MTL – 47


‘It’s because they made loans that even the most trusted people didn’t have in the first place. So you don’t have that much money on hand. And the banks are creating interest income by lending money that did not exist before the bank run.’

For that reason, Rockefeller also intended to show the deception of modern finance here.

“like. Instead, if you suddenly need a lot of loans, contrary to what you thought, think about what I said once again.”

Will that ever happen?

As Carter pondered for a moment, Rockefeller continued.

“It’s rare to have such a good opportunity.”

imperial fringes.

At one time, it was called Azrak Goldmine and was the largest gold mine on the continent, but now it has become a dead land with no small gold veins left.

Could there be someone who suddenly needs a lot of money in such a place?

‘Yes. Even if not immediately, there will be people who need the money soon. I won’t tell you who.’

Places located on the periphery of the empire, such as the territory of Montefeltro, face borders with other powers, so if the timing is wrong, many riots and conflicts have arisen.

‘The Montefeltro estate is a bit quieter than other places on the outskirts, but that doesn’t mean it’s a peaceful place forever. Because soon the dwarves and orcs will fight properly.’

A war requires a lot of money, and the lender creates enormous wealth through interest income.

The Goblin Bank was the place that generated the most profit from the conflict within the empire, not the entire continent.

‘I think the time has come for the goblins to slowly finish work?’

At this point, the Montefeltro estate was not noticed by anyone.

Before becoming a gold-mining pig that once again spewed out relentless gold, it was a neglected area that did not receive any attention from the Empire or the Dwarves.

However, the war between the two factions in the vicinity of the territory could not be ignored.

‘If that happens, Dwarves and Orcs will fight properly.’

It was the totem idol of the orcs that became the trigger.

Orcs usually live in tribal units, and the shaman, the shaman of the tribe, was in a higher position than the chieftain of the tribe.

What the shaman considers most sacred is a totem idol made of monsters and beast bones.

It was rumored that the totem idol was secretly destroyed by goblins, and that it was the work of the dwarves, who had been close friends with the orcs.

‘Was it a totem war? Anyway, once that war begins, there will be problems with subjugating the orcs, and we won’t be able to stay quiet here.’

Shrimp, etc. cannot explode in a whale fight.

If the war broke out, there was someone else who would ride the most shit.

Rockefeller was expecting someone to come soon.

‘You will probably need a lot of loans. As much as possible.’

After a few days, rumors began to circulate that the hound mercenaries hired by the lord had kicked out the orcs that had been wandering near the estate.

It is said that the magician who was temporarily hired by the Hound mercenary team was the most outstanding, and with this as an opportunity, there was a festive atmosphere in the territory for a while.

The troublesome orc horde has been pushed out of the estate, so he can’t help but like it.

But Rockefeller did not look relieved when he heard the rumor.

He didn’t think the orc subjugation would end so easily.

‘If the timing I think is right, will there be any signs of it?’

I wondered if the orc subjugation would be over, but soon great rumors began to invade the territory.

There were rumors that a large Orc army was gathering near the outside of the territory.

Of course, since it was a story outside the territory, it was not a direct problem in the Montefeltro estate, but the fact that a large number of tribal orcs had created a large army turned the inside of the territory upside down, and the lord who heard the news was also surprised.

“carter! Are you there!”

After staying up all night for several days, the lord who came to Carter Banco with a gloomy face came to see Carter first.

“What’s going on?”

Young-joo looked at Rockefeller, who was dealing with him instead of Carter, with a crumpled expression on his face.

“Come on, call Carter. I have something to talk about with Carter.”

For some reason, Rockefeller didn’t seem to have a place to go, so he summoned Carter at the request of the lord.

When Carter came, Young-joo asked for a loan first.

“By the way, how much can you lend me?”

“Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“I need money urgently. This is also very important for this estate. I want you to help me too.”

“no way… … Are those rumors true?”

When Carter, who had been contemplating, asked, Youngjoo scratched my bangs with a frown on his face.

“I got a headache. It looks like it will stick around outside the territory. The sears went to see them, and they said both sides were quite large. It’s almost an all-out war between factions.”

“But it has nothing to do with us, is it?”

“Looking back, it’s not someone else’s business. But that doesn’t mean you’re safe. If you go wrong like that, it’s no big deal to come over here.”

“Didn’t you say anything to the emperor? You should ask for help.”

At those words, the lord’s expression darkened even more.

“It seems that your Majesty is trying to help in a very formal way, because it is an area that is not of interest. terribly.”

“Still, we are from the same Empire, so would your Majesty just leave it like this?”

Youngjoo sparingly asked him again.

“Anyway, how much can I lend you? We need as much money as possible.”

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