MTL – 6

02. Go on a gold hunt (3)

“Place gold is gold, but it is not usually used in its original form. It is usually processed into gold coins in order to be portable and to guarantee a certain amount of value. Do you know anything about gold coins, too?”

“Of course you know!”

The third was the most confident.

“When you think of gold, you usually think of gold coins. But why gold coins?”

“Who made those gold coins here?”

He was the second to answer that question.

“Perhaps… … Are you talking about the goldsmith? Gold coins are usually made by goldsmiths.”

Although the brothers were young, they were not ignorant.

Rockefeller smiled softly and continued his speech.

“Yeah, right. Gold coins are usually taken over by goldsmiths licensed by the imperial family. It is a currency that the lord manages directly and circulates only in the area, but it is not a gold coin. The standard of gold coins is set by the imperial family, and only a few goldsmiths with permission from the imperial family can make gold coins. And for convenience, they are located in each territory and distribute the gold coins they made in that region.”

It was then that the third child realized Rockefeller’s intentions and began to respond with a bright expression on his face.

“Then can we sell the canned gold to the goldsmith? That person has nothing to do with the Lord, right?”

“right. They are craftsmen licensed by the imperial family. Of course, it may not have anything to do with the lords located in each province, but it is not under direct management. So for us, who have to secretly sell gold, it’s worth a try.”

The third had a condescending look, and the second had a slightly questionable face.

“Rockefeller, is there really no problem with that?”

Rockefeller looked at him, and the second he spoke of his concerns.

“After all, that person is also doing business in the lord’s land, right? Then I don’t think he has anything to do with the lord at all?”

“There will be no relationship at all. But if we take care of him, he doesn’t need to tell the lord about the deal we did with him. Because they are people who only pursue profit. Contrary to popular belief, goldsmiths should not be thought of as sincere and moral. Because they can deal with the devil if they can make a profit.”

“With the devil?”

When the story of the devil came out, the younger brothers looked a little surprised and frightened.

‘Anyway, the kids.’

Rockefeller was not ignorant of the depravity of goldsmiths, while at the same time being a trusted profession.

In order for a person to be permitted to work in goldsmiths in the imperial family, they had to prove their trust and trust to the imperial family.

It is very difficult to get a permit if you have to prove how faithful you have been, how loyal you are to the imperial family, and how well you can pay your taxes.

‘Even in the imperial family, a person with a moral problem is not appointed as a goldsmith. Making and distributing gold coins is usually based on trust.’

However, that morality would only end when the amount of pure gold in the gold coins and the sincerity of the taxes paid to the imperial family were shown.

There was no particular need for morality in what happened after that, and the imperial family did not take it seriously.

‘That’s how the first usury business was born.’

If goldsmiths were sincere and kind people, as everyone knows, would they have loaned gold coins to others and received some interest?

‘According to the doctrine of the denomination, receiving interest from others is a hell of a thing.’

Ironically, goldsmiths were recognized for their credibility and trust by the imperial family, but they were the ones who went to hell by making usury business.

Therefore, nobles rarely did such work, and in many cases, wealthy commoners who gave up hell and pursued only immediate profits took over the work and made it a family business.

Goldsmiths are such people in the first place, so Rockefeller thought it was possible to do business with them secretly.

And he explained this well to his brothers.

“Did you understand what he said so far? they are not good people Rather, they are people who will go to hell because they look hateful to the denomination. It’s a usury business.”

After explaining this, the younger brothers started to worry about strange things.

It was something to do with a goldsmith who said he would go to hell.

“Rockefeller hyung, aren’t we going to hell too?”

As they were still children, they believed in heaven and hell, the afterlife world.

The second was frightened, and so was the third.

“You can’t go to hell.”

When even the fourth, who did not speak a word, said something like that, Rockefeller smiled softly and began to convince his younger brothers.

“I know that? Heaven and Hell, after all, if you have money, you can go.”

“Eh? Why?”

Third, when Joshua expressed his strong doubts, Rockefeller explained why in as simple a way as possible.

“If we get rich later, we can use that money to buy the favor of the church. Then the people of the denomination will pray for us day and night. So where are we going?”

It was the denomination they knew that claimed that they had to pay a lot of money to go to heaven.

“You know that too, right? You have to pay a lot to go to heaven.”

None of the brothers denied Rockefeller’s words.

The saying that you have to pay a lot of money to go to heaven is something I’ve heard so many times that my ears pierce my ears.

“In the end, even if we followed God’s will, if the donations we make to the church are small, we have no choice but to go to hell. But on the other hand, even if we forsake the will of God for a while, we can go to heaven if we have a lot of donations to the denomination.”

The younger brothers, who were terrified by the word that they could go to heaven, were no longer afraid of getting involved with the goldsmith.

“okay! You can make a lot of money later and donate money to the denomination. Then we can go to heaven.”

The second half-heartedly said it, and the third thought the same thing.

“Make a lot of money and go to heaven! If you go to heaven, you can eat whatever you want for the rest of your life!”

In the meantime, the fourth thought through the words of Rockefeller and pondered about heaven and donations.

I couldn’t really agree with the saying that I would go to heaven just because I had a lot of money, but because of that, I thought that it might be possible if the people of the denomination prayed a lot.

‘If you donate a lot, you can go to heaven.’

Rockefeller, who was watching the younger brothers, smiled softly.

‘Because they’re still kids.’

Although I believe in the existence of heaven and hell now.

Will it be the same later?

‘Can you believe it? That’s freedom.’

Rockefeller did not believe in the existence of God, but he acknowledged their power to worship God.

‘If you become really wealthy, you shouldn’t be an enemy of the denomination.’

If his brothers were to donate money to go to heaven, Rockefeller had the intention to greatly support the denomination for other reasons.

‘You should rather become friends and actively use their powers.’

Although Rockefeller was not a member of this family, he still clearly remembered the words that remained as a family motto.

‘I told you to be a fearful person rather than a respected person. I’m 30 now, but these words really touch my bones. Actually, that’s right. You don’t have to be respected by others to live in this harsh world. Rather, I have to be a fearful person to everyone.’

It was a one-dimensional idea to become a feared object with only swords and magic.

‘There are other people who are really scary.’

After thinking about it, Rockefeller commented on what was going on.

“Tomorrow, my brother will go and meet the goldsmith. If there is no problem, we will be able to sell our canned gold through that goldsmith in the future.”

It was Rockefeller’s first goal to sell gold and solve the problem of livelihood immediately.

‘I’m a goldsmith… … If I do this well, can I write the history of finance on this land with my own hands?’

And if that goal was solved, it seemed possible to move on to the bigger picture.

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