Episode 2 – Part 2

Calian spent a hectic week of waking up to the scent of tea, getting meticulously prepared in the morning, enduring breakfast and attending various lessons. During that time, he butted heads with Franz another three times.  During their swordsmanship class, Franz brought up Freya once again and Calian almost killed him at one point, heContinue reading “Episode 2 – Part 2”

Episode 1 – Part 3

Quite a strange but enlightening day had passed. He had vaguely wondered that if he opened his eyes that morning, would he find himself back in Secretia? Or perhaps he would find himself in the afterlife? However the ringing of Yan’s bell shattered any expectations of that. Nothing had changed after all. “Did you haveContinue reading “Episode 1 – Part 3”

Episode 1 – Part 1

Edited: mementonorii, lexisree Maids bustled around busily. A heavy curtain opened, brightening the room with the light of dawn. Soon after, the Prince’s personal attendant came to stand before the bed, where a boy with a face that showed his young age, slept. When waking royalty, one must never lay their hands on them, neitherContinue reading “Episode 1 – Part 1”