Frequently Asked Questions

I would love to see more of your work – what can I do to support you etc?

Well, ahem, I appreciate the love and attention! If you would like to support me then click on one of the buttons at the top of the page.

Support comes in many different ways, sometimes its a kind word on social media or even your presence as a member of my discord server or as a follower on twitter.

If you would also like to make it more possible for me to continue this type of work and to do it this more frequently, then monetary support would also be very much welcome!

Either way, thanks for taking the time to look at my work!

Are you going to be translating the full novel?

Yes, that is the plan. You never know about the future but for now, I am planning to translate all the novels I have taken on fully to completion.

Can I put your work on my site/can I repost your work?

No. No you cannot. Any of my work that is on any website other than my own is stolen.

What’s your upload schedule?

All upload schedules for all stories are 1 free chapter a week – any advanced chapters can be found through my patreon.

Will you translate any other novels/ Will you take on this novel that I really want to read?

Unfortunately, I’m just one person, I can’t take on too much since I also work so in order to make sure I can keep up with quality, I can only take on a max of 3 projects at a time.

I’ve found typos and grammatical errors in your work, is it okay to comment about or point it out to you?

Of course, if you do come across any inconsistencies, grammatical errors or even a sentence that doesn’t really make sense because I’ve translated it weirdly, feel free to let me know! I’m only human, I don’t have an editor and there will be many times where I might get things wrong.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll always go back to edit them but I will try to reply to your comment with corrections which might help future readers lol.

If you would like to submit more questions to be added to this page or have questions that haven’t been answered, please contact me either through twitter or discord – the links to both can be found on the button at the top of the page.

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