Chapter 39 – Go and Check – Part 3

Past the Latria forest, was the city of Latran. At this scale, it would likely be considered a small or mid-sized city, but it was quite wealthy due to its copper mines. Perhaps that was why, but even from afar, they could see large, clean buildings.  When Calian, who felt as though he was lookingContinue reading “Chapter 39 – Go and Check – Part 3”

Chapter Fifteen

While Rockefeller’s mind wandered off to other thoughts, Carter glanced at his pocket watch and checked the time – it was still too early for customers to start arriving, but he liked to double check just in case. “I think I’ve explained everything about gold coins – have I answered all of your questions?” “Yes,”Continue reading “Chapter Fifteen”

Chapter 38 – Go and Check – Part 2

As Calian stepped forward, the man’s gaze turned to him. Calian stared right back at him and asked, “What does he want?” “He says he is looking for a child thief,” “The tail is a little long for him to simply have come looking,” he looked at Yuran with a meaningful gaze and Yuran’s eyesContinue reading “Chapter 38 – Go and Check – Part 2”

Chapter Fourteen

“So you’ve come on time,” Carter glanced at the pocket watch in his hand and greeted Rockefeller who had arrived exactly on time. “Good morning, Carter Ajusshi,” “Yeah, good morning,” Carter sat facing Rockefeller before starting work, on the antique wooden table in between them sat a double-armed weighing scale. “You said it was yourContinue reading “Chapter Fourteen”

Chapter 37 – Go and Check – Part 1

That day, just like any other day, Calian rose from his bed, got ready and stepped outside of the room. However, he didn’t go to the hall like he usually did but immediately went out of the palace to have breakfast together with Rumein. After breakfast, a simple farewell ceremony was held. Then he gaveContinue reading “Chapter 37 – Go and Check – Part 1”

Chapter 36 – It’s Good To See You – Part 3

He had no idea what he was so busy with, but there were days when Randell hadn’t come down to breakfast. Even now, he was late for the dinner banquet. At the round table reserved for the princes, there was only one unwelcome punk sat slouching against the back of the chair, one corner ofContinue reading “Chapter 36 – It’s Good To See You – Part 3”

Chapter 35 – It’s Good To See You – Part 2

Rumein’s gaze turned towards the Kaela knight that was standing outside the door. It was a gesture giving him an order to go follow Calian. Allan shook his head and spoke. “Just leave him be. The prince will find it uncomfortable if you tail him.” Rumein stared at the person who instigated this problem inContinue reading “Chapter 35 – It’s Good To See You – Part 2”