Chapter Seven

Rockefeller cleared his throat and knocked on the shop’s door before making his way inside. As he entered, Carter Goldsmith, who was sitting in a chair, looked up to greet the customer and paused, ‘What? It’s a kid’ “What brings you here?” He asked instead, Carter wondered why a boy that looked to be aboutContinue reading “Chapter Seven”

Chapter Eighteen

“Did the Lord here have no other mercenaries to call? This job isn’t at our level,” “For the renowned Hounds, this isn’t exactly the best place to play, is it? A bloody mess of a battlefield that doesn’t let you see an inch ahead of you is more of a perfect fit for us, right?”Continue reading “Chapter Eighteen”

Chapter Seventeen

“Well done, If I were you, I’d have accepted 1 shilling per talent and done the exchange. That’s how it was for the Hound mercenaries I did business with a few years ago as well,” Rockefeller shook his head, “We can’t do that, we don’t have anything to lose after all, so we don’t haveContinue reading “Chapter Seventeen”

Chapter 39

Past the Latria forest, was the city of Latran. At this scale, it would likely be considered a small or mid-sized city, but it was quite wealthy due to its copper mines. Perhaps that was why, but even from afar, they could see large, clean buildings.  When Calian, who felt as though he was lookingContinue reading “Chapter 39”

Chapter Sixteen

It was around a month after Rockefeller had started his job at Banco that a group of people, whom he had never seen before, came to Banco. Unlike ordinary people, these outsiders were armed with swords and bows and even on first glance, looked strong and tough. The smell of sweat and blood clung toContinue reading “Chapter Sixteen”

Chapter Fifteen

While Rockefeller’s mind wandered off to other thoughts, Carter glanced at his pocket watch and checked the time – it was still too early for customers to start arriving, but he liked to double check just in case. “I think I’ve explained everything about gold coins – have I answered all of your questions?” “Yes,”Continue reading “Chapter Fifteen”