The Founder Of The Great Financial Family

I somehow ended up in the world of a novel with magic and dragons.

Why? I have no idea.

I just woke up here.

I’ve read a lot of web novels and normally you would have ended up in the body of the protagonist with outstanding talent or the trash child of some rich and famous family.

My situation should have been like that too…

‘Isn’t this.. a little too unfair?’


Given my background, there was only one way to move forwards and live.

‘Yeah. At the end of the day, money is the best. No matter which world, it’s always driven by money,’

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5 thoughts on “The Founder Of The Great Financial Family

  1. Its nice. Well much better than most other novels.
    To the translator(Tani Andris Translations): I heard you have a problem with people stealing your translations. So why not use images. Like translate it, and then post the image of the text/document instead of the text itself. That way much fewer people would be able to copy your translation. And I believe there is a way to prevent copying your work(like let control C not work) on websites. Check the options(I know the image one because one other website used it).

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  2. Im still waiting for new chapter for the founder of the great financial family uhuks i hope you didn’t stop updating cause i love the novel very much and thank you for translating this novel

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