MTL – 51

“Your lord must know that you can’t lend someone else’s gold coins when you lend them gold coins at our store, right?”

“Are you going to lend someone’s gold coins?”

The lord made a slightly displeased expression.

He did it because it was beyond his common sense.

“It is a crime. Of course, someone else’s gold coin is someone else’s gold coin, so why lend it to someone else? It’s not even your gold coin.”

“But, lord. Is the situation not the situation? The lord needs a lot of gold right now, but we can only lend up to 5,000 talents as we follow the existing rules. However, if the Lord turns a blind eye to this matter, we can also help to the fullest extent possible.”

Yeongju continued to look disapproving.

The life of Banco was trust.

In that sense, people are entrusting gold coins like their own lives, so you can play with those gold coins.

Normally, he would have been angry, but as a lord in urgent need of money, he was in a situation where he could not just listen to Rockefeller.


Rockefeller secretly made a proposal to the lord who was coughing for some reason.

“We will take great risks and help out just this one time, so can’t the lord take a look at our convenience?”

“What convenience?”

“We want the Lord to quietly close our eyes even if we break the existing rule that we can only lend our gold coins. Then it will be possible for us to lend more than 5,000 talents to the lord this time.”

Rockefeller continued.

“Of course, if the Lord allows it.”

It was the power of the lord that could sufficiently change the existing laws according to the circumstances.


The lord, who had been coughing for some reason, patted my beard and thought about Rockefeller’s proposal.

In fact, he didn’t even think about it.

The money was urgent right now, and for that money, the existing laws could be ignored for a while for convenience.

“Can I do that just this one time?”

Having brought up Governor Lee Wang-ji, Rockefeller was about to ask for a clear permission at this point.

“Still, it seems difficult to keep the rules once broken. Since the lord has also benefited from the convenience, wouldn’t it be right to continue providing it to other people as well? So I want the Lord to take a look so we can secretly lend customers gold coins.”

At Rockefeller’s words, the lord gently wrinkled his expression.

the little guy said

“If you lend someone’s gold coins instead of the gold coins here, I’ll make a lot of money. I want to make a lot of money.”

At the lord’s slightly sarcastic remark, Rockefeller responded with a smirk.

“Then the tax to pay to the lord will of course increase. I think it will be good not only for us, but also for the Lord.”

It was a welcome thing from the lord’s point of view that business was going well in Banco, which belongs to his estate.

It was so because saying that the business is going well is no different from paying a lot of taxes.

“From what I’ve heard, it wouldn’t be that bad if there were no problems. But that would definitely cause problems, right? What will you do then?”

It was difficult for the lord to know the details of how it would not cause any problems even if he lent someone else’s gold coins.

So Rockefeller decided to omit his detailed explanation and said this.

“If there is a problem, we will take care of it. So, Lord, you don’t have to worry too much about that.”

“Are you going to take responsibility? Can you tell me that?”

“Yes, of course.”


The lord, who was talking to Rockefeller, found Carter, the owner of the store.

“Yes, did you call?”

“Come on, can you take responsibility for what I said?”

Carter didn’t hesitate to ask that question.

“Oh, yes, of course. Then, if there is a problem, we will take full responsibility.”

“okay? Good guts too. Do you want to take responsibility like that? Go back later and don’t say anything else.”

“Yes, you don’t have to worry about that part.”

The lord decided not to complain any more when he said he would take responsibility if there was a problem.

‘If there is a problem, I will take care of it. I have a lot of money, will I have a problem? Because it’s only me who has to pay a lot of taxes.’

Carter had several thoughts as he looked at Rockefeller facing the lord.

‘Are you going to solve it this way?’

In the meantime, I’ve been seriously bothered by secretly lending someone’s gold coins, but I’m sure I’ll solve that problem this way.

‘He’s a really cool guy. To pass it on like this.’

If it were him, he probably wouldn’t even have said that.

Because I couldn’t figure out what kind of attitude the lord would take there.

However, when the lord seduced him in such a way that he saw a profit together in a situation where he had no choice but to convince him, the lord was forced to fall for Rockefeller, and Carter, who was watching this, could not help but admire.

‘What do you want to be when you grow up? What a scary kid.’

While Carter was thinking about this and that, the lord was thinking about more gold coins he could borrow.

‘Borrow more from 5,000 talents… … .’

In fact, even the 5,000 talents he had decided to borrow was quite a sum.

That’s an extra loan.

If his deceased father had known the story, he might have jumped out of his seat.

Because it wasn’t that easy to see.

‘It’s a debt, you just have to pay it off slowly.’

However, the situation was not good.

Because it seemed like the shrimp would explode in a whale fight due to an all-out war between the two factions near the border.

‘I should try to live first.’

“So how much more can it be?”

If you can definitely get the money borrowed from the lord.

It was good for Rockefeller to lend as much as possible.

‘I’ve already figured out how to get it back. They also laid out the plates.’

Rockefeller had not forgotten the lord’s arrogant snout when his father, Hans Roth’Medich, was buried.

‘What you receive by accident should be returned as elegantly as possible.’

Some with a sword, some with debt.

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