Chapter Twenty-Eight

“That’s why I say that I hate that piece of paper. It’s not a gold coin or a certificate but rather just a piece of paper based on a person’s credit,”  Carter continued his words,  “And others don’t really want to buy this promissory note either. Who can suddenly knock on the Lord’s door andContinue reading “Chapter Twenty-Eight”

Chapter 50

After Hina left, Calian sent Kyrie and two knights to Hanson village. It was a precaution since he was worried Hale Latran might try and take Norton’s wife hostage and threaten her.  Of course, there was also the high possibility that Hale would try to hurt Norton directly as well so made sure that theContinue reading “Chapter 50”

Chapter 49

Calian left the prison and stopped by another place, before returning to his room. There, he found two little guests; Sia and Hina.  Sia stared at Calian with big round eyes, and Hina was surprised at his appearance before bowing low. It looked like they were exploring some new places under the pretense of cleaning. Continue reading “Chapter 49”

Chapter Twenty-Seven

No matter what Rockefeller wanted, Carter was still the owner of the shop.  It had become important for Rockefeller to persuade him because if he couldn’t be persuaded, then he couldn’t put the Lord in more debt.  “Carter Ajusshi. Isn’t it too early to worry about it that much? If he pays back the moneyContinue reading “Chapter Twenty-Seven”

Chapter 48

Calian, who saw the terrible expression on Hale’s face, furrowed his brows.  “The Count doesn’t seem to be feeling well?”  Hale, who had been concerned about whether he had been caught selling information to Blue Warbler, quickly cleared his expression and started to think as fast as he could.  ‘No. Aren’t Secretians the ones whoContinue reading “Chapter 48”

Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter 26 ‘For this to become troublesome… of course it’s very much possible for the promissory notes I write to become useless.’  “There’s no need for your useless worries. I’m a busy person so just hurry up and get me the Talents,”  “Yes, my lord,”  Rockefeller immediately headed to the back of the shop toContinue reading “Chapter Twenty-Six”

MTL – 51

“Your lord must know that you can’t lend someone else’s gold coins when you lend them gold coins at our store, right?” “Are you going to lend someone’s gold coins?” The lord made a slightly displeased expression. He did it because it was beyond his common sense. “It is a crime. Of course, someone else’sContinue reading “MTL – 51”