Chapter Eight

“Rockefeller hyung, how did it go at Banco’s?” As soon as Rockefeller returned, the younger siblings who had been waiting at home flocked around him. Looking at their expressions, he could see the nervous anticipation with which they had waited for him. “DId you sell the gold?” “Did you not manage to sell it?” RockefellerContinue reading “Chapter Eight”

Episode 7 – Part 1

It wasn’t until morning that Calian returned to the palace and finally managed to sleep for some time. When he woke up, Yan, with bloodshot eyes, was stood right by his bedside, staring at him. Calian jerked up in shock, before leaning backwards, “God, you nearly gave me a heart attack! What’s the matter?” Yan,Continue reading “Episode 7 – Part 1”

HRH:BB Under Construction

Hi Guys, His Royal Highness: Big Brother is now under construction. I’ve decided I didn’t like how the flow of the story was going so I’m going to redo it. It’s not my top priority as its just something I’m writing for fun but I really appreciated it when you guys left such kind commentsContinue reading “HRH:BB Under Construction”