His Royal Highness; Big Brother

Rhydian Lomisa Vallan had only ever been a cowardly boy.

Unlike the southern looks he had inherited from his mother, his personality was timid and this thoughts narrow.

Ryan stared into eyes that were bluer than the summer sky and sighed.

He had no idea why it had to be him who had ended up in the body of some young prince but he could piece together his current circumstances pretty well from this prince’s memories.

A timid bookworm who had buried his head into the sand the minute things had stopped going his way.

What a waste of taxpayers’ money.

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2 thoughts on “His Royal Highness; Big Brother

  1. Hello, your story: His Royal Highness; Big Brother is very interesting. I hope I could read until the end. By the way I notice your patron has no benefit no matter what we choose to pay, is it wrong typing??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there, thanks so much for reading!

      And no it’s not wrong typing, right now I don’t have any benefits ready so if someone signs up it’s just as general support. I plan to start using the patron with benefits in a few weeks once I have chapters stockpiled and a more organised process


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