gold coins, I just need to bring them in and show them the gold coins in the safe.”

“It should be, but… … .”

“For this to become a problem, we have no choice but to get the people who gave us their gold coins to come in and check the safe. But will that ever happen?”

Carter did not immediately answer Rockefeller’s question.

Even if you try to ask yourself if that could be the case, it will never happen.

‘A bank run is something any bank can do. Even if this bank is certain that it will never go bankrupt, a bank run is unavoidable if all its customers come to visit at once.’

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