Chapter 39

Past the Latria forest, was the city of Latran. At this scale, it would likely be considered a small or mid-sized city, but it was quite wealthy due to its copper mines. Perhaps that was why, but even from afar, they could see large, clean buildings.  When Calian, who felt as though he was lookingContinue reading “Chapter 39”

Chapter 33

“Have you met the Kyrie siblings, teacher?” It was the eleventh one. Calian asked Alan that question as the last bite of the eleventh banana disappeared into his mouth and another banana peel was added to the pile by his bed. Allan was surprised after hearing that Silica visited Calian suddenly without any notice andContinue reading “Chapter 33”

Chapter 30

Calin walked out of the dining hall while coughing softly. At that sound, Yan, who was following him, flinched. Although Yan may not be the brightest person, he knew that those coughs weren’t because of a cold. “I have waited until today, as I promised. If tomorrow’s tea contains poison, I will not be yourContinue reading “Chapter 30”