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Tani Andris

How To Live As The Enemy Prince

Bern was the proud Crown Prince of Secretia who fought and died in the war against Kyris. But he woke up 10 years into the past – as the timid Third Prince of Kyris, Calian.

Author: Cha Seo Hyeon

Update Schedule: N/A

His Royal Highness; Big Brother

Author: Tani Andris

A work in progress…

The Founder of the Great Financial Family

He had transmigrated. Why? No Idea. But this was too unfair, not only had he been transmigrated into a commoner family, he had no special skills or talents and he even had little siblings that he had to take care of. Well for now, it wasn’t like he could just accept death along with his siblings so he would try to survive at least.

Author: De Mun Ho

Update Schedule: Every Wednesday

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