MTL – 5

02. Go on a gold hunt (2)

The second reacted first to Rockefeller’s words.

“I think I heard it! Once upon a time, there were a lot of dwarves here! They say they all get gold?”

The third also started talking about whether there was something they had picked up.

“I heard it too. There were a lot of gold mines in this estate. Said it was a lot I don’t have one right now… … .”

The reaction of the younger brothers was easily predictable.

“First of all, you too have to learn how to work, so Andrew and Joshua dig the dirt under the stream as deep as possible and give it to your brother. Then I’ll show you how to find gold dust in the soil, so you just have to watch it and follow along.”

The method of mining placer was simpler than expected.

Gold, which had a high specific gravity, would usually sink to the bottom of a river.

So, if you dig the soil deep by the river, put it in a large plate called panning, and run it over running water, only gold and some metals with a large specific gravity cannot be washed away by running water and remain under the concave panning plate.

After that, if only the shiny gold was separated, that was the way to mine the placer.

‘At that time, I really had to do it several times to get a few pieces, but what will happen here?’

Rockefeller was skeptical and began to put the dirt his brothers had scooped up into a pan and spin it slowly over the running water.

He quickly washed away any visible gravel and sand, and the soil beneath it was quickly washed away by the running water.

Joshua, who was watching the panning operation while swallowing dry saliva, raised a voice impatiently.

“Is there any gold there? Everything is washed away… … .”

“you idiot! How precious is gold and how much can there be? Wait, Rockefeller is looking for you.”

The fourth, who was barely speaking, opened his mouth as he looked at the dirt flowing from the panning with his bright eyes.

“Is there really gold here?”

Silent Rockefeller, concentrating on the panning plate, was busy searching for gold.

‘Please, please come out. Let me live a little.’

As soon as the panning work was finished, the glittering gold dust caught my eye immediately.

It was a lot more than I expected.

‘Is this coming out so much?’

An incomparable amount of gold was found under the panning dish compared to when gold was mined in Korea.

The younger brothers, who were new to gold dust mining, were bewildered not knowing what the current situation was, but it was too difficult for Rockefeller to hide their excitement.

‘That’s enough… … At least I don’t think I’ll starve to death?’

It was the moment he saw the ray of salvation for the first time as he fell into the world in the novel and went back and forth in the endless darkness.

‘no. This could change your life. It won’t change your life itself, but what if you grow up based on it?’

The third man, who was staring intently at the panning plate, said, while Rockefeller was distracted by the larger quantity than expected.

“Is this all gold? It’s shining here.”

Even the younger brothers didn’t know what gold was, but they all seemed disappointed at the amount that came out less than they thought.

“But isn’t it too little? How do you live with this?”

If there had been experts who had collected gold dust at least once, the amount would have been enough, but since they were children who did not know this, it was a reaction that could be given.

As the third’s disappointment was growing, Rockefeller spoke up.

“no. It really came out a lot.”

The thing that struck me the most was the second, who, like the third, had strong doubts.

“Did this really come out a lot?”

“I never imagined it would come this far. I don’t know about you, but just because you mine gold, you don’t come out this much.”

The third was also disappointing.

“Ah really? So is this really a lot? Wow!”

Rockefeller was already dreaming of getting out of poverty and becoming rich.

‘If you keep coming out like this, it may not be a dream to become really rich. It’s a dream come true!’

Although he did not have any swordsmanship or magical talents, he could not become a sword master or an archmage, but at least he seemed to be able to become a rich man with rotting money.

If you dig all the placer here.

‘Amazing, Great. It’s really great.’

While Rockefeller was quite excited about what was to come, the younger brothers were chatting with each other.

“Then you don’t have to starve anymore?”

“What hunger! Now we are getting rich! Rockefeller brother, right? We can be rich, right?”

Even the fourth, who barely spoke a word, was raising his voice among the excited brothers.

“I am really happy. I’m so glad… … .”

Here the little sister, who was holding her fourth hand tightly, was quelling her hunger by quietly sucking her own fingers, not knowing what her brothers were excited about.

“Let’s make money!”

The excited second Andrew shouted, and immediately the third Joshua followed.

The two moved the most passionately, and the fourth took care of the youngest, Lucia, and started helping the two older brothers.

‘also. This land is not dead yet.’

In a land that others thought was all over, Rockefeller found the possibility to change the pitiful plight of himself and his younger brothers in an instant.

‘Are you excited about this?’

To others, it may be just a piece of placer, but Rockefeller saw beyond that a dream come true.

‘To be honest, I can’t be a Sword Master or an Archmage. I don’t have that kind of bloodline, and I don’t have any talent in the first place.’

There was no need to insist on a path that was not possible.

Because it was a waste of time and money.

However, as an economics student who studied finance and history, there was a challenge worth trying in a world with a rather uncivilized financial system.

‘Well, what’s the point of being a sword master or an archmage? After all, it’s very dangerous.’

It was like that when he lived in Korea, but even now, the most important thing for him was money, and money was the second thing.

‘After all, money is the best. I really don’t need them all and money is the best.’

If you had money, you could buy everything, power and fame.

‘You can even buy safety. The universal cheat that makes that possible is money.’

The gold mining that started like this could not be finished until late afternoon.

“Everyone get together.”

Returning home, Rockefeller left his old table at the table and sat down with his younger brothers to check the gold he had mined today.

“This is the amount we got from our hard work today. It’s worth our fair effort.”

The amount of gold dust obtained through one panning was small, but when the results were put together, it was a large amount that made my eyes widen.

An amount that can be made for one small gold coin.

“Wow, did we get this much? Really a lot.”

“I have never seen so much gold. Aren’t we really getting rich like this?”

Even his younger siblings, including Rockefeller, struggled all day by the river, so they were not talking, but they could not hide their excitement in front of the dust of gold, which was rather excessive for a commoner to have.

“It was all hard. If we do this every time, there will be no more starvation. No, this is enough to live richer than others.”

The second and third were the most excited to hear this.


“Is that really going to happen? Wow, that’s exciting!”

The younger brothers were busy thinking about becoming rich by selling gold dust right away, but Rockefeller was not at ease because he had to think about other things.

‘The question is, how do you deal with this… … .’

In principle, everything produced within the territory belonged to the lord, the owner of the territory.

So, looking at it, the placer they collected is not theirs.

‘I can’t sell this openly on the market. There will be problems for sure.’

However, it was funny to report this to the lord.

‘I’d be happy to say that I did well. I’m never going to go away.’

It was questionable whether the lord would let them all leave and gather gold dust.

Punishment or reward, everything was in the mind of the lord.

‘If you don’t like it, you can punish us. Because that’s his heart.’

As Rockefeller was thinking about various things, the excited expression on the third child’s expression suddenly turned bad.

He began to have similar concerns as Rockefeller.

“But how do you sell it? Wouldn’t it be a problem if you sell this to the market, like Rockefeller said in the morning?”

The second also had a gloomy expression on it.

“right. If we say we go to the river and pick up gold, it will surely make sense. You must have the Lord’s permission to simply go to the forest to hunt. He takes care of rabbits and weasels in the fields, but… … .”

Even hunting in the forest required the lord’s permission.

Indeed, everything in the territory belongs to the lord, so even hunting the beasts in the forest must be approved by the lord, the owner.

“Isn’t it better to inform the lord of this?”

As the third spoke, the second became angry.

“That’s not right! Then what if the lord punishes us!”

“But that… … However, if we pray that we did something wrong first, the Lord might look at it.”

“How do you know that! And if you get punished, will you take responsibility?”

Between the two brothers quarreling.

Rockefeller was also a bit worried.

‘There are two ways. Let the lord know, or we eat together.’

If the lord shows a favorable attitude after reporting this, it is possible to legally collect gold without noticing others.

‘It will make you feel better mentally. But it’s unpredictable, and we’ll have to give him a portion of our harvest in the form of taxes. It’s usually like that.’

But it was a story when things turned out well.

If it goes badly, Rockefeller and his younger brothers will be punished, and there is a possibility that the lord may favorably favor his own serfs by monopolizing gold dust extraction.

‘It’s possible enough. It’s from my own country, and a greedy guy wouldn’t bother to share what he owns with anyone. Rather, I might have the serfs or slaves under me do it all by myself.’

So the conclusion was drawn.

‘There are too many uncertainties in informing the lord of this matter. This is not the case.’

In addition, no matter how well things went, it was very painful to see that part of his share was passed on to the lord.

‘It is said that the bear makes the talent, and the rich make the money. I can’t be a fool like a bear.’

“No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to tell the Lord about our work.”

Rockefeller’s luck drew the attention of his younger brothers.

It was the third Joshua who first revealed the question.

“Then what do you do? There’s no way we won’t get caught every day, and if we do, then it could be really bad. Wouldn’t it be better to just safely talk to the lord?”

It was the second Andrew, who was with him, who refuted that statement.

“you idiot! So we should go and dig quietly. It’s a dangerous place anyway, so there aren’t many people there.”

“Can’t you just keep going?”

“Occasionally I catch fish, and then I can at least cheat. And it’s even better if there’s someone watching. We are not one.”

“Yeah, but… … .”

Rockefeller stepped forward and he told his brothers what he was thinking.

Why can’t I tell the lord?

Then the third attitude changed.

He agreed to some extent.

“Rockefeller is right. I thought it was too good I don’t think it’s a very good idea to tell the lord.”

The second sighed slightly.

couldn’t find an answer.

But not Rockefeller.

“But can’t we just give up on our way of living? So let’s do this.”

When Rockefeller broke his fortune, the eyes of his brothers all turned to him.

“What good numbers do you have?”

“Rockefeller, what are you going to do?”

To the again excited brothers, Rockefeller let him know what he was thinking.

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